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[b][size=4]5/18/2009[/size] [/b]

[u][b]Wrestlemania Night of Champions
Opening Match

Roddy Piper VS Snuka (coconut match) PIPER WINS EASILY

Million Dollar challenge (to determine who gets to wrestle Goldust)

Razor Ramon VS Million Dollar Man DIBIASE WINS by submission and STUFFS hundred $ bill. Camera cuts to Dusty Rhodes backstage smiling as he’s watching monitor. In my Federation Dusty and Goldust are feuding due to Dusty disowning Goldust for the way he is acting..

Tag Team Elimination Match

Demolition (champs) VS 4 Horsemen (arn and Ric) No DQ match 4 horesmen win when Arn pins Ax NEW CHAMPS!

Million Dollar Champion match


IC championship


WWF Championship

Bret Hart Vs Undertaker(classic) Hell in a Cell (taker won 6 man battle royal at Saturday Night's Main Event vs HBK, Hogan, Warrior, Sid, and Curt Henning)




[u][b]Here are the results of the Tag Tournamen[/b][/u]t


LOD vs Hart Foundation for the chance at 4H at Spring Slam


Opening bouts

Hacksaw Jim Duggan VS Nikoli Volkolf (international incident match)
[b]*after losing to Dream Team in the Tag Team Tournament, Volkolf and Sheik split up. Duggan wins in a sleeper opening match.[/b]

Narcissist Lex Luger w/Bobby Heenan VS Ravishing Rick Rude w/Jimmy Hart with pre match pose-down
[b]Luger wins a back and forth battle, hitting Rude with two running clotheslines. To add insult to injury, Lex takes out Jimmy Hart with a hand held sterling silver mirror, splitting his forehead open. [/b]

[i] Camera cuts backstage where Curt Henning stumbles upon Razor’s gold chains hanging in his locker. Curt puts them on, and pulls down a curl of his hair imitating Razor for some of the boys in the locker room. Razor walks in right in the middle and goes after Curt, smashing his head into one of the lockers. He then says, “Yo Chico, you think I am a joke? We’ll see how much you laugh at Spring Slam” He then flicks his toothpick at Curt’s face.[/i]

20 Minute Iron Man NO DQ match - Non title match for chance at the title at Spring Slam

HBK vs. Sid
[b]*HBK somehow TOTALLY dominates Sid, winning the IM match 10-2. Ring bell, chair and stairs all made an appearance. HBK finishes Sid off with some Sweet Chin Music for the final pin fall. It's going to be an interesting match at Spring Slam! [/b]

[i] Ted Dibiase is interviewed in Piper’s Pit about Dusty Rhodes. In the middle of the interview, Dusty comes out and attacks Dibiase. Dibiase basically starts kicking the crap out of Dusty when Goldust appears out of nowhere and attacks Dibiase. What is going on between GD and Dusty?

Tag Team Finals

LOD vs. Hart Foundation
[b] *Before the match, camera shows the backstage locker area with Jim Neidhart laying face down on the floor….nobody around. Bulldog subs in for him only to screw Bret over and cost them the match. LOD heads to Slam to face 4 Horsemen. Bret just watches Bulldog walk back to the dressing room in confusion.

SNME goes off the air with Goldust and Dusty getting into Dusty’s pickup truck, throwing the Million Dollar belt in the bed.

I am trying to stick with mostly classic wrestlers this time around with a few semi-classics(HBK, Sid) thrown in. I will then take on a Classics VS new generation PPV

[size=4][b]6/3/2009 [/b][/size]

Diesel vs Big John Studd
Razor Ramon vs Curt Henning
Dusty and Goldust vs Million $ Man and Mystery partner
Sid vs Shawn Michaels for the IC title
6 man CAW Battle Royal for shot at Macho’s crown at Summer Brawl
4H vs L.O.D for the Tag Team titles

[i]The night opens with Vince in the ring. He is announcing that they are going to settle this “Dusty vs. Dibiase” thing once and for all. He announces that tonight, there will be a tag match featuring Dusty and Goldust VS MDM and a wrestler of his choosing. Dibiase is shown in the locker room rubbing his chin, while Dusty and Goldust just stare at the monitor. [/i]

Opening Bouts:

[i]LWF debut of Diesel. Big John Studd has been running his mouth about Diesel for the past couple months, stating how he’s the only true “Big Man” in the LWF (Andre is retired in my Federation at the moment). He states that if Diesel can beat him at Spring Slam, he will retire too. [/i]

[u]Diesel VS Big John Studd[/u]
[b]*Diesel gets his first victory via bear hug submission and is sure to be a force in the LWF. Big John Studd gets on the mic and states he is a man of his word, thanks the fans, and walks out to a thunderous ovation. Will this be the end of BJS?
[i]Camera cuts to Dibiase who apparently is writing a list of possible choices. The camera focuses on Ultimate Warrior and Undertaker’s name before Dibiase notices and hides his list, telling the camera guy to get out of there.

[u]Razor Ramon VS Curt Henning [/u]

*Henning hits the Perfect Plex for the victory, walks out wearing Razor’s gold. Razor comes to and runs out after him; stay tuned for what is sure to be a heated battle.

[u]“Once-and-for-all Tag Match”[/u]

Dusty and GD vs. Dibiase and ????
[b] *Dusty and Goldust come down to the ring with Dusty’s music. Dusty is seen wearing the Million Dollar belt even though we all know he’s not the champion. Dibiase comes down right after them alone. He gets in the ring and starts talking about all the people he could have asked to be his partner. Hogan, Macho Man, Sting, etc. He then states the he decided to settle on “an old friend” and next thing you know, Andre’s music starts up. Yes, Mega Bucks is re-uniting for one night only! Dusty and GD’s faces show their surprise. Mega Bucks puts the beat down on Dusty for a good half match. Dusty crawls over to Goldust to tag him in. Goldust comes in tearing Dibiase a new butthole. Dibiase makes it over to Andre, tagging him in, and GD runs towards Dusty tagging him in. Dusty can’t believe it, he can hardly stand and here comes Andre. Andre beats him down and gets the pin. He grabs the M$ belt and hands it to Dibiase. GD hits the ring, but instead of attacking Dibiase, he stops and laughs. Dibiase reaches into his boot and pulls out a wad of cash, handing it to Goldust. Goldust strides over to a prone Dusty, and shoves two hundred dollar bills in his mouth, slapping his face. All three leave the ring together celebrating….
[i] We see “earlier today” video of the parking lot where HBK is seen getting out of his limo. He has a determined look in his eye. He walks past Diesel and his eyes light up. Apparently they trained together some years ago, and now are both with the LWF. HBK shakes his hand and says “Welcome to the big time, let me talk to you for a minute.” The video cuts off.
[u]Intercontinental Match[/u]

Sid vs. HBK in NO DQ match (simulated)

[b]Each wrestler has his chances to seal the pin, with kick outs coming from both sides. When it seems Sid has Shawn ripe for the 1-2-3, Diesel runs down to ringside, pulling Shawn out of the ring. Sid pursues, and Diesel hits him with a set of brass knuckles. Diesel slides him back into the ring. Shawn falls on top for the 1-2-3…and NEW Intercontinental CHAMPION! [/b]

[i]Mean Gene is shown at the interview area. He waves in Bret Hart. He begins to ask Bret about what’s going on with the Bulldog. Bret starts to state that he doesn’t know what’s going on and he hasn’t seen Davey Boy all day. Suddenly Jim Neidhart rushes in stating that he has proof Davey was the one who knocked him out at SNME. Neidhart holds up a thick ring he found on the floor next to him when he came to. On the ring is a Union Jack flag made out of jewels. Mean Gene looks at Bret, then the camera and states; “Of all the things I’ve ever seen…..this takes the cake. I think you have some explaining to do Bulldog.” Bret and Neidhart storm off, apparently looking for Davey Boy.

more matches to come this weekend(maybe sooner). Have to create 1 or 2 more CAWs for the Battle Royal. Starting to mix in some younger wrestlers now.


[u][b]6 Man “KING OF THE RING” CAW Battle Royal- Winner to face Macho King at Summer Brawl PPV[/b][/u]

Booker T
Eddie Guerro
Lex Luger
Chris Benoit
Booker T wins by eliminating RVD last. Heads to Summer Brawl to face Macho Man for the crown [/b]

[b] *This match was simulated to get a “true” un-biased champ. No word of a lie, this match went over 15 minutes long. If this was a real life match, it would have been worth the price of admission. Onto the results: Animal was the first to get pinned after 8 or so minutes. Multiple finishers on both sides, TONS of interference. Hawk put up a great fight until about the 16 min mark. Arn and Flair teamed up on him, and Arn pinned him after a HUGE spine buster off the ropes. 4 Horsemen retain their titles! [/b]

[i]Davey’s Corvette is seen parked alongside the building. Anvil and Bret walk out the loading door and spot it sitting all alone. Anvil pulls his goatee and looks at Bret smirking. Bret looks to his left and sees two metal pipes leaning against the building. He grabs one, handing the other to Anvil. The camera goes black and the LWF logo flashes on the screen.



[b][color="#FF0000"]MATCHES IN RED WERE SIMULATED BY THE GAME[/color][/b]

Well, here we are, a full week off of Spring Slam, and already things seem to be heating up for Summer Brawl. This month’s SNME is sure to be a wild one with rematches, grudge matches, and more on the developing story between current champ Bret Hart and his brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith.
The show opens with Bulldog pulling up to the arena in a black limo. He gets out of the car, looking around the lot cautiously. He then ducks his head back into the car and tells “someone” to get out the other side. This “someone” has a towel hiding his face. Both men rush into the backstage door, and the camera returns to ringside. [/i]

[u][b]Iron Sheik w/Mr Fuji vs Nikoli Volkof [/b][/u](Nikoli has been running his mouth about sheik blaming him for their loss in the tag tournament)
[b]*Volkof gets the pin after ducking Mr Fuji’s salt. The salt hit Sheik in the face, and Nikoli jumped on him for the 1-2-3[/b] **SIDE NOTE*** this actually happened in the match...lol

[u][b]The Godfather (in LWF debut) vs. Ravishing Rick Rude w/Jimmy Hart[/b][/u]
*[b]The Godfather gets the pin after Lex interrupts the Rude Awakening. The Godfather watches Lex leave ringside clearly disappointed that he got the “cheap win” [/b]

[i]The camera shows a dark closet-type room. The screen it pitch-black until a small flame from a lighter sheds some light. We see a leather mask covering half a face. The voice is faint, almost a whisper:
“Sometimes people think they don’t belong, sometimes they act like they don’t belong. Well I say that people SUCK. Take this guy Sabu for instance. His body is a mass of scars. At least your scars aren't on your FACE! You are not the only tortured should in the LWF…there are others….You want to be a tortured soul? At Summer Bash, I’LL MAKE YOU A TORTURED SOUL! Accept my offer Sabu, or there will be consequences……HAVE A NICE DAY!

[b][u][color="#FF0000"]Razor Ramon and Diesel vs. Curt Hennig and Sid[/color][/u][/b] (this carries over the feud between Razor and Curt and Sid and Diesel)
[b]*Curt comes down to ringside wearing Razor’s chains. In an epic back and forth battle, Diesel gets the pinfall over Sid giving them the win. After the match, Razor knocks Curt out with the ring bell and takes back his chains.
[b][u][color="#FF0000"]Booker T vs RVD in Battle Royal No DQ Grudge match[/color][/u][/b]
[b]*According to Jerry Lawler, RVD “clearly dominated his opponent” RVD gets the pin, grabs the mic and states that he, not Booker should be the one to face Macho at Summer Brawl, then throws the mic on the mat and walks away. [/b]

[u][b]Exclusive interview with Davey Boy Smith[/b][/u]

[i]Mean Gene calls in Davey Boy to the interview area.[/i]
[b]MEAN GENE[/b]: [i]“Davey Boy, we think you owe the fans an explanation.” Davey Boy rubs his chin before he speaks. [/i]
[b]DAVEY BOY[/b]: [i]“I owe the fans an explanation? I owe the fans an explanation?? I think I am owed an explanation. Can someone explain to me why my Corvette is now in a scrap yard?”
Mean Gene cuts him off by reminding him that he knocked out Jim Neidhart.
Davey starts shaking his head, stating that it wasn’t him. [/i]
[b]MEAN GENE[/b]: [i]“C’mon Davey, we aren’t idiots; we saw the ring that The Anvil found on the floor.”[/i]
[b]DAVEY BOY just begins to laugh[/b]: [i]“Mean Gene, I am not the only one from England in the LWF.”
Mean Gene looks at the camera confused.[/i]
[i]Davey starts laughing maniacally and walks off camera.
[b][u][color="#FF0000"]Million Dollar Man and Goldust vs Dusty in handicap match[/color][/u][/b]
[b]*Dusty really has no chance, and submits to Goldust’s camel clutch. M$ and GD leave Dusty lying in the ring[/b]

[i]Backstage camera follows Sabu to a closet in the staging area. He approaches it cautiously, and as he reaches for the knob, Mankind flys off some staging, landing on top of Sabu, and beating the snot out of him. He looks into the camera drooling, and runs away yelling HAVE A NICE DAY! [/i]

[color="#FF0000"]Tag team Championship match[/color] [/b][/u]
[color="#FF0000"]4 Horsemen vs. Hart Foundation[/color] (Runner’s up in the tournament)
[b]*In a big upset, the Hart Foundation fights back from the brink of being pinned to become the NEW…TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Making Bret a double champion! [/b]

[i]After the match Davey Boy came running down and attacked Bret and Neidhart. They both turned it around and started pummeling the Bulldog. Next thing you know, Bulldogs music starts playing, temporarily stunning the Hart Foundation, making them look up at the ramp. The “mystery man” runs through the crowd and jumps them from behind. He knocks Bret out of the ring, and then pulls off the towel to choke out Neidhart with it. The camera zooms in to reveal the mystery man is none other than The Dynamite Kid! Bulldog comes too, and wraps his arm around the shoulders of Dynamite. He then grabs the mic and yells down to Bret on the floor; “enjoy those belts while you can, because the British Mad Dogs are gonna take em from ya.” [/i]

LWF logo flashes on the screen and they go off the air.

What is going to happen at Summer Brawl?? Where did Dynamite Kid come from? Will the Godfather seek out Lex? What is Dusty going to do against the powers of M$ and Goldust? Will the Hart Foundation give the Mad Dogs a title shot??

Stay tuned kids, this is going to be a wild one!

Current Champs 6/12/09

WWF: Bret Hart
Tag: Hart Foundation
M$: Ted Dibiase
King: Macho Man


The l.w.f
Current Champs 6/12/09

WWF: Bret Hart
Tag: Hart Foundation
M$: Ted Dibiase
King: Macho Man



[u][b]Nikoli Volkof vs. Iron Sheik w/Mr. Fuji in no DQ[/b][/u]
[i]*Iron Sheik starts out early blocking Nikoli’s attempt at grabbing a chair, and getting it himself. He then proceeds to split Nikoli wide open and wipe the mat with him. He gets Nikoli to submit to the camel clutch for the win.[/i]

[u][b]The Godfather vs Lex Luger w/Bobby Heenan [/b][/u](Godfather challenged Lex after he caused Godfather to win unfairly)
[i]*The Godfather comes out like a freight train totally taking Lex to school. Bobby Heenan even caught a few shots. As Godfather goes for the pin, Ravishing Rick Rude comes down and holds Lex’s legs down so Godfather gets the sure 1-2-3. Godfather gets up and throws his arms up. Again, getting the win, but also getting it “cheaply” in his mind. [/i]

[u][b]Powers of Pain vs Road Warriors winner to face champions at SNME[/b][/u]
[i]*Road Warriors DEMOLISH Powers of Pain in a very quick match. They now sit back to see who they will face after the Tag Team Championship match tonight. [/i]

[u][b]Razor vs Curt Hennig in a 20 min Ironman match[/b][/u]
[i] *Surprisingly there were only 7 total points determining this match. Razor and Hennig both fought like animals and both got bloody. Razor hit 3 finishers, Curt hit none. Razor takes the match 4-3 and then states on the mic that this match settles things…

[b]Sid vs HBK in a ladder match [/b]
[i]* My jaw was on the floor at this match. Seeing how it was no DQ, the second the bell rung, Diesel marched his way down to the ring. HBK grabbed the ladder and beat the crap out of Sid, with Diesel playing savior whenever Sid got back up. HBK wins the match in record time. (I think this match literally took 2 minutes) [/i]

[u][b]KING OF THE RING MATCH[/b][/u]
[b]Booker T vs Macho King[/b]
[i]*Booker T wins in a stunner with the axe kick to earn the coveted crown! So begins the reign of King Booka!

