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Jeff Hardy Moveset Current

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Ring in: Matt Hardy
Ring out: Roll Down
Taunts: Taunt Matt Hardy V1, Taunt Extreme 1, Taunt Extreme 2 and Taunt Matt Hardy 1 or Taunt Extreme 1
Fighting: Extreme
Walking: Extreme
Running: Normal
Ready Moves:
Attack: Dropkick 3, Toe Kick 1, Back chop 1, Back Elbow Smash, Jump Spin Back Kick, Body punch
Submission:(5) Leg Trip 3, Jumping Armbreaker 2, Hurracanrana & Punches, Wrist & Arm Wrench
Signatures:(10) Low blow 1, Arm Drag 1, Jawbreaker 3, Hurracanrana 1
Power:(11) Manhattan Drop 1, Falling Powerslam 1, Side effect 1, Russian Leg Sweep 1
Quick:(4) Extreme Small Package, Snapmare & Dropkick 1 Manhattan Drop 2, Elbow Strike
Attack: Body Attack 1 2x, Elbow Strike 1
Standing: Forearm Smash, Back Suplex 9, Elbow to Back of Head 2, Bulldog 6
Groggy: Extreme Leg Drop Pin, Back Suplex 3, DDT 22, Russian Leg Sweep 2
Cell: Thrusts Down
Attack: Angry Stomp, Flip Splash, Flip Legdrop
Grapple: Surfboard, Furry Punch 10, Reverse Chin Lock 1, Pin With Bridge, Leg to Groin, Kick to leg 1
Attack:Turnbuckle Dropkick 1, Turnbuckle Clothesline, Knee attack 1
Grapple: Mudhole Stomping 2, Whisper in the Wind 2, Superplex 2, Monkey Flip, Mudhole Stomping 3
Behind: Dropkick & School Boy Pin, Turnbuckle Toe Kick, Super Back Suplex, Shoulder Strike
Grapple: Irish Whip
Rebound: Flying Forearm Smash 2, Running Flip Splash, Extreme Body Press
Diving: Rope Flip 1
Standing: Missile Dropkick and Diving Hurracanrana
Down: Diving Leg Drop, Hardy Boys Leg Drop 3, Whisper in the Wind 1, Elbow Drop 3, Diving Moonsault Pin
Attack: Extreme Forearm Smash, Dropkick 5
Grapple: Extreme Neckbreaker Drop, Hurracanrana & Punches
Behind: Hurricane Neckbreaker, Bulldog 6
Low Attack: Running Flip Splash, Dropkick 4
Counter: Neckbreaker 2, Hurracanana Pin 3, Powerslam Pin 2
Tag Team:
Standing: Shining Wizard 1, Dropkick & Rolling Clutch, Double Suplex 2, Hardy Boys Leg Drop 2, Double Dropkick
Corner: Hip Toss, Facebuster 1, Hardy Boys Leg Drop 1, Body Splash & Whip
Finisher: Swanton Bomb 2, Extreme Twist of Fate
Favorite:JawBreaker 3, Low Blow 1, Whisper in the Wind
Chair Finisher:DDT, and whatever else
Combination:Snap jab, Body Punch, Jump Spin Back Kick

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I haven't seen Jeff use his extreme twist of fate to win a match recently its better to give him the real twist of fate as a secondary finisher and where is hide neck crack

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