[i]*As anticipated this was the second best match of the night. Sabu and Mankind obviously started on top of the cage, both with chances to throw the other off to no avail. After a HUGE Hunacunrana through the top of the cage by Sabu did the tides change. Sabu owned the rest of the match, beating a bloody Mankind to a pulp. He finished him off with a camel clutch (the second submission via that hold of the night) After the match Mankind vowed revenge and ran through the crowd.[/i]

[b]M$ Man vs Dusty Rhodes [/b]
[i]*This was a classic wrestling match, with the power swaying between the two wrestlers. In the end, Dusty gets the win and NEW! M$ Champion!
Goldust was shown backstage watching on the monitor and made it look like he was pleased, but also had plans for the belt…..[/i]

[b]Hart Foundation vs British Mad Dogs (re-named Bulldogs)[/b]
[i]*What should have been the best match of the night was just that. Talk about a full on brawl between Anvil, Brett, Bulldog and Dynamite Kid. Multiple finishers between each side, constant tag-ins and double teams made this a very enjoyable match to watch. In the end, the Hart Foundation pulled off the win. After the match Bulldog turned on Dynamite Kid beating him to oblivion claiming he caused them the match. Dynamite Kid was left in the ring, and when everyone was gone he grabbed the mic, looked at the crowd, and straight out yelled “I QUIT THE LWF!!” (I am planning on deleting him as a CAW)

THE L.W.F is certainly off to a great start! Coming up next will be July's Saturday Night's Main Event where we will have a Tag Team Championship match, an interview with Dynamite Kid to see if he's serious about quitting, and many more surprises!

TAG TEAM: Hart Foundation
M$: Dusty Rhodes
King: Booker T


[b][size=4]The l.w.f
Current Champs 6/22/09

LWF: Bret Hart
Tag: Hart Foundation
King: BOOKER T [/size][/b]

[b]Saturday night’s main event

[b][u]King Booker vs. DDP[/u] (non-title)[/b]
King Booker shows why he reigns supreme in a true battle of a match. DDP had his chances, but in the end, King Booker hits him with the axe kick to gain the pinfall.
[b]Raven, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero.
Winner to face Dusty for the M$ Championship[/b]
Wow! The LWF newcomers put on a great show! Right off the bat, Benoit brings a chair into the ring and all hell breaks loose. Of course, nobody got hit with said chair, but the blood was flowing. In the end, Raven hits Eddie with the “evenflow” to win the match, and the title shot later tonight!

[u][b]HANDICAP MATCH[/b][/u]
[b]Godfather vs Rick Rude and Lex Luger[/b]
Rude and Lex proved to be too much for The Godfather. For the entire match, Lex and Rude put their differences aside and put the smackdown on the whining Godfather. It was only after Lex got the pinfall did things go south. Rude and Lex got in a shoving match because Rude wanted to be the one that pinned GF. The GF came to, and put the beatdown on both Lex and Rude, look for a rematch soon!

[b]Diesel vs. Sid [/b]
Sid came out like a crazed maniac and tore into Diesel with move after move. He easily secured the victory with a massive power slam that shook the whole ring. Sid grabbed the mic after the match, and challenged Shawn Michaels to one final shot at the championship in a steel cage match! Will Shawn accept?

[u][b]Interview with Dynamite Kid[/b][/u]
[b]Mean Gene[/b]: Hey fans, here we are at SNME, and the interview you have been waiting for. I present to you, Dynamite Kid
[i]Dynamite steps into camera view in street clothes, wearing a baseball cap visibly bruised from his beat down from Davey Boy. [/i]
[b]Mean Gene[/b]: I’m sure we don’t have to tell the fans what went down at Summer Brawl by now, so I will just come out and ask you. Are you really quitting the LWF?
[b]Dynamite[/b]: Well Gene, I’ve known Davey a very long time, he used to be like a brother to me. That is, until Summer Brawl. What he did humiliated, belittled, and straight out embarrassed me. I thought about revenge, but where would that get me? I’m not getting any younger, and I think it’s time for me to go.
[b]Mean Gene[/b]: But what about your fans? What about the friends you’ve made here?
[b]Dynamite[/b]: The fans don’t care about me, they are just looking for the next big thing. I think my time has come and gone, and I am done....for good.
[i]Dynamite then looks into the camera, tips his ballcap, and says goodbye, walking off the set. [/i]
[b]Mean Gene[/b]: Well, there you have it folks, straight from the horse's mouth. Back to ringside.

[u][b]M$ CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH [/b][/u]
[b]Dusty Rhodes vs. Raven[/b]
Here is a match where experience pays off. After coming off a bloody, brutal, triple threat match, Raven was outmatched against a seasoned veteran like Dusty Rhodes. Dusty took the young star to school and scored a fairy easy pinfall to remain M$ Champion. Goldust was again shown backstage staring at the monitor smirking.

Hart Foundation vs Road Warriors[/b][/u]
Here we are at the headline match of the night. Both sides fought like animals (No pun intended) with multiple double teams, and outside ring fighting. Just as Brett was about to fly off the ropes with the finishing clothes line, Bulldog ran down and knocked him off the turnbuckle. Animal scooped him um and the Road Warriors performed the finishing move themselves for the 1-2-3….and NEW! Tag Team Champions.

[i] After getting up, Brett took off up the ramp chasing Bulldog to the parking lot. Bulldog was waiting behind a semi with a metal chair. He blindsided Brett and began beating him with it until Neidhart came running out and chased him off. Bulldog got into his limo and took off. [/i]

What’s going to happen next week at Tournament Tuesday? You’ll have to tune in and find out!! Woooooooooo!




*The night starts out with Vince in the ring, with a big white board covered by a red velvet cloth.

[b]VINCE[/b]: Welcome everyone to what is sure to be a first in the wrestling business. A special, one-night-only event to determine who will face Bret Hart at the upcoming NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS II PPV. I have under this cloth 8 names on a bracket. Each man will be competing in an elimination bracket until we reach a winner tonight. Should a man get injured, and not be able to continue, he forfeits his win to his current opponent. I ask now that you rise in your seats, and welcome to the ring, the current LWF Champion, Bret Hart!

Bret’s music comes on and the crowd goes nuts. Bret walks down in his usual ring gear, belt over his shoulder. After the crowd dies down, Vince continues.
[b]Vince[/b]: Well Bret, as usual the fans are on your side, what do you think about tonight’s events?
[b]Bret[/b]: Well Vince, as long as you have some great names on that board, it should be a great night for the LWF.
[b]Vince[/b]: Indeed it should. Why don’t we just get to it then?
[b]Bret[/b]: Let’s do it.
Vince pulls off the cloth to reveal the names of the participants in the tournament.

The crowd takes a minute to absorb what they see on the Legendtron, and Vince starts to read down the list.
[b]Vince[/b]: Tonight we have a great mix of classic and new comers to the LWF. In our first match we will see the British Bulldog take on Booker T.
Bret begins shaking his head, obviously not happy that Bulldog is in the tournament. Vince looks at him and smirks a bit. He then reads down the list and stops when he reaches Ric Flair.
[b]Vince[/b]: You might be wondering why Ric Flair’s name is on the list, after all, all he’s ever done is been the Tag Team Champion. Well, Ric approached me and asked to be let out of The Four Horseman so he could participate in the tournament, and after much deliberation, I granted him permission.
At that moment a huge WOOOOOOO fills the arena, and everyone looks at the top of the ramp. Out strolls a flamboyant Ric Flair. (Up until this point, he’s only come out to 4 horsemen music) Ric reaches the ring, twirling and strutting his stuff.
[b]Ric[/b]: Well, Vince, I’d like to thank you for the chance to wrestle in this tournament, one I am surely going to win. WOOO
[b]Vince[/b]: Well, that’s a might big statement to make, what makes you so confident.
[b]Ric[/b]: For years I’ve been kicking asses all over the LWF, much longer than our current champion here, no offense Bret.
[b]Bret[/b]: None taken
[b]Ric[/b]: It’s time this old dog taught some new tricks, and it’s time to take the title.
[b]Vince[/b]: Well, it’s a tall order, you have to go through 3 matches to get there. You sure you’re up for that?
[b]Ric[/b]: Bring it on baby, bring it on.

At that moment, Macho man comes running down the ramp and attacks Flair. Vince bails out of the ring, and so does Bret. The bell sounds, and it looks like our first match will not be Bulldog vs. Booker!

[size=4][b]Results of tournament Tuesday [/b][/size]


[b]Ric Flair vs. Macho Man[/b]
*Ric Flair gets beat down for the first half of the match after the surprise attack. He finally gains some ground after clothes lining Macho out of the ring. From there on, he controls the match. Flair slaps on the figure 4 for the submission.

[b]British Bulldog vs. King Booker[/b]
*Bulldog runs through Booker like a hot knife through butter. He seals the match with a powerslam in under 2:30 minutes.

[b]Diesel vs. Curt Hennig[/b]
*A true “slobber knocker” according to Jim Ross, these two greats battled back and forth for a good part of the match. Diesel gains momentum after a HUGE sidewalk slam, and gets the 1-2-3 for the win.

[b]Sabu vs. Mankind[/b]
* I was disappointed with this match as I wanted Sabu to go to the finals; however, Mankind brought his “A” game, and took Sabu apart. He seemed to be getting his vowed revenge over the loss at Summer Brawl. Mankind finally choked out Sabu for the submission.

[size=4][b]ONTO ROUND 2[/b][/size]

[b]Bulldog vs. Mankind[/b]
*It’s apparent to all that Bulldog is on a mission to get to Bret Hart’s title. Bulldog takes control of the match from the bell ring and never looks back. Mankind was left in a heap, and Bulldog gains the win.
Ric Flair vs. Diesel[/b]
*WOOOOOO, the old cagey vet had no problems with the rookie big man. Diesel put up a heck of a fight however, connecting on not one, not two, but three big boots off the ropes, but in the end, Flair gets the pinfall(I don’t remember how though)

FINAL ROUND!!! [/b][/size]

[b]Bulldog vs. Ric Flair[/b]
*In what was billed as an “epic” battle by Jim Ross was just in fact that. This match took us close to the 10 minute mark with multiple reversals, near pinfalls, and near submissions. Davey was gaining momentum until Flair tossed him out of the ring, accidentally taking out the ref as well. In a flash, Jim Neidhart was down at ringside and attacked Bulldog, splitting his forehead wide open. He slides Bulldog back into the ring unconscious, and Flair slaps on a cheesy leg lock as the ref comes to. The ref calls for the bell, and Flair wins via submission.

WOW! What a tournament! I wonder what’s going to happen with that controversial ending?? Will Bulldog put up a fight? Will he seek revenge??
Tune into NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS II to find out!



The night starts out with a camera shot of the parking lot. A black Hummer limo pulls up. The cameraman tries to see who is inside, but because of the tint on the windows, we are unable to tell who’s in the limo.

Fade to ringside, and there is Bulldog, standing in the ring in his street clothes, he has a mic in his hand. The crowd is booing him pretty bad. Still, he begins:

[b]Bulldog[/b]: This past Tuesday night, there was a robbery. Sad part is, this robbery took place in front of millions of witnesses! This past Tuesday, I was ROBBED of the chance to face Bret next weekend at Night of Champions II thanks to Jim Neidhart! I should have been the #1 contender, not that bag of dust Ric Flair.
[i]*At the mention of Flair’s name, the crowd breaks into a HUGE WOOOOOO!
[b]Bulldog[/b]: Ah, SHUT UP you idiots. You wouldn’t know a true champion if he was standing in front of ya. I want Vince in this ring…RIGHT….NOW! [/i]
[i]*With that, Vince’s music starts up, and Vince appears at the top of the ramp. At this point, we can’t tell if the boos are louder for Vince or Bulldog. [/i]
[b]Vince[/b]: Bulldog, I appoint the referees for each match, and in no way did he see any foul play at Tournament Tuesday.
What he did see, was Ric Flair rendering you unconscious with a leg lock.
[b]Vince[/b]: Now, now Davey. I said the ref didn’t see any foul play. I, on the other hand, did see it.
[i]*Bulldog nods his head in approval, clapping his hands[/i]
[b]Vince[/b]: However, these things happen in the LWF all the time, and that’s the way it is…..for most, and Ric Flair will be facing Bret at Night of Champions II. But I like you Davey, so I’ll tell you what I am going to do. I am going to give you a final shot tonight…a test if you will. I am going to put you through a personal 3 match gauntlet.
[i]*Bulldog looks pissed, but intrigued[/i].
[b]Vince[/b]: In each of these gauntlet matches, you will be facing each finalist in the tournament.
Match #1 you will face Big Daddy Cool Diesel. Make it past him, and you will then face Mankind in Match #2 Make it past him, and onto Match #3 where you will face….
[b]Bulldog[/b]: RIC FLAIR??????
[b]Vince[/b]: Not so fast Bulldog. It wouldn’t be fair to Ric to make him face you a week before his big LWF Championship match…no, no, that wouldn’t be fair at all. Your opponent for the last match will be….JIM “THE ANVIL” NEIDHART!!
[i]*Bulldog’s face contorts in anger, and he begins kicking the ring ropes[/i].
[b]Vince[/b]: Glad you approve Bulldog. If you make it through all three matches, I will make the LWF Championship match a Triple Threat Match!
[i]*Bulldog storms around the ring, finally bringing the mic to his face[/i]
[b]Bruce[/b]: Vince, you drive a hard bargain, but I will accept your gauntlet.
[b]Vince[/b]: Well, you better get dressed, because Match #1 is coming up NEXT!

[size=4][b]The l.w.f
Current Champs 7/03/09

LWF: Bret Hart
King: BOOKER T [/b][/size]



[u][b]3 MATCH GAUNTLET[/b][/u]
[b]Bulldog vs. Diesel[/b]
* Diesel put up little fight in this match and was victim to a couple huge power slams. He finally loses the match after Bulldog locks him in a backslide. On to Mankind!

[b]Singles Match[/b]
Sabu vs. Godfather
*Sabu continues his hardcore styling putting on a clinic in his victory over a seemingly declining Godfather. Hunacunrana’s galore, and lots of high flying moves kept Godfather wondering where the next hit was coming from. In the end, Sabu pins Godfather after a lionsault.

[b]Bulldog vs. Mankind[/b]
[i]*Before the match, Vince gets a knock on his door from Mankind. He enters, and whispers something in Vince’s ear. Vince smiles and grabs a mic off his desk. Vince makes his way to the ring and announces that the next match will be a HELL IN A CELL match! [/i]

** Davey and Mankind put on quite the show! Mankind took the swan dive off the top of the cage. Then THUMBTACKS appeared!!!! Davey choke slammed and then powerbombed Mankind onto the tacks. He then dove on top for the 1….2…..3!! How is Davey going to continue?? He took a few thumbtacks himself! This match was truly hardcore!

[b]Piper’s Pit interview with new LWF wrestler: Kurt Angle[/b]

*We come back from commercials as Roddy Piper makes his entrance into the Piper’s Pit.
RODDY: Hey folks, tonight we have a special interview with a brand new wrestler to the LWF..ha ha. This guy is an Olympic gold medalist, and I’m sure will be a great asset to the LWF. Without further ado, I present, Kurt Angle!
*Kurts music starts and he walks through the curtain looking around the pit in disgust. He sits in the faux leather chair.
[b]RODDY[/b]: Whassa matter? You not liking my set??
[b]KURT[/b]: I’ve seen nicer rooms in roach motels
[b]RODDY[/b]: Well Kurt, great way to make your entrance into the LWF
[b]KURT[/b]: Hey, I just call em like I see em.
[b]RODDY[/b]: Well, let’s get back on track then. What do you plan on accomplishing in the LWF?
[b]KURT[/b]: Well that’s a stupid question, what do you think I am here for?
[b]RODDY[/b]: Boredom??
[b]KURT[/b]: [i]*laughing*[/i] Mr. Funny Man, huh? I am an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST, and the first thing they make me do is an interview with a skirt wearing funny man???
[i]*Roddy’s face cannot contain his shock at Kurt’s comments. [/i]
[i]*Kurt flips up the edge of the kilt pretending to look up it. [/i]
[b]KURT[/b]: Seems like one to me, what color panties you wearing Miss?
[i]*At that, Roddy jumps up, crashing a coffee cup from the table into the side of Kurt’s head. Kurt falls to the carpet knocked out. [/i]
[b]RODDY[/b]: There you have it folks, your new Olympic Gold Medalist, lying flat on the floor knocked out by a measly coffe cup.
[i]*Roddy throws the mic on the floor next to Kurt’s head, and walks off the set. [/i]

[b]Singles Match[/b]

RVD vs Chris Benoit
* A quicker than we thought match here. RVD came in as a usual ball of fire, that Benoit quickly doused out. Benoit takes the match with a reversed cradle!

[b]Bulldog vs. Neidhart[/b]
*According to the King, Davey was DISMANTLING Anvil the entire match. Running clotheslines, body slams and power moves galore! These two rhinos clashed like madmen! Davey boy attempts an early pinfall when Ric Flair shows up at the top of the ramp, temporarily allowing Anvil to gain some momentum when Davey jumped up to look at Flair. That didn’t last long, however and Davey shakes the ring with a HUGE Powerslam for the finish and the pinfall! Looks like we’ll see a Triple Threat match for the title at Tournament of Champions II!!

[b]Mean Gene interviews Goldust[/b]

[b]GENE[/b]: Alright fans, you have been wondering for the past few weeks now; what is up with Goldust?? Well, now you find out.
[i]*Goldust’s music starts up, and gold glitter falls from the arena ceiling. He walks into camera shot wearing a long blonde wig and glittering robe. [/i]
[b]GENE[/b]: Well, that’s quite and entrance Goldust.
[b]GOLD[/b]: Quite indeed Gene
[b]GENE[/b]: So, let’s get to the main reason for this interview, what is going on between your father, Dusty Rhodes, and yourself??
[b]GOLD[/b]: Well you see Gene, there are times in life where a male lion challenges the leader of the pride for superiority. My father is a simple man, happy on his ranch, where I, am a much more complex being….
[b]GENE[/b]: You got that right….
[i]*Goldust brings a sequined gloved finger to Gene’s lips[/i]
[b]GOLD[/b]: shhhhhh, I am not finished speaking. There is a saying. “All that glitters is gold.” Well, I love things that glitter, and now that my father holds the diamond encrusted Million Dollar belt, it’s time for the younger lion to pounce!
[i]*Goldust then “clacks” his teeth at Gene, and walks of camera[/i]
[b]GENE[/b]: Great, now I need shower *shudders* Back to ringside!
Tag Team non-title match[/b]
Road Warriors vs Powers of Pain
*The four beasts hit the ring with abandonment! Back and forth the slugged it out for over 8 minutes of mayhem! These four warriors did not quit for one second. Just as the Animal was ascending the top ropes for the finisher, the lights went out. Strobe lights started flashing everywhere and some unknown music starting to play. Through the strobes you could make out two figures at the top of the ramp. Suddenly, the lights come back up, and the two figures turn out to be Scott Steiner and Hollywood Hogan, two wrestlers’ that had been fired back when the new owner (me) took over the LWF!! What are they doing here? Animal is distracted so Barbarian seizes the opportunity to finish him off with the top rope clothesline to get the 1…2…..3. After the match, the newly re-formed N.W.O run down the ramp and proceed to kick the snot out of Animal and Hawk(who had been laying at ringside after a vicious bell shot). Hogan picks up the mic and yells out to Vince that they want a title shot at Tournament of Champions. He also reminds Vince that before they were “fired”, they were #1 contender for the belts, and if they don’t get the title shot, they will wreak havoc all over the LWF.

Vince appears on the Legendtron, clearly wide-eyed.
[b]VINCE[/b]: HOGAN! I told you never to set foot in another LWF building again! Scott Steiner, I told you the same thing!
[b]HOGAN[/b]: Who’s this Hogan you speak of? My name is Hollywood, and this here is Big Poppa Pump. Get your facts straight jack! Don’t even make me bring up the lawsuit.
[i]*Vince gulps hard. [/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: Ok, ok, you got it. You want a title shot at Night of Champions II? You got it! I’ll work it out with ownership. Road Warriors, you will be facing Hollywood and Big Poppa Pump at Night of Champions II.
[i]*Hogan laughs at the Road Warriors, then pats BPP on the back, and both exit the ring to a myriad of boos. On the backs of their shirts are the letters: N.W.O[/i]

Cameras fade to black.


[size=4][font="Arial Black"][b]The l.w.f
Current Champs 7/03/09

LWF: Bret Hart
King: BOOKER T[/b] [/font][/size]


[u][b]Match list[/b][/u]

[u][b]No dq hell in a cell re-match[/b][/u]

[b]Mankind vs Sabu[/b]
*No doubt, the two sickest wrestlers in the LWF start off the match atop the cage. A few exchanges with Sabu clearly the dominant one so far. He gets Mankind teetering on the edge of the cage and….OH MY GOD! He launches Mankind off the top onto the announce table below! Mankind has got to be broken in half! Sabu hops down and lands a big piledriver onto the concrete splitting Mankind’s head wide open! After a handful of power moves, Sabu throws Mankind like a dart through the side of the cage. Mankind lands in a heap. Sabu throws Mankind into the steel steps, and Mankind shreds Sabu’s face on the side of the cage splitting him open! Sabu never recovers and finally taps out to a choke hold. Mankind has defiantly ruled the matches between these two. As Mankind is standing over a passed out Sabu, the lights go out. Smoke fills the cage. Nobody can see two inches in front of their faces. Finally the lights come back on, and Mankind is gone, an evil laugh is heard over the loudspeakers. Sabu comes to and looks in the ring where there is a burning picture of Mankind on an easel. What does this mean??

[u][b]KING OF THE RING 10 man over the top rope match[/b][/u]

[b]King Booker
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Macho Man
Kurt Angle
The Godfather
Lex Luger[/b]
*RVD and DDP start off the rumble. Raven came in next, followed by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie and DDP eliminate RVD first. Next contestant is Chris Benoit followed by Kurt Angle. Raven narrowly escapes elimination by Eddie only to be put out by Benoit. Next Kurt takes out Eddie. Godfather enters the ring after Lex. Lex and Angle eliminate Benoit followed by Lex eliminating DDP. King Booker enters the match. Macho Man enters, he eliminates Kurt Angle. Booker T eliminates Lex. Macho eliminates Booker T!! Looks like we’ll have a new king! Godfather and Macho left! Macho eliminates Godfather to regain the CROWN!!!! WOW! WHAT A MATCH!!! Macho King is back!!! (totally simulated, honest!)

[u][b]M$ championship (no dq)[/b][/u]

[b]Dusty Rhodes© vs. Goldust[/b]
*Dusty comes down to a HUGE ovation. Goldust comes down in a hail of boos. Here we go! Goldust gets off the first attack, sending Dusty to the mat. Dusty comes back only to have Goldust reverse his headlock. Goldust goes for an early camel clutch obviously showing he’s trying to end the match quick. HUGE hip-toss by Goldust! The younger Rhodes is starting to gain huge momentum in the match! He goes for another clutch. Dusty is now gaining momentum, dropping the bionic elbow. He scrambles over for the 1….2……3!!!!! WHAT A SHOCKING END!!! Dusty retains the title!!! Goldust slinks out of the ring, grabbing a chair. As Dusty turns around to hoist his belt in the air, Goldust gives him a chair shot heard round the building! At that moment, an un-known wrestler runs down the ring and attacks Goldust viciously! Goldust gets rolled out of the ring, and this young man helps Dusty up and to backstage. Who is this youngster?? Could it be Cody Rhodes?? The youngest of the Rhodes brothers??

[u][b]Tag team championship[/b][/u]

[b]Road Warriors© vs. N.W.O (Hogan and Steiner) [/b]
*The N.W.O comes out cocky, strutting their stuff. They pull off numerous double teams in the ring. Just when you think they have gotten the better of the Road Warriors, they start to get too cocky. They take the action to the outside of the ring and that’s where the Road Warriors shined! The Road Warriors secure the win after getting the pinfall on Hogan. And STILL Tag Team Champions! After the match, the N.W.O cheap shots the Road Warriors as they are celebrating. They are putting a merciless beatdown on Hawk and Animal. Steiner has Hawk in the Steiner recliner, and Hogan has Animal in the Boston Crab. All of a sudden a huge pyro explosion goes off at the top of the ramp and out steps GOLDBERG! What??? Goldberg was fired just 6 months before, and now he’s at the top of the ramp looking like a raging bull. He charges the ring as Hogan and Steiner jump off Animal and Hawk. Hogan and Steiner screw through the crowd as Goldberg gives chase.
Animal and Hawk look confused and limp back to the locker rooms.

[u][b]Ic championship[/b][/u]

[b]HBK© vs. Sid in a Steel Cage [/b]
*The stage is set for a final battle between these two heated rivals. HBK comes down the ramp in his usual flamboyant style; the crowd is going crazy, especially the ladies. Sid comes down with less pomp and circumstance; he is on a mission to get back the belt. He receives some boos only because HBK will always get cheers. The cage gets lowered and we are on our way! Sid gets the first hit in, but HBK secures the first move, sending Sid head first into the cage instantly splitting him open. HBK makes a fast retreat up the cage only be brought back in by Sid. A few mat moves and now HBK is back on the cage. Sid comes to and throws him, back first, down to the mat. HBK counters an irish whip and sends Sid to the mat! HBK lands a facebuster and makes it up to the top of the cage, only to be brought back down the hard way by Sid. He’s knocked out!!! Sid gets to the door and becomes…NEW, IC CHAMPION!!! He gets his title back!!

[u][b]Lwf championship[/b][/u]
Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair vs. British Bulldog Triple Threat [/b]
*Here we are folks, the main event! Bret Hart comes down the ramp and the crowd EXPLODES! He looks as confident as ever. Next comes Rick Flair who gets a mix of cheers and boos. Bulldog follows last to a chorus of boos from this sold out Atlanta crowd. And here we go! It’s a good mix of each wrestler attacking each other, no double teams as of yet, but Bulldog and Bret seem to be focusing on each other. Bulldog seems to be the biggest aggressor now, sharing his time between Bret and Flair. Flair is now taking control doling out eye pokes and low blows. Rick Flair is the first to power up to level 2, followed by Bulldog. Bulldog goes for the roll up on Bret, only to be broken up by Flair at the 2 count. Flair goes for the pin on Bulldog only to be broken up by Bret at the 1 count. Bret is hurting on the mat while Bulldog is powering through Flair. Flair again breaks up a pin by Bulldog. Flair clotheslines Bulldog outside the ring. Bulldog goes for a chair, but Flair counters it. Bret comes to, and starts taking charge of the match. Flair is trying to get his finisher going, but is not successful. Bret gets Flair over in a bridge suplex for the 2 count! All three men are taking a beating. Flair goes for the pinfall over Bulldog and gets the 1….2…….3!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! NEW LWF CHAMPION! Bret has been de-throned!!! Bret loses the title after a solid 10 months holding it! Bulldog is FURIOUS! He grabs the belt off of Flair and beats him senseless with it until Arn Anderson runs down to save him. Bulldog goes on a tear, ripping apart the announce tables, and anything else he can get his hands on.

What a night folks! What a PPV!!! Be sure to tune into SNME next week!!!

[b]LWF: Ric Flair
IC: Sid
TAG: Road Warriors
M$: Dusty Rhodes
KING: Macho Man[/b]

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[size=4][b]The l.w.f
Current Champs 8/31/09
King: MACHO MAN[/b][/size]

[b]Saturday Night’s Main Event 8/29/09
[i]The night starts out with Goldberg in the ring.[/i]
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: When the new ownership came into the LWF, everyone thought they were untouchable, myself included. Then I go and get myself cut. I was cut with the likes of Hogan, and Steiner, two of the most hated wrestler’s in the sport today. To have been lumped in with them made my stomach turn.
[i]*the crowd cheers[/i]
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: In fact, I was so sickened by what I saw at last weeks Main Event; I had to jump in my truck and get down to the arena for Night of Champions II and make sure they stayed in line. Well, we all saw what happened there.
[i]*again, the crowd cheers, but suddenly stops as the N.W.O’s music blares through the house speakers. Goldberg throws up his hands, shaking his head as out struts Hollywood and Big Poppa Pump. The music kills off.[/i]
[b]HOLLYWOOD[/b]: Goldberg, what are you even doing here brother? We were re-instated by Vince, and yet here you stand in an LWF ring?? Let me tell you something GOLDberg, you got a lot of nerve sticking your nose into N.W.O business when you don’t even have a job...
[i]*BPP stands flexing his arms, and now Vince’s music pumps through the speakers. Out walks the CEO, past Hollywood and BPP, and right into the ring. He gets about two inches from Goldberg’s face. [/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: Who the hell do you think you are?? He growls. You think you can just come into the LWF’s building and start demanding stuff? Last I knew you were FIRED by the new ownership, how is it that you got clearance in the ring????
[i]*Goldberg reaches into his back pocket to produce a “temporary” contract signed by the owner of the LWF(me). Vince’s eyes bug out. [/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: Nobody cleared that with me, I may not be the owner, but I AM the CEO of this federation, and have final say on talent!!!!!
[i]*Goldberg just stands still smiling like a Cheshire cat. Vince gets an evil look in his eye, and pulls out his cell phone. [/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: Hello sir, sorry to bother you but…..Well I know you own the company….but I…I understand.
[i]*Vince hangs up and smiles at Goldberg. [/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: Well Goldberg, I hope you read all the fine print on that contract. For it states, and I quote, “Vince McMahon has sole match making rights concerning signed wrestler”
[i]*Goldberg whips the contract in front of his face, squinting his eyes at the contract. The crowd can tell he’s not happy. [/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: Ahhh, see it now?? Well, let’s see what we have here. I am assuming you’d like to get your hands on Hollywood or Big Poppa Pump, right?
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: More than life itself
[b]VINCE[/b]: Ok, I think we can accommodate you, but who shall it be…hmmmmmmm.
[i]*Vince proceeds to do an “eeny meeny miny mo” between Hollywood and BPP[/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: Ah hell, let’s make this interesting. Tonight it will be you, Goldberg, taking on Hollywood Hogan….the crowd goes crazy…ANNNNNNNDD, Big Poppa Pump in a handicap match!! The crowd boos, Goldberg shakes his head.
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: How about this Vince? I’ll take on those two chumps, no problem
[i]*BPP lurches forward on the ramp at the mention of “chumps”[/i]
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: However, if…no, when, I beat them, I get fully re-instated back into the LWF!
[b]VINCE[/b]: You got yourself a deal!
[b] [i]*At the mention of the deal, Hogan and BPP start to protest[/i]
HOGAN[/b]: Well, there has to be some incentive for us if WE win Vince!
[i]*Vince strokes his chin. [/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: Ok, if you two defeat Goldberg, you will get a re-match for the Tag Titles at Autumn Fallout next month!
[b]HOLLYWOOD[/b]: You got yourself a deal brother!
[i]*N.W.O music starts up and the duo strut out laughing at Goldberg…[/i]

[size=3][b]MATCH LIST FOR SNME 9/3: [/b][/size]

[b]Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Raven[/b]
Jim Ross states at the beginning of this match, “I really hope the EMTs are standing by, because we are gonna need em. Need them we do! Raven introduces some steel chair action while the referee’s back is turned saucing Roddy pretty bad. He hits the Evenflow only to have Roddy kick out! An irish whip sends Roddy into the referee, knocking him out. Down the ramp runs Kurt Angle and lays the smackdown on Roddy, twisting his ankle in the space of the chair and jumping on it!! Kurt ducks out and Raven brings the ref too, counting the 1….2……3. Raven wins.

[b]Mene Gene interviews Dusty Rhodes [/b]
[b]GENE[/b]: I’d like to welcome to the stage, the man, the myth, the legend, Dusty Rhodes!
[i]*Dusty’s music kicks up, and he comes dancing into frame, belt draped over his shoulder[/i]
[b]GENE[/b]: This past weekend at Tournament of Champions, we saw a match take place between yourself and your son…Goldust
[b]DUSTY[/b]: He ain’t my son, I may have created him from my loins, but he is not my son.
[b]GENE[/b]: Alright then. Moving on, it was a heck of a match, but what everyone wants to know, is who was that young man that came to your aid at the end of the match?
[i]*Dusty tips up his cowboy hat and smiles wide[/i]
[b]DUSTY[/b]: Gene, that there was my ONLY son, Cody Rhodes!
[i]*At mention of his name, Cody walks into frame looking confident[/i]
[b]GENE[/b]: Well young man, we all thought it might have been you, welcome to the LWF!
[b]CODY[/b]: Well thanks Gene, the LWF has granted me an opportunity to straighten out my so-called brother….by kicking his ass!
[b]GENE[/b]: Well, that’s a strong statement to make, and after what happened at NOC II, a statement you seem to be able to back up!
[b]CODY[/b]: That’s right Gene, that’s why tonight, Vince has granted me a match against Goldust. No DQ falls count anywhere
[i]*The crowd erupts[/i]
[b]GENE[/b]: Well, that’s going to be exciting, and a fitting entrance into the LWF. Back to ringside!

[b]Cody Rhodes vs Goldust[/b]

No love lost between brothers here folks! This match was one of the LWFs most brutal! A majority of the match took place on the ramp and entrance stage, with both contestants bleeding from the forehead! When they finally got back to ringside, Cody ate the stairs hard. They both rolled back into the ring where Cody misses a flying elbow off the top rope. Goldust however, fails to capitalize on it and Cody goes for the pin. 1….2…3….Cody Rhodes comes out victorious! After the match, Goldust grabs his boa and starts to strangle Cody. Cody ends up passing out from lack of oxygen before Dusty can make it down to the ring. Goldust drops his blond wig on Cody’s head and walks out of the arena.

[b]Macho King© vs Godfather for the crown[/b]

Macho man starts the match with a sidewalk slam followed by a body slam. The two greats exchange multiple punches/chops. Godfather starts to get the upper hand, landing a vicious clothesline! Macho man hits Godfather with a high knee strike off the ropes. Godfather turns it around with a Spinebuster, and hits a flowing DDT finisher, but for some reason doesn’t go for the pin?? Drop toe hold brings Godfather to the mat. He recovers a bit, then…Oh my God! The Godfather hits a flying lariat for the pin!! A NEW KING IS CROWNED!

[b]Sid© vs Ric Flair© non title match[/b]

WOOOOO! Flair comes out to a hail of cheers, flashing the LWF gold! Sid comes out to his usual mix of cheers and boos, heading to the ring with a purpose. Sid towers over Flair in the ring, as Jim Ross labels the match a “human demolition derby.” Sid takes the early assault, resulting in a Boston Crab that Flair makes it out of. Sid is really putting a hurting on the lower half of Flair. Not much offense coming from Flair’s corner. Ric reverses a hold only to be wrapped up in a small package. He kicks out, and now has the momentum. Flair misses a chance to slap on the figure 4. HUGE back body drop by Flair! 1…..2……3!! The Nature Boy did it! WOOOOOOOO
Sabu vs Chris Benoit #1 IC contender match[/b]

Nothing short of beautiful is what I call this match. Benoit and Sabu put on a wrestling clinic. Lots of high flying from Sabu, and many reversals and holds from Benoit. Highlight of the match was Sabu putting Benoit through the announce table!! Sabu secures the win, and shot at the IC belt at Autumn Fallout with a shooting star press off the top rope!
Road Warriors© vs The Headshrinkers (LWF debut) non title[/b]

The first match for these wild looking wrestlers from the Isle of Samoa will go down as a memorable one. Fatu and Samu put on an absolute clinic on how a beat down is accomplished. One highlight was The Headshrinkers pulling off a double team face buster on Animal. The team controlled the match for the first three quarters, but in true Road Warrior fashion, Animal and Hawk bounced back. The match concluded with a flying clothesline by Hawk to secure the 1…2….3… You can bet on seeing these two teams in action again!
Goldberg vs Hollywood and BPP [/b]

Goldberg steps onto the stage engulfed in pyro. He stomps out blowing smoke from his nostrils, stretching his biceps the whole way down the ramp. Hollywood and Big Poppa Pump take their time getting to the ring, strutting, and telling off the fans. The match begins with BPP absolutely hammering Goldust with move after move. Forearm smashes wind up saucing Goldberg shortly after the bell. Hollywood chose his shots, hitting dirty move after dirty move…just enough to distract Goldberg. BPP finished him off with a massive power bomb for the 1…2….3! Is Goldberg already gone from the LWF?? Hollywood and BPP now get a shot at the title at Autumn Fallout! Goldberg rolls out of the ring walking backwards up the ramp hanging his head. The ring rust really showed tonight folks…..
*Camera cuts to Vince’s office as he is picking up a phone call.[/i]

[b]VINCE[/b]: Yes sir, I did see the match, and I think…..well…..I don’t see how that’s fair sir….the match was made……I understand….but…..I……yes sir, whatever you say.

[i] *Vince gets up from his desk and makes his way to the locker room as the screen goes black.[/i]



[size=4][b]The l.w.f
Current Champs 9/3/09
King: The Godfather[/b][/size]

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[b][size=6]The l.w.f[/size][/b]
[b][size=4]Current Champs 8/31/09
King: THE GODFATHER[/size][/b]

[size=4]AUTUMN FALLOUT PPV 9/12/09 [/size]

[b]Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Kurt Angle [/b]
*Rowdy limps his way down to ringside from the injury sustained at SNME, the crowd goes wild. Kurt Angle comes down to a hail of boos. At the ring of the bell, this match was brutal, both wrestlers tearing into each other with fists, chops, and quick mat moves. Kurt Angle catches Rowdy sleeping and starts to gain momentum, working entirely on the injured ankle. Kurt clotheslines Rowdy out of the ring and sauces him against the steel steps. Rowdy never recovers and Kurt wins via figure 4 leg lock. After the match, Kurt grabs Rowdy’s kilt and chokes him out with it.

[b]Raven vs. Eddie Guerrero (no DQ Hardcore rules)[/b]
*Raven and Eddie had a past in HCW (HardCore Wrestling) so to the true fans, this was a treat. Raven came down first to mix of boos and cheers, followed by Eddie “Latino Heat” Guerrero. Eddie had the crowd going nuts. Both wrestlers fired right out of the gate, not needing any time to get acquainted. It didn’t take long for Raven to introduce the steel, bringing in a chair. SLAM! There it goes off Eddie’s head, splitting him wide open! Only two matches into Autumn Fallout, and the ring mat is already covered! The two fought back and forth and Raven pulled Eddie out of the ring by his ankles. Next thing you now, Eddie is thrown into the steel steps. Raven picks them up and slides them into the ring. He cracks Eddie over the head with the stairs, and hits his “Evenflow DDT to secure the 1….2…..3!!

[b]The Headshrinkers vs Demolition [/b]
*The Samoan rookie sensations make their way down to a hail of cheers. Demolition, back from a stint in Japan gets the crowd to their feet. Samu opens the match vs Smash, and cleans house! Smash FINALLY gets the tag, and Samu kicks the snot out of AX! Double teams from both sides, but in the end, Fatu and Samu prove too fresh for the possibly jet-lagged Demolition and secure the 1…2...3… with not one, but two flying clotheslines! This young team has a bright future if they can keep winning!

[b]Undertaker (back from injury) vs Diesel [/b]
*The lights in the arena go black, and a church bell sounds. It can be no other than the phenom, THE UNDERTAKER! The crowd goes crazy. Diesel makes his way down to a hail of boos. This is going to be a clash of the big men of the LWF. Taker starts off with a bodyslam followed by two HUGE boots off the ropes. Diesel takes a beating, but manages to hit a face buster throwing Taker off a bit. Bearer raises the urn and powers up the Taker, and it was pretty much over after that. Another huge boot off the ropes, a two handed face buster, and a chokeslam make quick work of Diesel for the 1…2….3...

[b]Bulldog vs Bret for shot at title later tonight[/b]
*This is what it’s all about folks, the match you’ve been waiting for is here. I just don’t know how the winner is going to fare against Ric Flair later on tonight. Bret’s music electrifies this already raucous crowd. He struts down the aisle on a mission to get his title back. He hands off his sunglasses to some deserving young fan at ringside. Bulldog comes out to his usual boos, sneering at the crowd and slapping people’s hands away from him. Bulldog starts off with a running clothesline, now they exchange punches. Bulldog hits a dropkick. Nice set of reversals get both wrestlers back on their feet. Bulldog gets a 2 count jumping on a surprised Bret. Bret hits a HUGE backdrop! Bulldog’s arm bar gets reversed by Hitman, only to get reversed back by Bulldog. Brett gets a 2 count on a rollup, and hits a drop kick, another 2 count for Hitman! European uppercut by Bret, he reverses an irish whip with a tackle of punches. Back breaker, elbow to head, can’t finish Bulldog off. Both men reversing holds, a true match! Bret hits a suplex, side slam, elbow, and AGAIN misses the Sharpshooter, but pins Bulldog for the 1….2…..3!! Bret to face Flair tonight!

[b]Sid© vs Sabu for IC belt[/b]
*The fast rising Sabu makes his way to the ring all business. Sid marches down the ramp to boos. Sid hits a running knee strike, and starts doling out the punishment. Samu throws out a fury of attacks. Sid fends them off, stepping on Sabu twice. Sabu hits a HUGE pile driver followed by a back kick, and then a reverse pile driver. Sid is split wide open. Fireman’s carry into headlock by Sabu, but Sid powers out. Sabu hits a diving splash from outside the ring followed by a moonsault from the middle rope onto a lying Sid! Irish whip to arm drag sends Sid reeling. Sid reverses an irish whip only to have Sabu hit him with a bulldog. Sabu hits a facebuster, and goes for the camel clutch…..OH MY GOD! Sid taps out! Sid taps out! NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! Sabu takes the belt at Sid rolls out of the ring. It seems Sid cannot hold onto a title to save his life!

[i]All of a sudden the arena goes black, and the top ropes are on fire!!! The evil laugh we heard a couple months ago at Night of Champions II is heard again. Sabu looks terrified. A vision appears on the screen….who is this??? OH MY GOD! More like WHAT is this?? Hanging on a barbed wire fence is the bloodied body of Mankind. He is still breathing, but he looks horrifying! A heavily scarred face enters the frame and begins to speak.
Darkness (Orig. CAW): Sabu, you have run long enough, it is time to pay the piper. Who was there at the start of your career? Who showed you the ropes and how to be a true hardcore wrestler?? Who introduced you to the joys of a Hell in the Cell way before the LWF “created” it? ME! That’s who! Now, your friend Mankind here didn’t fare so well when I pulled him out of that cell at Night of Champions II. Seeing as how he beat you that night, I am wondering how well you think you will fare?? Come Halloween Hell, I think the LWF will truly find out who the REAL hardcore wrestler is….hahahahahahaha[/i]

[i] *Sabu rolls under the burning top rope and runs up the ramp, the ring crew runs down, dousing the fire and changes out the top rope. [/i]

[b]The Godfather© vs. Booker T for crown[/b]
*King Godfather makes his usual pimp walk down the aisle to a cheering crowd. Booker T’s fire explodes and the fans go bananas. Booker T is fired up and looking to get the crown back. Here we go! Booker hits a shoulder block off the ropes to open the match. He somehow manages to get Godfather in the corner for a top rope suplex! Punches exchange, and Godfather reverses a hold. Drop kick by Booker, then a diving punch. Booker misses an elbow and gets trapped, but reversed the hold. Big clubbing blow by Godfather. Godfather clotheslines Booker to the outside, grabbing a steel chair! HUGE spinebuster then gut punch by Godfather. Booker turns it around with a Russian leg sweep. Multiple knee strikes by Booker, and now he applies a leg lock that gets Godfather to tap out!!! What a shocker! We have a NEW King!!!

[b]Dusty Rhodes© vs. Chris Benoit for belt[/b]
*Dusty makes his way down the aisle, belt draped over his shoulder. Benoit enters, serious as can be. The match begins with a flurry of exchanges, each wrestler feeling the other out. Benoit seems to have the upper hand so far, being lighter and more agile than Dusty. Dusty breaks out the bionic elbow, and throws Benoit in figure 4. Benoit survives and hits a dropkick, putting a leg lock of his own on. Dusty makes it out, but is forced to the corner and Benoit hits the Superplex!!! Benoit is really taking over. He hits a side suplex. Dusty breaks out his “rolling fists” head punch, but doesn’t get much on it. Big atomic drop by Dusty and he gets a 2 count. ANOTHER atomic drop and now Dusty goes to work on the knee. He clotheslines Benoit out of the ring, smashing his face on ringside. HUGE bionic elbow and Irish whip into hip toss. Dusty jumps on Benoit for the 1….2…..3... And STILL M$ Champion, Dusty Rhodes!

“NO CHANCE, NO CHANCE IN HELL” blares over the house speakers as Vince makes his way to the top of the ramp. He struts out with a microphone.

[b]VINCE[/b]: You must all be wondering about the phone call I received at the end of Saturday Night’s Main Event. It was a phone call from the owner of the LWF in regards to the Goldberg (crowd cheers) vs NWO (boos) match that night. Goldberg was the loser of the match, which in turn meant he was out of the LWF for good (more boos). Now, now, it seems the owner had a change of heart (cheers). You see, the ownership had signed a temporary contract with Goldberg which unbeknownst to me is a guaranteed contract for a full 30 days (more cheers). So that brings us around to Halloween Hell. At that time Goldberg will be tested in a 10 man battle royal match for his contract. If he can make it through 10 LWF wrestlers, he will have a secured contract with LWF (cheers). If he fails, he is truly out for good (boos). I will promise you one thing; I will make it my mission to make sure Goldberg never sets foot in the LWF after Halloween Hell by hand selecting the wrestlers for the match. I will reveal that list on this week’s SNME. Thank you, and good night.
Vince walks out of the arena as Fink calls the next match[/i]

[b]Ric Flair© vs Bret (submission match)[/b]
According to Jim Ross, this match is going to be a slobber knocker. Bret’s music blares through the arena and the crowd jumps to their feet going crazy. Ric Flair comes down to a cheering, but not crazy crowd. The bell rings and we are off. The two veterans face off, and shake hands, two true wrestlers of the ring. They each exchange blows and pull of reversals putting on a true wrestling show for the fans. Things start to heat up, and Bret seemingly begins to gain the edge. Flair does his best to keep up, but you can tell he’s not used to singles combat, and seems to lose his steam. Bret pulls off a beautiful suplex followed up by a HUGE drop kick. Bret secures and arm lock, and to the shock of the crowd, Ric taps out!!! Bret becomes champion just one short month after losing it. Ric flair gets up grabbing his shoulder, and makes it over to Bret. He shakes his hand, and asks for a microphone.

[b]RIC[/b]: Well, I thought maybe I could hang in the singles category here in the LWF, but it appears that this goat is getting to old to go toe-to-toe in a full match without being able to tag in a fresh partner. I have been a life-long Tag Team wrestler, and perhaps that’s where I should return. I’d like to thank Vince for the chance to wrestle for the title, and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to become your Champion, even for only a month.
[i]*The crowd cheers and Ric makes his way up the ramp, slapping hands.

[b]Road Warriors© vs NWO for the belts[/b]
*The NWO make their way down, dodging plastic cups and wads of paper being thrown by the fans. None-the-less they are smug and confident. Road Warriors music hits and the crowd goes crazy. The bell rings and Hollywood gets Animal in a headlock and BPP jumps in the ring. Animal finally powers out only to be caught again. The NWO obviously have no intentions of playing by the rules. Hollywood is really taking Animal to school. He gets Animal up for the flying clothesline, but only gets a 1 count. Double team again by the NWO. AGAIN Hollywood goes for the illegal hold, and BPP slaps Animal across the face! Big body slam by Hollywood. Irish whip into sleeper hold, but Animal makes his way out hitting succession of punches and kicks. He tags Hawk in and Hollywood slams Hawk and goes for the pin, but it gets broken up by Animal. Hawk now is in control of the match. Hollywood tags in BPP who goes to town on Hawk. BPP gets a side suplex, and lifts up Hawk for the flying clothesline. BPP gets a 2 count. Another double team on Hawk. Hawk grabs up BPP and Animal comes in, hitting him with a headbut. BPP tags in Hollywood again. Hawk gets a roll up and 2 count on Hollywood. Hollywood gouges his eyes and hits a suplex. He gets the 3 count as Animal is unable to break up the count! 1…2….3….and NEW Tag Team Champions!!! BPP grabs a rope from under the ring and wraps it around Hawk’s neck, hanging him over the side of the ring. Hollywood holds Animal back with a steel chair. Hawk is flailing his legs trying to get a footing to no avail, his face is turning purple!
*[i]Goldberg runs down the ramp and storms the ring, heading in Big Poppa Pump’s direction. BPP drops the rope, and runs to a far corner. Goldberg starts to run over to BPP, but gets stopped short by a chair shot to the head by Hollywood! BPP grabs the rope and continues to choke Hawk. Down come the Headshrinkers. They dive into the ring and the NWO clears out. Hollywood and BPP run through the crowd, belts in their hands.
I can’t believe the PPV folks! What an evening, what a turn of events! Be sure to tune into SNME and hopefully some answers! [/i]

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[size=4][font="Arial Black"]The l.w.f
Current Champs 9/21/09
Tag: N.W.O
King: BOOKER T[/font][/size]

[b]SNME 9/26/09[/b]

[i] *The night opens up with the Road Warriors music firing up the capacity crowd. Animal and Hawk make their way to the ring. [/i]

[b]Animal[/b]: First of all, we would like to thank the fans for their support, and we also want to let them know that we don’t plan on being without the belts for long! (Crowd goes nuts) Sadly, the hanging put on Hawk from BPP has left him with damaged vocal chords, so I will speak for the two of us. Vince, if you are in the building, we DEMAND a re-match TONIGHT on SNME!!

[i]*crowd goes nuts again, only to be cut off by Vince’s music[/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: Now Animal, I am sure you noticed by now, but I run things around here, and I don’t take lightly demands made of me by my wrestlers (booos) However, I also can’t stand those NWO jackals (cheers). I feel that I am a fair man, but there are other tag teams throughout the LWF that are in line for a title shot. I will allow you to take on the NWO tonight (cheers) HOWEVER; it will NOT be for the titles (boooos)

[b]Animal[/b]: That’s BULL-CRAP Vince! We were just the champions, and now you are telling us there are other tag teams worthy of a title shot?? How about a compromise? If we win tonight, we get a title shot at Halloween Hell!

[i]*Vince scratches his chin[/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: All right guys, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. You take on the NWO tonight, and if you win, you will face the number 1 contenders; The Headshrinkers at Halloween Hell (boooos). Now now, let me finish. The winners of that match will take on the NWO that same night for the titles in a Tag Team Elimination match (mix of boos and cheers). Speaking of matches, you better get ready, because your match is coming up next!

[i]*Vince’s music fires up and they go to commercial[/i].

[b][u]The Road Warriors vs NWO© (non-title)[/u][/b]
What a way to start off the night! Animal and Hawk donned their newer “cutting edge” costumes to take on the NWO. In a see-saw battle, BOTH teams participated in illegal double team moves most of the match. Highlights were two close 2 counts by the Road Warriors, and a giant two man face buster by the NWO. This match went on over 10 minutes of “real” time, and was very entertaining to say the least. In the end however, The Road Warriors were disqualified when Hawk grabbed a steel chair off of BPP and used it on him instead! They lost the match! What will this mean for their chances at Halloween Hell?

[b][u]Headshrinkers vs. Mega Bucks (special one night only)[/u][/b]
In a “one night only” reunion, Million Dollar man teams up with a retired Andre the Giant to form the Mega Bucks once more! The Headshrinkers come down to cheers, as this new rookie tag team sensation is gaining ground. The Mega Bucks also came down to a few cheers with a few boos mixed in. Bell rings and we are off! Sabu and Fatu do a great job of keeping Andre on the apron while putting a beating on Million Dollar Man. After a few double team moves, Fatu goes for the pin, but Andre breaks up the count. FINALLY M$M tags in Andre who gains momentum for the Mega Bucks, but only for a short while. The younger Headshrinkers do their best to get Andre off his feet with success. Andre tags M$ who takes a flying clothesline off the top rope for the 1…2…3. The Headshrinkers are undefeated so far in tag team matches.

[u][b]Chris Benoit vs Sabu© (Title match)[/b][/u]
Sabu makes his way down the ramp amidst cheers from the crowd. He marches straight on with a purpose. Chris Benoit makes his usual entrance, also getting cheers. Bell rings and these two young lions go at it tooth and nail. Benoit is sauced early after Sabu hits a face buster on the outside arena floor. Benoit never truly recovers and after a few high flying aerial moves, the lights go black. When they come back on, Darkness is standing in the ring with a metal pipe. Benoit grabs Sabu from behind, locking his arms as Darkness approaches. He swings the pipe, and Sabu ducks just in time. Benoit takes the brunt, splitting him wide open. Sabu hits Darkness with a dropkick before hitting him with a moonsault off the middle rope. He then rolls out of the ring, making his way up the ramp. Benoit wins via disqualification, and Darkness goes crazy in the ring, slamming the metal pole off the ropes. He then grabs Benoit, apparently blaming him for the miss-cue, and Powerbombs so hard you’d think he fall through the ring!

[u][b]Dusty Rhodes© vs. Sting for the M$ title (submission match)[/b][/u]
Sting makes his first appearance back since wrestling over in Japan, and comes down the ramp to a huge reception. Dusty struts his way down after with the same fanfare. Great match, back and forth, each wrestler had chances to apply their finisher. Sting missed his Scorpion death lock, and Dusty also missed his bionic elbow. Sting seemed a bit sluggish, and Dusty finally gets Sting in a figure four leg lock to secure the submission and retain the title (longest M$ title holder)

[i]*back from commercial and Vince is standing in the ring with an easel covered up with a red cloth. [/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: Gee, I’m getting a lot of work done tonight. Goldberg, I promised you I would announce your opponents in the 10 man battle royal at Halloween Hell, and here I am. Without any further ado, here is the list.

[i]*Vince whips off the cloth to reveal the list:[/i]

Eddie Guerrero
Macho Man

[b]Vince[/b]: Now you will notice there are only 8 names on the board, with you being the 9th. It seems we are short an opponent!

[i]*Vince then peels away some white tape to reveal his own name! What?? VINCE is going to enter the Battle Royal??? Vince smiles from ear-to-ear. The camera shows Goldberg backstage watching on the monitor which he promptly slams to the floor. [/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: That's right Goldberg, I said I was PERSONALLY going to be sure you wouldn't get a contract, and I am going to make it my mission to take you out of the match myself!
*"No chance, no chance in hell"[/i]
Diesel vs. Goldberg no DQ match[/b][/u]
Goldberg’s music kicks in and the crowd jumps to their feet. He makes his way through the fireworks and stomps to the ring. Diesel follows after making his usual saunter to the ring, taking his time. Goldberg explodes at the ring of the bell, taking Diesel to school. He clotheslines him out of the ring, slamming his head onto the metal steps. Goldberg then proceeds to grab the stairs and use them in the ring! He hits Diesel square in the forehead, knocking him out. To add insult to injury, Goldberg puts Diesel in a jack knife Powerbomb for the 1….2….3.

[i]*Goldberg’s music plays as he plays to the crowd, Diesel still knocked out in the ring. Goldberg’s music stops and Vince’s music takes over. Goldberg stops, and looks toward the ramp as Vince is storming down, his face beet red. He climbs into the ring and stands over Diesel, slapping him in the face! Diesel slowly comes to, pulling himself up on the ropes. Goldberg makes his exit.[/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: Diesel, you have let me down for the last time. When you asked….no BEGGED me to let you into the LWF, you promised me you would be a force to be reckoned with. Since your introduction, you have won TWO singles matches out of 5. You are a disgrace to your size and skill, and don’t belong in the LWF. Diesel, YOU ARE FI……

[i]*Razor Ramon’s music cuts McMahon off and Razor appears at the top of the ramp in street clothes. [/i]

[b]Razor[/b]: Hey YO! Vince!

[i]*Vince looks up the ramp at Razor in disgust.[/i]
Razor[/b]: Why don’t you give the guy a chance?

[b]Vince:[/b] I HAVE given him plenty of chances, and who are you to interfere in my affairs??

[b]Razor[/b]: You see Chico, Diesel is my amigo, and would like to see him stay in the LWF. I am willing to put my singles status on the line and team up with Diesel in a tag team (crowd cheers)

[b]Vince[/b]: Well, isn’t that a nice gesture? Too bad I am the one who calls the shots around here

[i]*We hear a phone ring in Vince’s pocket, and he pulls out his cell[/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: Vince here. Yes sir. I understand sir, but you have to let me……no, no, that won’t be necessary. I see. Well, I think that’s a great idea sir.

[i]*Vince flips off the phone, and looks between Diesel and Razor[/i]

[b]Vince:[/b] Well, it seems that the owner likes the idea of you two as a tag team (crowd cheers) Of course; good things don’t come easy around these parts. At Halloween Hell, you two will be put to the ultimate tag team test. You will be facing one of the greatest Tag Teams of all time. AX and SMASH, DEMOLITION!!(The crowd boos Vince’s obvious attempt to make them lose)

*[i]Razor shakes his head, but you can see he agrees[/i]

[b]Razor[/b]: OK chico, no problema. Diesel and I will wipe the mat with those old timers.

[b]Vince[/b]: Oh, you better, because if you don’t, you are both FIRED!!!!

[i]*Vince’s music cues up and he walks by Diesel, giving him one last dirty look. [/i]

[u][b]Eddie Guerrero vs Raven in a return hardcore match[/b][/u]
This match was a true “Slobber Knocker” according to Jim Ross. Right from the bell these two animals went at each other. At one point, Eddie reversed a hold on top of the announcer table, sending Raven over his head in a back body drop to the mat! Eddie made great use of the ring bell, splitting Raven open. Raven got even when he introduced the stairs into the ring, taking Eddie out the hard way. Raven then secured his “Evenflow” DDT for the 1…..2…..3. That makes Raven 2-0 against Eddie in Hardcore matches.

[b]Bret Hart on Piper’s Pit[/b]
*We hear Piper’s music blare over the house speakers, and that could only mean one thing; it was time for Piper’s Pit!! Roddy comes onto the set in his usual “Hot Rod” shirt and kilt. He also had a cane to help him walk. [/i]

[b]Roddy[/b]: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to bring to the pit, the LWF Champion. Bret, “the Hitman” Hart!

[i] *Bret’s music fires up, and the crowd jumps to their feet. He walks through the curtain, belt draped over his shoulder, dressed in street clothes. He takes a seat opposite Roddy, and removes his shades. [/i]

[b]Roddy[/b]: Welcome to the Pit Bret! For anyone living under a rock, you are once again the LWF Champion! You regained the title at last week’s Autumn Fallout with two wins. One over Bulldog (boos) and then that same night over Ric Flair (cheers).

*[i]Bret nods in agreement[/i]

[b]Roddy[/b]: Well, it must be great to be champion again, but it also must be tough with pretty much the entire roster gunning for your title. You were the longest title holder of the LWF Championship (cheers), and now you are a 2 time champion! What’s next Bret? You’ve been Tag champ, and now LWF champ.

[b]Bret[/b]: Well Roddy, I’ve never heard you be so nice to a guest before. You must be a real fan. What’s next? Whatever comes next! It’s great to be the LWF Champion once again, and nobody can take that feeling away (cheers). I guess it’s time to take on all comers, but more than likely, I will be taking on whoever is the #1 contender.

[b]Roddy[/b]: Funny you mention that Bret, for I happen to know who he is…

[b]Bret[/b]: Oh really? Well then, I suppose you are going to tell me who he is??

[b]Roddy[/b]: Better than that Bret, he’s actually HERE tonight! (cheers) In fact, I am going to bring him out!!

[i] *Bulldog’s music cranks up, and the crowd goes into a full on BOOOOO! Bulldog steps out from behind the curtain, a rolled up piece of paper in his huge hand. Roddy stands up to greet him.[/i]

[b]Roddy[/b]: Say Davey, whatcha got in your hand there??

[b]Bulldog[/b]: Well Roddy, glad you asked, this here is a contract, signed by Vince and the owner of the LWF for a match against Bret here at Halloween Hell.

[b]Roddy[/b]: May I see it??

[i]*Bulldog hands over the contract, and Roddy looks it over. His eyes light up.[/i]

[b]Roddy[/b]: How fitting, the match is to take place at Halloween Hell, and just so happens to be a HELL IN THE CELL match!!

[i]*Bret jumps up, grabbing the contract, reading it over. He grabs a pen off the end table, and signs his name. He then turns to Bulldog…[/i]

[b]Bret[/b]: This is your last chance big boy; better make it a good one!

[b]Bulldog[/b]: Oh, don’t be worrying about that, I plan to!

[i]*Just as Bulldog finishes his sentence, he winds up and wallops Bret across the face, sending him through the coffee table. Roddy steps back with his hands up, his back to the curtain, when Kurt Angle jumps him from behind, beating him with his cane!! Bulldog is pummeling Bret, and Kurt is pummeling Piper! Officials come running in a break the four men up. Kurt drops a piece of paper on Piper’s chest. The camera zooms in and sees a contract for a 20 min Iron Man match at Halloween Hell!!! [/i]

[i] * Camera switches to Vince’s office, showing him watching the melee on the monitor. A knock is heard at his door. [/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: Come in!

[i]*In step Animal and Hawk, obviously dejected at the outcome of their match. [/i]

[b]Animal[/b]: Vince, I know I used an illegal chair in the match, but I never would have if Big Poppa Pump wouldn’t have brought it in to hit me.
Vince[/b]: Well, I can’t change the outcome of the match. You had a choice there Animal, and you made the wrong one. I’m sorry, but you two are out of Halloween Hell, and The Headshrinkers will be getting the title shot that night.

[i]*Vince’s desk phone rings, and he disgustingly picks up the receiver.[/i]
Vince[/b]: Vince here. Oh, it’s you sir. Well yes they lost, but….I know sir, but rules are rules. I see. Well I don’t really see how that is fair to anyone else who has…..right, I know you are the boss…….ok, I will tell them.

[i]*Vince slams down the phone[/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: I’d love to see the pictures you must have of the owner, because he has granted your match with the Headshrinkers at Halloween Hell. (cheers) HOWEVER! Only one of you can compete against them….HANDICAP style!!!(boos) You will need to decide between you who will take on the Headshrinkers before Halloween Hell. You make it past them, and you both will have your re-match.

[i]*Vince sits back, his hands behind his head and smiles as Animal and Hawk storm out of his office. Camera goes black, and LWF logo flashes on the screen. [/i]


Bret vs. Bulldog for the LWF championship in a Hell in a Cell match!
Sabu vs Darkness for the IC Championship in a no DQ match!
Dusty Rhodes vs Sting for the M$ belt!
The Headshrinkers vs Animal or Hawk for a chance at the tag belts!
NWO vs Headshrinkers or Road Warriors for the Tag titles!
King Booker vs Lex Luger w/Bobby Heenan for the crown!
The new tag team of Razor and Diesel vs Demolition for Razor’s and Diesels tag career!
Goldberg takes vs Sid, Eddie Guerrero, Mankind, RVD, Raven, Macho Man, Undertaker, HBK, AND Vince McMahon for a contract!!
Roddy Piper vs Kurt Angle in 20 min Iron man match!


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[size=4][b]HALLOWEEN HELL [/b][/size]

[u][b]Roddy Piper vs Kurt Angle in 10 min Iron man match[/b][/u]

In what is gearing up to be an epic rivalry, this match was just that…epic. Kurt came out first to the loudest boos ever heard in an LWF arena, a stark contrast to the HUGE cheers Roddy received. Kurt pulled off a bunch of wrestling holds and suplexes, with Roddy throwing knuckles in his old school fighting style. Kurt secures the first pin with a bridge suplex about 4 minutes into the match. He follows up with the second pinfall 2 minutes later via sit down pile driver busting Roddy open. Roddy gains some ground with a couple hard clotheslines and a fierce elbow to the forehead splitting Kurt open. He gains his first pinfall with 2:30 left in the match. Kurt ends up getting the last pinfall with: 40 left via a leg lock submission to win the match 3-1.

*[i]After the match, Kurt grabs the mic
[b]KURT[/b]: I am done with you Roddy, onto bigger and better things. I think I have proven I can kick your ass any day of the week.

[i]*He throws the mic at Roddy’s head as he lies on the mat and storms out.[/i]

[u][b]The Headshrinkers vs Animal or Hawk for a chance at the tag belts[/b][/u]

*[i]Backstage camera shows Animal talking to Hawk (who still can’t talk) and Hawk points to himself. Animal tries to stop him, but Hawk makes his way down the ramp. [/i]

The Headshrinkers come down to cheers. The match goes back and forth for a while, the younger tag team working efficiently, with timely tags. Hawk holds his own however, and turns the tide halfway through the match. He hits a flying clothesline off the ropes, but Samu breaks up the pinfall at the two count. Hawk knocks Samu off the apron then throws Fatu into the ropes again. This time, he nails a HUGE dropkick and gets the 1…..2…..3… for the victory!! The Road Warriors will get their title shot!

[u][b]The new tag team of Razor and Diesel vs Demolition for Razor’s and Diesels tag career[/b][/u]

Diesel and Razor come down to a fair amount of cheers. Demolition follows with a roaring crowd. This match starts out on fire! Razor and Diesel show what kind of tag team they plan on being by using multiple illegal two man moves, including a running clothesline off the ropes. The tide turns when Diesel and Smash end up on the arena floor and Smash pile drives Diesel right through the announce table! Diesel barely makes it in on the 7 count. Numerous 2 falls by Razor until finally he sauces Ax with a knee lift, and they finish Ax off with a giant scoop slam for the 1….2…..3! Razor and Diesel win their first match, AND keep their careers!

[u][b]Dusty Rhodes vs Sting for the M$ belt[/b][/u]

We start of the match trading punches, Sting getting the first hold which turns into a knee lift in the corner, followed by a leg wrench. Dusty counters with his “fancy punches” and now he’s in control. Dusty hits a suplex and goes for the pin.1…2. Two count only. Sting comes around and hits a suplex of his own, now he goes to work on the arm. Trading punches again. Sting struts his stuff to the crowd, losing focus, and Dusty takes a chance to throw a few punches, putting Sting on Queer Street. Sting is KNOCKED OUT! Dusty falls on top for the 1….2…..3!!!! STILL M$ Champion!! Who will take the belt from him??

[u][b]Sabu vs Darkness for the IC Championship in a no DQ match[/b][/u]

The match starts out with a flurry of punches and kicks, each wrestler getting their licks in. Sabu hits the first huge move, a sit down suplex followed by a moonsault off the top rope! Sabu takes him to the other corner, but this time Darkness powers out. Sabu hits a 619 followed by a slingshot for a 2 count! Sabu now hits a gut wrench suplex followed by a kick to the face, saucing Darkness. Hunacunrana by Sabu! He is totally in control of this match, but can’t seem to secure a pin. All of a sudden, Chris Benoit runs down the ramp, hitting Sabu with a set of brass knuckles, sending him loopy. Darkness gets Sabu in a bodyslam followed by a huge backdrop! Darkness now locks on a full nelson and the match is turning in his favor. Darkness starts taking Sabu apart! He catches him off the rope with a GIGANTIC boot to the face to secure the pin 1...2…3 and NEW IC Champion!!!

*[i]After the match, Darkness holds the belt up in the air, and asks for a mic[/i].

[b]DARKNESS[/b]: I didn’t come here to win titles; I came to show the LWF what a true hardcore wrestler is. I don’t need a leather strap with metal on it to prove anything. I hereby relinquish this title.

*[i]Darkness throws the belt to the floor and walks up the ramp. [/i]

[u][b]King Booker vs Lex Luger w/Bobby Heenan for the crown[/b][/u]

This was one of the greatest matches as of late in the LWF. Lex and Booker size up nicely. The match begins in a huge way by Booker T somehow getting Lex up in a Superplex off the top rope! They battle toe to toe each pulling off impressive moves and close two counts. In the end, Lex gets the victory via a HUGE powerslam off the ropes to become the NEW KING!

[i]*Booker T picks up a mic obviously frustrated that he can’t seem to hold onto the crown. Bobby Heenan sneaks up behind him and hits him with the crown, sending blood everywhere and knocking him out! Lex then puts him in the torture rack until security storms the ring. [/i]

[u][b]NWO vs Road Warriors for the Tag titles (elimination)[/b][/u]

Animal and Hollywood start off the match with Animal being the early aggressor. BPP comes in to no avail as Animal knocks him back out of the ring to the floor. Hollywood seizes the moment and catches Animal off guard, pulling off a few moves. He tags in BPP who goes toe to toe with Animal, each hitting moves. Animal tags in Hawk and Hollywood grabs him from the apron, allowing BPP to hit him with a huge elbow. Hawk shrugs it off and goes to work on BPP. Test of strength and BPP goes for the pinfall only to get a 1 count. He tags in Hollywood. Hawk tags Animal who gets clotheslined by Hollywood. Animal recovers and hits the tag team top rope clothesline to secure the 1…2….3!! Hollywood is eliminated! BPP comes in and hits a HUGE spear on Hawk, but Hawk again shrugs it off. Hawk hits a couple forearm shivers and BPP misses another spear. HUGE back body drop by BPP on Hawk. BPP hits a face buster after an elbow and Hawk seems to be in trouble. Hawk turns it around with a flying shoulder block. Hawk tags in Animal. Animal hits a suplex out of the test of strength for a 2 count. Hawk guillotine’s BPP from the apron, now Hawk and Animal are double teaming BPP. Animal gets him up in a military press. Hawk now tags in and gets hit with a gut wrench suplex! Hawk reverses a hold and they put BPP up for the flying clothesline. Hawk jumps on him for the 1….2…..3….and NEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!! They did it!!

[u][b]Bret vs. Bulldog for the LWF championship in a Hell in a Cell match[/b][/u]

Bulldog makes his way down to the cell under a hail of boos. Bret’s music cues up and the roof comes off the place!! He stares down Bulldog all the way to the ring. “That’s what it’s all about” adds The King. Bret and Bulldog start on top of the cage. Bret makes his way up and the two beasts trade punches with Bret landing a dropkick. It’s an old fashioned brew-ha-ha. Arm wrench by Bret that Bulldog powers out of. Now Bret goes to work on the legs. OH MY GOD! Bret throws Bulldog off the cell! Bret hops down hitting a big elbow. Atomic drop and Bret is really going to town! Bulldog pulls off a backslide for a 1 count. BRET SUPLEXES BULLDOG THROUGH THE CAGE WALL!! Both wrestlers are in the ring with Jim Ross calling it a bar fight rather than a wrestling match. Bret gets a back drop off the ropes, and goes for the Sharpshooter! He’s locked it in….BULLDOG TAPS! BULLDOG TAPS!! This was Bulldogs last chance, and he blew it!! And STILL LWF CHAMPION…BRET HART!
Goldberg takes vs Sid, Eddie Guerrero, Mankind, RVD, Raven, Macho Man, Undertaker, HBK, AND Vince McMahon for a contract.[/b][/u]

HERE WE GO! Goldberg “somehow” gets #1 followed by RVD, Macho, and Undertaker. Macho sends RVD to the floor, and in comes Raven. Goldberg and Taker take out Macho, and HBK comes in. Vince comes in the middle of the pile; you would have thought he’d be last?? Goldberg goes right after McMahon. Mankind comes running down next. Goldberg and Taker take care of HBK. Eddie Guerrero is next in line, that means only Sid is left to join the party. TAKER TAKES OUT McMahon! Goldberg takes out Mankind. Here comes SID! Taker makes short work of Sid, and we are now down to Goldberg, Guerrero and Taker! Goldberg and Taker make short work of Guerrero. Goldberg hits Taker with three big boots and sends him flying over the top rope! GOLDBERG WINS! GOLDBERG WINS!

*[i]After the match, Hollywood and BPP storm the ring doing a number on Goldberg. Vince is standing outside the ring with a big Cheshire grin on his face. The Headshrinkers come running down to help Goldberg. They hit the ring and start to take out Hollywood and BPP. Fatu has Hollywood locked in a full nelson, and is urging Goldberg to nail him. Goldberg rises up his boot, and kicks Fatu right in the face!!!!! What is this??? Hollywood falls to the mat laughing his ass off as Goldberg DEMOLISHES The Headshrinkers!! Vince’s mouth is wide open! BPP rolls out of the ring, and pulls a t-shirt from under the apron. He hands the shirt to Goldberg, who quickly puts it on…..we see on the Legendtron the three dreaded letters across his chest…N.W.O!!! [b]GOLDBERG HAS TURNED!!!![/b][/i]

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WOW, ur much more dedicated than me when it comes to typing everything out on the forums. Nice stories though. Are you looking forward to Smackdown VS Raw 2010 with the Create A Story feature?

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[quote name='NotoriousNick' post='6708790' date='Oct 5 2009, 11:11 PM']WOW, ur much more dedicated than me when it comes to typing everything out on the forums. Nice stories though. Are you looking forward to Smackdown VS Raw 2010 with the Create A Story feature?[/quote]

Nah, I've never been into Smackdown Vs Raw. I mainly write my stuff up at work, and I can't accomplish that with the game...lol

I wanted to post some pictures of my Original CAW: Darkness. I have made him in every wrestling game that had a CAW feature(to some extent)


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[u][b][size=4]SATURDAY NIGHT’S MAIN EVENT 10/17/09[/size][/b][/u]

[size=4][b][color="#FF0000"]MATCHES IN RED WERE SIMULATED BY COMPUTER[/color][/b][/size]

[b]Goldberg interviewed on Piper’s Pit [/b]

*[i]The segment starts out with Roddy coming through the curtain to his music and addressing the crowd[/i].

[b]Roddy[/b]: My guest tonight has made a lot of enemies as of late, but I think it’s just great that he is now showing his true colors….black….and….white(booos) Now, now, fans, don’t hate on the man. He’s chosen his path; now let’s see how much he enjoys his decision. I present, the monster….GOLDBERG!

[i]*Instead of Goldberg’s music, the NWO music cues up and he comes strutting out in an NWO t-shirt and sunglasses. He takes a seat opposite Roddy who has already sat down, refusing to shake his hand. [/i]

[b]Roddy[/b]: Well, well, Goldberg, you’ve gone and done it. What possessed you to join the ranks of the NWO?

[b]Goldberg[/b]: First of all, the fans (booos). They turned on me in my last days of employment here at the LWF. Sure, they cheered when I came back, but I never forgot the send off they gave me. The blogs, the message boards all tore me to bits, when all I ever did was GIVE, GIVE, and GIVE

*[i]Roddy shakes his head in agreement.[/i]

[b]Roddy[/b]: But to join the NWO?? You couldn’t have just tried to win them over by maybe going AFTER the NWO?

[b]Goldberg:[/b] I am tired of trying to please the fans, I only have one person to please, and that is me! My new mission now is to bring the LWF championship to the NWO (boos).

[i]*at that moment, Kurt Angle’s music blares and he comes walking up to the set from off camera, looking at Goldberg.[/i]

[b]Kurt:[/b] Whoa, whoa, whoa big boy. You think you are the only one looking to get that gold from Brett’s waist? There’s a long line ahead of you, and I am included in that line.

[i]*Roddy gets up at the appearance of Kurt, ready for a fight[/i]

[b]Kurt (to Roddy)[/b]: Sit down old man; I’m not looking to hurt you again.

[i]*Roddy flips off Kurt, remaining on his feet.[/i]

[b]Goldberg:[/b] Well, it looks like I have a few people to tear through then, doesn’t it? I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. I was champion when I was asked to leave the LWF in case your history is blurred.

[i]*Goldberg pulls a piece of paper from his pocket.
[b]Goldberg:[/b] and it states right here in my NEW contract, that since I was the last LWF Champion before Brett Hart, I am the #1 contender. You can bet your ass that come Nuclear November, I will put that title shot to use.

[i]*Kurt leaps at Goldberg, fists flying without much avail. Goldberg lifts Kurt over his head and smashes him through the LWF coffee table! Roddy watches in horror and slinks back through the curtain. Goldberg stares down at Kurt, puts his sunglasses back on, and walks off the set. [/i]

[b][color="#FF0000"]Dusty Rhodes© vs Sting for M$ Title rematch[/color][/b]

Sting comes down to a hail of cheers as he plays to the crowd. Dusty’s music comes on and the crowd goes berserk! Bell rings and this match is off! The two wrestlers’ start out trading punches and Sting lands a back drop. Dusty counters with a hip toss off the ropes followed by a headlock. Sting reverses a second headlock only to get caught in a knee drop. Sting hits a high knee off the ropes. The King states Sting is taking control. HUGE backdrop by Sting, followed by a pile driver. Dusty counters with another hip toss, and Sting trips on the mat, smashing his face into the canvas!!! Dusty jumps on top for the 1…..2…..3!!! Dusty wins again! That makes 8 title matches in a row!
The Road Warriors© vs Demolition (non-title)[/b]

Demolition lights up the crowd, still one of the fan favorites, until The Road Warriors music cranks up and the crowed becomes even more electric! Ax and Animal start off the match. Ax takes firm control of the match, treating Animal like a rag doll. Ax grabs Animal in a full nelson and Smash comes in for a double team neck breaker! Smash rolls out of the ring, allowing Ax to pull of his finisher; a reverse DDT. He rolls over Animal for a two count! Animal manages to tag in Hawk. They hit Ax with a double chin kick and go to work with a ton of illegal moves. Hawk then catches Ax by surprise with a roll up for the 1….2….3…. Road Warriors win!
4 Horsemen (newly re-united) vs Razor and Diesel[/b]

Razor and Diesel make their way down to a warm reception, obviously showing that they are getting over with the crowd. Arn and Flair make their entrance to a good amount of cheers. Razor and Arn start off the match. They trade a few moves, with Razor gaining serious momentum. Razor hits a Samoan drop and tags in Diesel. Diesel takes Arn apart! Ric Flair never even makes it into the ring!!!! Diesel gets the victory with a leg lock submission! Razor and Diesel are now 2-0 in tag competition.

[b]Booker T interviewed by Mene Gene[/b]

[i] *We come back from commercial to find Mene Gene in the interview area. [/i]

[b]GENE[/b]: Welcome back fans, it’s my pleasure to present to you, Booker T!

[i]*Booker’s music cues up and he walks, solemnly, into camera frame. [/i]

[b]GENE[/b]: Well Booker, it’s no surprise you are having a tough time holding onto the crown here in the LWF. What exactly is going on??

[b]BOOKER[/b]: Well Gene, do you think if I knew, I would be having this problem? I am a 2 time King of the Ring, so I obviously have no trouble winning the title. Maybe I am losing my focus. Maybe I just don’t care anymore. I am done trying to be King around here.

[b]GENE[/b]: Well, what do you plan to do? Retire??
BOOKER[/b]: Gene, I like you, don’t get on my bad side. No I am not going to retire. I am just going to set my sights on something bigger, something better, and something shiny. Diamonds aren’t only a girl’s best friend. CAN YOU DIG THAT? SUCKA!

*[i]Gene looks into the camera with a puzzled look on his face. Booker T storms off camera
GENE: I have a feeling Dusty’s got a bull’s-eye on that title of his! Back to ringside! [/i]
[color="#FF0000"]Sabu vs Chris Benoit in Steel Cage[/color][/b]

Benoit comes down to a hail of boos after interfering in the Darkness/Sabu match. Sabu comes down on a mission and the crowd goes wild! The two powerhouses go at each other like wild animals! Sabu hits a pile driver right off the bat followed by a Springboard body drop. The king asks if it’s a hockey match. Benoit reverses a monkey flip with a body scissors. Sabu hits another pile driver followed by a series of punches. Sabu hits a drop toe hold, followed by TWO Springboard diving headbutts. Benoit reverses a hold and gets Sabu up in a SUPERPLEX!!! Benoit scrambles up the cage, only to be brought down hard by Sabu. He somehow rolls up Sabu, but obviously no pins here. Benoit sends Sabu into the cage splitting him open. Sabu goes nuts seeing the blood! Benoit manages to tame him with a series of drop kicks and heads up the cage; he’s at the top, AND OVER!! Benoit wins! Benoit wins!!

[b]N.W.O vs the Headshrinkers no DQ[/b]

The Headshrinkers come down the aisle to screaming fans, and the N.W.O follows getting trash and paper cups thrown at them. Samu and Hollywood start off the match. Samu tears into Hollywood like a dog tearing into a bone. He keeps Hollywood away from BPP, wearing him down considerably. Samu challenges Hollywood to come outside the ring and Hollywood obliges. Hollywood gets a face full of announcer table for his trouble, and a face full of blood to go with it. FINALLY Hollywood gets the tag, and Samu tags in Fatu. Fatu and BPP go at it pretty heavy, both falling over the ropes to ringside. Fatu reverses BPP’s attempt to slam his face on the ring, and rolls him back in. Samu enters and they get BPP in a double team neck drop for the 1…2…..3!!! The Headshrinkers win again!

[b][color="#FF0000"]I.C. 20 man Battle Royal to determine new IC champion[/color][/b]
Bulldog, HBK, Sid, Curt Hennig, The Godfather, The Undertaker, Mankind, Macho Man, Iron Sheik, Nikoli Volkof, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Kurt Angle, Raven, Million Dollar Man, Goldberg, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Rob Van Damn, Jim Neidhart, Rick Rude

The first four contestants[/b]: Mr. Perfect #1 Piper #2 Sid #3 Raven #4

Piper was thrown out first.

Kurt Angle drew number 27, with Goldberg drawing 28. Goldberg eliminates Kurt Angle in 40 seconds. Bulldog drew 29, with HBK drawing 30.

HBK and Bulldog double team Goldberg. They get him on the ropes when all of a sudden; Kurt Angle pulls down the top rope causing Goldberg to tumble out. He chases Kurt all the way up the ramp.
HBK eliminates Bulldog for the IC belt!!

[b][size=4][i]I was pretty bummed that HBK won the title AGAIN! I was looking forward to someone new[/i].[/size][/b]

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As always, matches in [color="#FF0000"]RED[/color] were simulated by the game.

[u][b]Saturday Night’s Main Event 10/31[/b][/u]

*[i]As the camera pans the audience in the arena, Vince’s music blasts through the house speakers. He makes his way down to ringside in his usual strut. [/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: Well, here we are, a week before the Nuclear November PPV. There are a lot of things going on in the LWF. A lot of wrestlers claiming that they are number one contenders, a lot of heat between certain wrestlers, and a lot of wrestlers thinking they can make their own matches. I am here to put a stop to it all, and to remind everyone around here who is boss (boooos) I’d like to call out Kurt Angle (more boos)

[i]*Kurt’s music cues up, and he comes down to ringside, smug as usual.[/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: Thank you for coming down Kurt, we have a few things to discuss.
[b]Kurt[/b]: No problem boss, you call, I come.
[b]Vince[/b]: That’s what I like to hear. Now, number one is you are NOT a contender for the LWF belt (cheers) You have only been in the LWF a few short months, and your greatest achievement was beating Rowdy Roddy Piper (crowd laughs). We have Dusty Rhodes who is 9-1 who SHOULD be the number 1 contender, but he’s expressed that at his age, he’s happy where he is, and wants to let the younger guys have a shot. The owner has written a contract for Goldberg (booos) that states he’s the number 1 contender. (more booos) HOWEVER! I do admire your wrestling talent, and you sure seem to know your way around the ring, so I’ll tell you what I am going to do. I am going to give you a shot at the IC belt at Nuclear November (booos)
[b]Kurt[/b]: Oh! Thank you Vince! Thank you!
[b]Vince[/b]: Now hold on Kurt, you have been here long enough to know that I just don’t hand out matches for free.(cheers) Now, your match at Nuclear November, which will be a ladder match, is yours for the taking….as long as you can make it by Dusty Rhodes here tonight on Saturday Night’s Main Event!!
[b]Kurt[/b]: Are you kidding me?? I’ll swab the mat with that old fat redneck (booos)
[b]Vince[/b]: Well Kurt, I am glad you think it will be so easy. Oh, by the way, did I mention that it will be a NO DQ MATCH???? (cheers)
[i]*Kurt’s face drops, and it’s obvious he is NOT happy about this. Vince’s music cues up, and he exists the ring, leaving Kurt to stand there in shock. Cut to commercial.

[u][b]Rick Rude w/Bobby Hennan vs Goldust [/b][/u]
*Rick Rude comes down to a hail of boos mixed with cheers from the ladies. Goldust comes down to pure boos. Looks like a matchup with no real fan favorites. What a match! Many reversals, and pin opportunities! Heenan saved Rude from being pinned by putting his foot on the bottom ropes. Later in the match, Heenan distracts Goldust and Rude takes advantage with a Russian Leg Sweep for the 1….2…..3….

[u][b]Darkness vs Chris Benoit [/b][/u]
*Darkness stalks out to the ring, the arena red with light. Fans are afraid to boo him, but some do anyway. Benoit’s music hits and the crowd jumps to their feet. He makes his way down with a determined look in his eye. Darkness controls the match from the bell ring, pulling off power move after power move. Benoit is able to get a few reversals in, relying on his technical background. Darkness goes to work on the body with multiple bear hugs and military presses. Darkness gets the first chance to pin after a MASSIVE spin kick, but only gets a one count. After a few more heated exchanges, Benoit hits Darkness with a rolling German suplex and hits a frog splash off the top rope….1……2……OH! Darkness kicks out! After that attempt, it was all Benoit, finally getting Darkness to tap out to a leg lock!

[u][b]The Headshrinkers vs NWO Elimination style[/b][/u]
*The Headshrinkers make their way down to an ecstatic crowd, and the NWO get heavy boos. Samu and Hollywood start off the match. Hollywood and Samu exchange a few holds, one being a small package that Hollywood is able to kick out of. Samu tags in Fatu. Hollywood tags BPP in. BPP is greeted with a high knee from Fatu. Fatu grabs BPP in a half nelson and Samu runs in to perform a double reverse DDT. Fatu now controls the match hitting a HUUUGE Samoan drop (according to Ross); he follows that with an airplane spin. Fatu hits a couple spin kicks, but BPP is able to reverse a takedown. Fatu grabs him up for a top rope clothesline finisher, and only gets a 2 count. Hollywood and BPP double team Fatu, but he manages to break away and hit BPP with a swinging neckbreaker for the 1….2….3….BPP eliminated! Hollywood hits a few moves on Fatu, but Fatu reverses with a running facebuster and tags in Samu. Samu hits a sit down pile driver saucing Hollywood! He pulls Hollywood up, and hits him with a face buster. He rolls Hollywood over and gets the 1…..2…..3!!!! The Headshrinkers continue their winning pace!

[u][b]Mean Gene interviews Razor and Diesel [/b][/u]
*We come back from commercial to Mean Gene
[b]GENE[/b]: Here we are folks, one week away from Nuclear November where my next guests will be wrestling Hollywood and Big Poppa Pump of the N.W.O. I present to you, the newly formed tag team of Razor Ramon and Big Daddy Cool, Diesel.
[i]*Razor’s music cues up, and both he and Diesel come into frame. Diesel stands behind Razor in his dark shades[/i]
[b]RAZOR[/b]: Hey yo Mean Gene, como estas.
[b]GENE[/b]: Uh, como good?
*Razor laughs
[b]GENE[/b]: Anyway, enough of that mumbo jumbo. You came down and confronted Vince a couple weeks ago putting your own singles career on hold to save Diesel’s job. Pretty nice gesture if you ask me.
[b]RAZOR[/b]: Well you know Gene, Diesel and I have been amigos since coming up from San Antonio Wrestling School. He’s a big, talented dude who can really make an impact in the LWF. Vince didn’t give him enough of a chance. I wasn’t doing much in singles competition, so I figured this would be a good thing.
[b]GENE[/b]: Apparently it was a smart move. Now you two are 2-0 in tag team matches, and heading to face Hollywood and Big Poppa Pump at Nuclear November. Do you think you’ll go 3-0?
[i]*Diesel steps in front of Razor, and Razor gives him the mic. [/i]
[b]DIESEL[/b]: I have no doubt that we will be 3-0 after Nuclear November. We are on a mission to get Tag Team gold, and anyone we face is just a temporary obstacle we will overcome. It’s my personal mission to not let Razor down, and to prove to that slimy rat Vince that I am worth the paycheck I cash every week.
[b]GENE[/b]: Now, I notice you have been coming down to Razor’s music. Any plans to make an actual cohesive tag team with matching gear and a new entrance theme?
[b]RAZOR[/b]: Diesel and I have discussed that. Matching gear is for teams like the Road Warriors (cheers) and Demolition (cheers). We don’t need no stinking matching gear to prove we are a team. As far as an entrance theme? Yo, Chico, it’s just music.

[i]*Razor looks into the camera[/i]

[b]RAZOR[/b]: Hollywood, Big Poppa Pump, the only music you’ll be hearing at Nuclear November is the ringing in your ears after your heads slam into the mat. Now say goodnight to the bad guys.

*[i]Razor flicks his toothpick at the camera lens, and they both walk off set[/i]

[b]GENE[/b]: Well folks, you heard it here first! Razor and Diesel are looking to go 3-0 against the powers of the N.W.O... Be sure to order Nuclear November next Sunday night on PPV. Now back to ringside!

[b]Kurt vs Dusty Rhodes© (non title) for an IC title shot no DQ[/b]
*Kurt comes down to a hail of boos (as you could imagine) followed by Dusty who dances his way down to ringside, the M$ belt draped over his shoulder, and has the fans cheering. The Bell rings, and Kurt takes off like a shot, landing punch after punch and pulling off moves like Dusty isn’t even trying. Kurt hits him with a sit down pile driver. Dusty regains his footing, but Kurt is relentless! He hits a few more moves including a DDT! Dusty’s head splits wide open! At this point, Dusty starts to flip out seeing the blood. He tears Kurt a new one until Booker T runs down to ringside and takes Dusty out with an Insiguri kick to the back of the head! Dusty is out! Kurt rolls over him for the 1….2….3…..! Angle gets his IC title shot at Nuclear November thanks to Booker T!
*Back from commercial and we find Dusty in Vince’s office holding the back of his head.[/i]
[b]DUSTY[/b]: Vince, this is an outrage! I only lost that match due to Booker T’s interference!
[b]VINCE[/b]: Well, it was a no DQ match Dusty
[b]DUSTY[/b]: I know that Vince, and I am fine with that, but I want you to grant me a match with Booker T at Nuclear November!
[i]*Vince scratches his chin[/i]
[b]VINCE:[/b] Well, Dusty, it’s not like you don’t deserve it, but I am not in the habit of allowing my talent to dictate what matches I make. However, if you care to put your M$ title on the line, I think we can work out a deal.

[b]DUSTY[/b]: No problem Vince, I am the longest reigning M$ champion, and I intend to keep it that way.

[i]*Dusty shakes Vince’s hand and walks out of the office. Vince looks at his now sweaty hand in disgust and grabs a tissue. [/i]

[u][b] [color="#FF0000"]King Lex© w/Bobby Heenan vs Eddie Guerrero non-title[/color][/b][/u]
*Latino Heat comes down to a huge ovation, strutting his stuff and playing to the crowd. King Lex comes down his usual pompous self, shooting dirty looks to the fans. Luger is the aggressor at the start of the match, but Eddie turns it around with an armbar and leg drop. Heenan climbs up on the apron, and Eddie pulls him into the ring the hard way. Eddie reverses a hold and clotheslines Lex outside the ring. Lex beats him down and grabs a chair!! He slides it, and Eddie back in the ring, but Eddie cuts him off with a back body drop. Lex exits the ring to consult with Heenan. Eddie introduces him back in with a bodyslam. Exchanging blows now, and Lex comes out with a running high knee, and goes to work on the legs of Eddie on the mat. Eddie gets back up to be greeted with a side headlock takedown which Eddie reverses into a head scissor. Lex shakes it off with a back breaker and DDT. Another high knee from Lex, and he gets the 1….2…..3!!!

[u][b]Mankind vs Undertaker w/Paul Bearer[/b][/u]
*The arena goes black and a bell tolls, out strolls the PHENOM! The Undertaker! The crowd goes nuts! Mankind makes his way to the ring after to a neutral crowd. Undertaker pretty much ran this match from the get go. Mankind only managed a few moves, one including getting distracted by Paul Bearer and sending him flying off the apron, only to turn around and be met with a choke slam followed by a tombstone! 1….2….3…Undertaker wins!

[i]*After the match, Mankind rolls out of the ring and grabs the ring bell which he precedes to slam into the face of Paul Bearer during Undertaker’s “celebration” Paul goes down like a bag of bricks, and Mankind just stands there staring at Taker, almost daring him to retaliate. Taker obliges by clotheslining Mankind out of the ring. He jumps down and then choke slams Mankind through the Spanish announce table! The camera zooms in on Mankind’s face, and he is seen with the biggest smile. He starts laughing maniacally as Taker shakes his head and walks away to help Paul back up the ramp. The camera comes back to Mankind who says "See you in the cell TAKER!!!!
Cut to commercial. [/i]

[u][b][color="#FF0000"]Goldberg and Bulldog vs Brett and Roddy Piper[/color][/b][/u]
*Here we are folks, our headlining match of the evening! This is sure to be a slobber knocker! Goldberg and Davey enter to a hail of boos and trash thrown at them. Brett and Piper follow to an electric response! Brett and Goldberg start out the match. Brett hits the first move, a dropkick and follows with a swinging neck breaker. A few punches later, and he hits Goldberg with a reverse atomic drop followed by a knee breaker. Brett is in total control. Brett lands two vicious elbows to a fallen Goldberg and goes for the pin 1…2…BROKEN UP by Bulldog. Goldberg has taken control now and throws Brett to the mat after a military press. Brett reverses a hold and hits a sleeper followed by a leg drop. He tags in Piper. Piper hits a HUUGE clothesline, and gets a 1 count broken up by Bulldog. He recovers and hits Goldberg with a suplex, tagging in Brett. Goldberg lunges and is able to tag in Bulldog. Bulldog and Brett go at each other like maniacs. Bulldog hits a dropkick followed by a headbutt. He reverses a monkey flip by Brett to a body scissors. Brett manages to tag Piper and the crowd chants his name. DDT by PIPER! Piper gets Bulldog up on his shoulders and Brett hits the flying clothesline, but the 2 count gets broken up by Goldberg! Piper is still in control. He secures an arm wringer that is reversed by Bulldog into an atomic drop, and tags in Goldberg. Piper and Goldberg go back and forth. Piper catches Goldberg in a half nelson and Brett slaps his face. Goldberg powers out and gets Piper up on his shoulders. Bulldog hits the clothesline, but they can’t capitalize. Drop toe hold by Piper reversed into an arm bar by Goldberg. The crowd chants “we want Brett” Piper tags him in and they double team Goldberg. Goldberg ends up getting Brett up in a military press, but Brett gets Goldberg into the flying clothesline finisher for the 1….2….3! Brett and Piper win

WOW! I can't wait till Nuclear November! Return bouts, every title on the line! Hell in the Cell!

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[b]Nuclear November[/b]

[u][b]Rick Rude vs Goldust in a Submission match[/b][/u]
Rick Rude enters to a cheering ladies section. Goldust receives heavy boos. This was a see-saw battle. Each competitor brought their A-game. Rude introduces a chair early and sauces Goldust with an all star swing. Goldust ends up returning the favor moments later. They really gave the fans a show! In the end, Goldust secures the victory with an armbar

[u][b]Sabu, Darkness, Benoit in triple threat match (winner gets IC title shot next PPV)[/b][/u]
Chris Benoit comes down to the ring to a hail of cheers, same with Sabu. Darkness this time receives the boos he deserves. Benoit and Sabu team up on Darkness. Their speed is no match for Darkness as they pull off move after move. Darkness finally regains some ground and starts doling out the punishment. Sabu and Benoit finally start to go to work on each other with Sabu saucing Benoit on a facebuster. Darkness breaks them up throwing each wrestler across the ring. Sabu recovers and now busts open Darkness with a facebuster. Sabu goes for the pin, broken up by Benoit. Sabu hits Darkness with a head scissors...1…..2…broken up by Benoit! Sabu is definitely running this match. Benoit hits Darkness with a HUGE dropkick, however Sabu takes Benoit out with a spin kick and grabs the 1…2….3….over Darkness!! Sabu gets another title shot!
King Lex© w/Bobby Heenan vs Eddie Guererro for the crown[/b][/u]
Latino Heat comes down to a raucous cheer, while Lex dodges wads of paper and beer cups on his arrival. Bell rings and both wrestlers get their fair share of hits in. However, in a strange turn of events, Lex wins a VERY quick decision after Guerrero gets knocked out from a running clothesline. STILL KING!

[u][b]The Headshrinkers vs The Road Warriors© for the titles[/b][/u]
Samu and Animal start off the match. Samu is the early aggressor with an off the ropes Samoan drop. Now Fatu comes in for a double team, slapping the taste out of Animal’s mouth. Animal reverses a hold into a front facelock/headbutt combo. Samu starts to take a beating, and becomes the victim of a double team choke by Hawk. He’s on the mat! Hawk tags in. Samu makes a tag, and Fatu is greeted with a suplex. Fatu recovers sending Hawk into the ropes and a HUUUUGE Samoan drop according to Ross. He’s in full control. Animal and Samu are fighting outside the ring. Samu puts Animal’s head into the announce table. More back and forth between Fatu and Hawk, and finally Fatu gets him up for the double team clothesline! Fatu doesn’t go for the pin! What is going on??? Animal tags in and gets hit with a neckbreaker. Animal gets control with a side headbutt. 1….2……Samu breaks it up. Animal catches Fatu and Hawk comes in with the double team. Animal is in full control. In an unorthodox move, Hawk takes Fatu down with a side slam and gets him to tap out to an ankle lock!!! WHAT? And STILL Tag Team Champions…..THE ROAD WARRIORS! What a crushing defeat for The Headshrinkers.

[b][u]HBK© vs. Kurt Angle for the IC belt in a ladder match[/u][/b]
Kurt Angle marches his way down to ringside flipping off fans, and talking trash. HBK has his usual pomp and circumstance.
*[i]Right after the bell rings, the arena goes dark, and a flashing nuclear symbol flashes on the Legendtron. [/i]

[b]KING[/b]: Ross, what is going on? What’s with the symbol on the Legendtron?
[b]ROSS[/b]: I don’t know King, what I do know is that looks like the symbol of the LCW (Legends Championship Wrestling) U.S. Champion Adam Bomb! What would he be doing here????

*[i]HBK and Kurt are distracted, both looking up the ramp when Adam Bomb slides into the ring from the crowd. He hits BOTH of them with his “Atom Smasher” powerbomb and escapes back through the crowd. HBK comes to first, and makes his way groggily up the ladder to secure the belt, and the victory.[/i]

[b]KING[/b]: What in the world was that Jerry?
[b]ROSS[/b]: I have no idea King, but it seems that we have been invaded by the LCW, or that Adam Bomb is looking to make an impact in the LWF….

[u][b]N.W.O vs Razor and Diesel[/b][/u]
Razor and Diesel strut out to the ring, gathering fans as they go. N.W.O makes their way down to overwhelming boos. Bell rings, and Diesel and Hollywood start off the match. Diesel makes very quick work of Hollywood pulling off power move, after power move. Then, for some reason, Razor tags himself in by slapping Diesel on the back. Razor comes in, and they double team Hollywood in a version of a double choke slam. Diesel exits the ring, and Razor then hits Hollywood with a low blow. BPP can’t take it anymore, and storms into the ring, clubbing Razor to the mat. Hollywood makes it over for the tag, but so does Razor. Diesel takes BPP apart, hitting him with a HUGE jackknife powerbomb! 1….2…..broken up by Hollywood. Diesel clotheslines Hollywood out of the ring, and gets BPP up for the double team clothesline off the ropes. 1….2…..3!!! Razor and Diesel win!

[u][b]Dusty Rhodes© vs Booker T for the M$ belt[/b][/u]
The top of the ramp explodes and Booker T makes his way down to ringside with a purpose. Dusty comes out to cheers, and struts his stuff all the way to the ring. This match is over before it starts when Booker T apparently goes down with a leg injury after Dusty ducks a spin kick. Dusty just falls on Booker T for the 1…2….3. NINE TIME M$ CHAMPION!!! Booker T needs assistance to leave the ring area!

[u][b]Mankind vs Undertaker in Hell in a Cell[/b][/u]
Mankind comes down first to some serious booing from the crowd. He rips at his hair and just stares at them, talking to himself. Once he reaches the ring, the arena goes black as night, and we hear the familiar GONG…..GONG……GONG. The crowd goes insane! Taker walks out, slow and methodical, and makes his way to the ring. Both combatants start on the top. Taker starts out strong with a headbutt; two handed choke slam, and a fierce uppercut, putting Mankind on his back. Mankind makes a bit of a comeback, but Taker regains control with not one, but two DDTs on the top of the cage! The second DDT sauces Mankind. Taker FINALLY gets Mankind to the edge, and sends him flying off the top!!! OH MY GOD! He hits a choke slam on the floor!!! Mankind is broken in two! Taker next picks up Mankind sending him THROUGH the chain link!!! What a beating! Taker uses Mankind’s face like a cheese grater!! He throws Mankind into the stairs to reveal a bag of THUMBTACKS! He rolls Mankind into the ring, and proceeds to choke slam him on a pile of tacks!! 1….2……3…TAKER WINS!

[u]Goldberg vs Brett Hart© for LWF Championship[/u][/b]
Here we go folks, the MAIN EVENT!! Goldberg makes his way down the ramp in his N.W.O gear to a fury of boos from this sold out crowd. He just storms to the ring. Brett’s music fires up and the roof comes off the place! He hands his sunglasses to a kid sitting at ringside, and we are off! Goldberg takes the offensive military pressing Brett early on. Brett counters with a bridge suplex for a 1 count. The two exchange even blows, hard to tell who’s the main aggressor here, but Goldberg is pouring it on pretty heavy. Brett counters a flurry with a knee breaker, followed by an atomic drop for a 2 count!! Brett’s making a comeback and hits a HUGE back body drop for the 1…..2…..3!!! WHAT???? This has been a night of VERY quick matches! STILL LWF Champion!

*[i]After the match, Hollywood and BPP make their way down the ramp and go to work on Brett. Goldberg grabs the ref complaining that Hart grabbed his trunks to get the pin. The ref disagrees and Goldberg throws him over the top rope. All three N.W.O members beat on Hart until Razor and Diesel run down to stop them. The N.W.O runs through the crowd, and Razor and Diesel help Hart back up the ramp. Screen flashing LWF logo and goes black.[/i]

Stay tuned for Saturday Night's Main Event!

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[quote name='Morgel888' date='01 May 2010 - 05:01 AM' timestamp='1272708104' post='7262250']
man, i love your storylines. i'm also glad that i'm not the only one playing this game lol

Thanks man, but I am way behind....not enough time on the Xbox between life and MW2

I have my next Saturday Night's Main event lined up, just gotta play it....lol

People still read my thread, so I keep posting, even if nobody comments....

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[quote name='The Knight' date='03 May 2010 - 06:50 AM' timestamp='1272887446' post='7267363']
... this took you way too much time and effort. WOW!

Eh, it's fun, and I have a lot of downtime at work. Sadly, it's the only thing that keeps me interested in the game. I try and make all the Championship matches computer controlled so I never know what the outcome will be. Then I just write the storyline accordingly.....

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[b][color="#FF0000"]***MATCHES IN RED WERE PLAYED BY THE COMPUTER***[/color][/b]

[u][b][size="5"]SNME 12/5/2009 [/size][/b][/u]

[i]*The night opens up with a video of the Dusty Rhodes/Booker T match. When it reaches the part where Booker T misses the roundhouse kick, it stops, and replays a couple of times. Ross and King are announcing that Booker T has torn his quadriceps and will be out of action for a few months. Vince’s music cues up, and out steps the President of the LWF. He makes his way to the ring with mic in hand. He addresses the crowd.[/i]

[b]Vince[/b]: Here we are, just about a week after Nuclear November, and I am sure you have a lot of questions to ask. Well, I may have some answers for you. Next Monday night for instance, we will have a special 3 hour show called Manic Monday. Titles will be on the line, and rivalries will flare up on our way to Christmas Massac…..

[i] *Kurt Angle’s music interrupts Vince, as he storms out onto the top of the ramp. Vince’s face turns red with anger.[/i]

[b]Kurt[/b]: Vince, this is bull crap! I have been fuming all week at the interference of that LOSER Adam Bomb. There is no way I don’t get a re-match here tonight, LIVE on SNME! (boos)
[b]Vince[/b]: Whoa, whoa now Kurt. For one, how DARE you interrupt me? I am well aware of what happened at Nuclear November, and I am trying to find out what exactly where Adam Bomb got the grapefruits to infiltrate our federation! Until then, you need to sit tight. I determine the matches around here. Remember, Ladder matches are no disqualification matches, and Sabu has a shot at that title come Christmas Massacre.
[b]Kurt[/b]: Whatever Vince, but if that snake is somewhere around this building tonight, you better hope you find him first!
*[i]Kurt turns to leave and Adam Bomb runs from the side of the stage, clocking Kurt in the head with the LCW US belt! He turns towards the ring, grabbing Kurt’s mic. [/i]

[b]Adam[/b]: Been a long time Vince. Remember when you kicked me out of your fledgling Federation before being named President of the LWF??
[b]Vince[/b]: Yes, I do
[b]Adam[/b]: Well, I’ve come a long way since then (holds up belt), but I am willing to throw it all away to prove myself here in the LWF (crowd goes nuts)
[i]*Vince scratches his dimpled chin, contemplating what he’s just heard[/i]
[b]Vince[/b]: I kicked you out for good reason Adam; you were a threat to the other wrestlers, too green behind the ears. Now I see you are the LCW U.S. Champion. You say you are willing to throw that title away to get a shot in the LWF?
[b]Adam[/b]: That’s right Vince.
[i][i]*Adam Bomb walks to the side of the stage, and grabs a steel trash barrel. He douses the trash inside with lighter fluid, and lights it on fire. He holds the belt above the flames.[/i]
*Vince grins like a Cheshire Cat. [/i]
[b]Vince[/b]: Adam Bomb, if you burn that belt, I will give you a match tonight. Not just any match, but I will give you…
[b]Adam[/b]: A TITLE SHOT???
[b]Vince[/b]: Not so fast. You won’t be getting a title shot (boos), but I will let Kurt Angle teach you a lesson or two (cheers)
[b]Adam[/b]: Now you’re talking Vince.
[i]*Adam Bomb drops the belt into the burning trash can; he turns around, steps over Kurt Angle, and starts to walk out[/i]
[b]Vince[/b]: Oh, not so fast Adam. (Adam Bomb turns around). If you lose tonight, you are OUT of the LWF. Seeing how you just literally burnt your bridges by tossing the LCW belt in the fire that would most likely make you out of the professional wrestling business as well. (boos) Good luck!
[i]*Vince’s music cues up, and we go to commercial.[/i]

[u][b][size="4"]Matches for SNME:[/size][/b][/u]

[u][b]Raven vs Chris Benoit[/b][/u]
Benoit’s music hits and the place goes nuts. He storms to the ring on a mission. Raven also gets his fair share of cheers from this capacity crowd. Bell rings, and we are off! Benoit gets the early leg up…literally, hitting Raven square in the face with an opening front kick. He controls the match, before slinking out of the ring. Raven gives chase and is met with a face smash onto the announce table. Benoit rolls him back in the ring. Raven gains some momentum reversing an Irish whip, and AGAIN Benoit slinks out of the ring. This time, he grabs a chair, rolls Raven back in, and hits him with the chair, splitting Raven open, and causing a disqualification!! Raven wins by DQ!

[u][b][color="#FF0000"]Lex© w/Bobby Heenan vs Guerrero rematch for the crown[/color][/b][/u]
Eddie comes down first, strutting his Latino Heat to a stadium full of cheers. Lex and Hennan follow getting booed out of the arena. Bell rings, and we are off. Eddie gets the first offense but it’s quickly reversed by Lex. The two men exchange punches, and Eddie takes Lex down with a side headlock. Lex reverses it into a head scissors. Monkey flip by Eddie AGAIN reversed by Lex into a body scissor. Eddie recovers with a high knee of the ropes. Lex scoops up Eddie into a side slam. Lex gets a neck breaker and follows with a backdrop. Lex is setting him up for the lariat, and HITS IT!!! 1…2…..3 and STILL King of the Ring, Lex Luger!
Mene Gene interviews Bret Hart[/b][/u]
[i]*We come back from commercial into the interview area, camera focused on Mene Gene.[/i]
[b]MENE[/b]: Ladies and Gentlemen, my next guest needs no introduction. He is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be…none other than Bret, ‘The Hitman” hart.
[i]*Bret’s music cues up and he walks into frame with the crowd cheering. His head is bandaged apparently from the attack. Gene waits a minute or so for the cheers to die down. [/i]
[b]MENE[/b]: Bret, here we are, fresh off Nuclear November, and you are still holding the LWF title belt. However, you took a pretty serious beating at the hands of the N.W.O.
[b]BRET[/b]: Gene, the N.W.O are a bunch of yellow cowards. They always attack in packs because each of them are too chicken to fight man to man. (cheers)
[b]MENE:[/b] Luckily, Razor and Diesel came down to your aid, chasing them off.
[b]BRET:[/b] Yea, I’d like to publicly thank Razor and Diesel for coming down, that was a real nice move.
[b]MENE[/b]: So what’s next Brett?
[b]BRET[/b]: Well Gene, I am glad you asked. I spoke with Vince earlier tonight, and he gave his permission to announce that he has booked Razor and Diesel TONIGHT, against the N.W.O. (big cheers) Also, come Christmas Massacre, he is also allowing me to reveal who is the #1 contender for the belt….none other than….
[i] *Goldberg runs from off camera, spearing Bret into the backdrop! He grabs Gene’s mic, and looks into the camera[/i].
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: Vince, we got some talking to do, here I come!
*[i]Goldberg throws the mic at the camera, and storms off. Gene kneels to help Bret and calls over the EMTs. Camera goes back to ringside.[/i]

[u][b]Rick Rude w/Bobby Heenan vs Goldust submission/no DQ rematch[/b][/u]
Rude and Hennan come out to a hail of boos from the men, and cheers from the ladies. Goldust comes down to straight boos from everyone. Here we go, the bell rings and the match has begun. From the start of the match, Rude is clearly out for revenge. He takes Goldust apart, hitting move after move! For the second time, he has clotheslined Goldust out of the ring! Rude gets a chair! Goldust knocks it out of his hands and follows up with two stiff axe handles. Rude hits a neckbreaker, followed by a knee drop that busts Golddust open. Now he gets the chair, and places it under Golddust’s chin, slamming it down to the mat! Rude gets him over in the Boston Crab, but no tap out! Rude hits a pile driver, and a knee drop off the top rope! Another pile driver and top rope knee, but Rude just can’t seem to get a hold on! Rude begins to falter, trying and trying to get a hold on. Golddust finally starts to mount some offense, and hits his Curtain call on Rude. He slaps on an arm bar and a very tired Rude taps out!
Razor and Diesel vs N.W.O rematch[/b][/u]
The un-defeated Razor and Diesel make their way down to ringside accompanied by a cheering audience. The N.W.O strides out cocky as always getting booed the whole trip down. Razor goes to town on BPP! He even gets Diesel to hit a flying clothesline of the top for a 2 count! BPP tags Hogan in who goes to work on Razor. Luckily, Diesel was able to tag himself in, and starts to take apart Hogan. He hits him with a big boot off the ropes….1…..2….broken up by BPP! Double team on Diesel as Hogan lifts him up and BPP hits a running clothesline off the ropes. 1….2….broken up by Ramon! Razor grabs Hogan while Diesel chokes him. Numerous 2 counts and double teams between both sides! Diesel “hot tags” in Ramon who takes BPP apart!! He gets the big man up on his shoulders, and Diesel hits the flying clothesline again! 1….2…..3!! Razor and Diesel do it! Undefeated in tag competition!

[color="#FF0000"][u][b]4 Horsemen (back from Japan) vs Road Warriors© (non title)[/b][/u][/color]
The 4 Horsemen, back from Japan after winning the Tag Team tournament, come down to a good amount of boos. The Road Warriors music blares over the speaker system and the crowd goes BEZERK! Bell rings, and we’re off! Flair and Animal start off, with Arn and Flair already double teaming! Animal bounces back and gets off a few moves on Flair. Animal is in control. Flair is able to get a tag on Arn, and grabs Animal from outside the ring. Arn hits him with a headbutt. Animal makes a tag, and here comes Hawk! Arn and Hawk trade punches, with Hawk the aggressor. Arn hits a powerslam for a 1 count. Arn tags Flair. Flair hits a HUGE suplex. He gets Hawk up on his shoulders. Arn flies off the turnbuckle, hitting the clothesline….2 count! Hawk recovers and hits a bodyslam on Flair, followed by a dropkick. He tags Animal who hits a lariat off the ropes! Arn breaks up a headlock. Animal hits a facebuster off the ropes and tags Hawk. Hawk continues the beat down of Flair. HUUUUGEE Back bodydrop off the ropes by Hawk! He tags Animal back in. Fresh tags are really helping out the Road Warriors. Animal reverses a toe hold and sends Flair into the ropes…..HUUUUGE powerslam! He tags in Hawk, who puts Arn up for the flying clothesline for a 2 count. Hawk and Arn are going back and forth. Hawk hits a dropkick and tags Animal. Flair catches Animal who reverses with an elbow, but Flair catches him in a top rope guillotine. Arn hits a Spinebuster off the ropes, and goes into a takedown of Animal. He follows up with a stalling suplex. He tags in Flair who wraps up Animal in a small cradle…1…2...BROKEN UP BY HAWK! Double team now by Arn and Flair. Animal finally gets a tag! Flair hits Animal with a sit down piledriver an tags Arn. Arn gets animal up for the clothesline…1….2…..Animal kicks out and tags Hawk who walks into a spinebuster by Arn! Hawk hits a suplex for a 2 count broken up by Flair. Flair takes out his knee, and Arn’s pin gets broken up by Animal. He tags in Hawk who gets off a few moves before tagging Animal back in. He hits Arn with a powerbomb for the 1…2…BROKEN up by Flair! Double team by the Road Warriors! Arn powers out and tags Flair. What a match! Double team front slam by the 4 Horsemen. Hawk tagged in. Flair reverses a hold and gets a back body drop off the ropes. Arn guillotines Hawk on the apron. Flair gets Hawk up….CLOTHESLINE!! 1….2…..3! The 4 Horsemen have won the match!!!
DDP (back from Japan) vs Dusty Rhodes© non-title[/b][/u][/color]
DDP’s music blares out into the house, and the crowd goes nuts. He high-fives fans on the way to the ring. Dusty comes down to a hail of cheers for the 9 time Million Dollar champion! Dusty gets the first shot of with a strong punch to the chin of DDP instantly making him woozy. DDP counters with a flurry of punches followed by a sit down powerbomb. Dusty is back in control with an atomic drop. Dusty is now in full control. He hits DDP with multiple elbows, finished off by his bionic elbow. 1…2…3….Dusty wins! That’s 10 matches in a row!

[i] *Back from commercial and we see Vince on the Legend-Tron. He is reading a fax off of the fax machine.
[b]VINCE[/b]: It appears here that the owner has decided to make the Angle, Adam Bomb match a NO DISQUALIFICATION match! (The crowd cheers) Good luck with that one Adam! *Vince snickers*
[i]*back to ringside*[/i]

[u][b]Kurt Angle vs Adam Bomb no DQ[/b][/u]
A huge blast of pyro fires off, and the crowd is in awe. Not familiar with Adam Bomb, there is a mix of cheers and silence. Since he’s facing Angle though, there are more cheers than not. Kurt comes down to boos, and one fan even gets in his face! Bell rings, and here we go! It doesn’t take long for Adam to take the match to the ring apron. Kurt gets a slight upper edge and sends Adam up the aisle. They are now battling it out on concrete! Adam hits Angle with two face busters, the second one saucing Angle. Adam has a huge advantage! The wrestlers trade blows, each making a serious move to end it. Adam is still in control however. OH MY GOD! RUNNING POWERSLAM ONTO THE CONCRETE BY ADAM!!! Angle somehow makes it back to ringside only to have his move reversed and have Adam slam his forehead into the ring post! This pretty much knocks out Angle, but he still staggers over to the stairs. Adam slams Angle’s head into the steel steps! He rolls Angle back into the ring, and jumps up on the top rope. Angle staggers to his feet and Adam hits him with a flying clothesline…..1…..2…..3!!! Adam Bomb wins the match, AND a contract with the LWF!!! What a match!

[u][b]Macho Man on Piper’s Pit[/b][/u]
[i]*We come back from commercial to the Piper’s Pit. Roddy has the mic…[/i]
[b]RODDY[/b]: Ladies and Gentlemen, my next guest has just torn up the Far East on our latest LWF Japan tour. He has gone undefeated fifteen matches in a row, and captured the Old Japan tournament title! Now he is back and looking for gold. He is a former King of the Ring. None other than, The Macho Man, Randy Savage.
[i]*Savages music cues up, and he walks out from backstage wearing his flamboyant coat, hat, and oversized sunglasses. The crowd cheers. Macho struts around the stage a bit before shaking Roddy’s hand. They both sit. [/i]
[b]RODDY[/b]: So, Randy, welcome back to the United States!
[b]MACHO[/b]: Great to be back Roddy
[b]RODDY[/b]: We hear over on the Japan tour you were taking no prisoners! Even walked away the tournament champion! You took a decisive win over Psycho Sid, who was also undefeated up until that final bout!
[b]MACHO[/b]: Well, you know Roddy, sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to boost your energy…oh yeah
[b]RODDY[/b]: I hear you Randy, and I am sure what the crowd wants to know next is this; Are you now the #1 contender Bret Hart eluded to earlier in the night?? Will you be squaring off with Bret at Christmas Massacre??
[b]MACHO[/b]: Christmas Massacre?? Never heard of it brother. Is that coming up? We’ll just have to see about that. I can tell you however, that now that I am back, I am not going to settle for some King of the Ring title, I am going to climb the ladder to the top.
[b]RODDY[/b]: Well, I am sure there will be some wrestlers who would love to try and stop you.
[b]MACHO[/b]: That’s what fifteen of ‘em tried to do over in Japan, and we all know how that turned out, you know what I’m sayin?
[b]RODDY[/b]: Oh yes I do and here comes one now….
[i]*Roddy runs off set as Psycho Sid charges into frame!!! He tackles Savage in his chair, causing him to fall over backwards. Randy recovers and puts a beating to Sid. They fight their way down to the ring, and it appears we have an impromptu match on our hands!!!* [/i]

[u][b]Macho Man (back from Japan) vs Sid(back from Japan)*[/b][/u]
Macho and Sid finally make their way into the ring for this impromptu match! Macho starts out with the advantage pulling off move after move. Sid regains some of the battle and sauces Macho on a high knee. Macho returns the favor after several knee drops on a fallen Sid. Sid hits a shoulderbreaker. Macho reversed a side headlock and hits a spiked pile driver! 1…..2…..Sid kicks out. Sid was gaining control, but Macho changes that around with another pile driver followed by a face buster! Macho man hits Sid with a running high knee, knocking him out. He climbs the ropes and hits a flying elbow for the 1…2…..3.!!! Macho wins!

[i]*Back from commercial and we find the camera following Goldberg through the backstage area. He is punching open doors as he walks, looking for Vince. Finally, he reaches a door that has a gold star and the name McMahon on it. He stands back, and kicks the door off its hinges. A startled Vince jumps up from his desk.[/i]

[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: Vince, you have two options. One, I kick your ass all over this building, or two, you give me a re-match for Bret’s title at Christmas Massacre. What’s it going to be??
[i]*Vince squares his jaw to speak[/i]
[i]*Goldberg stands nose to nose with Vince as he’s yelling[/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: You don’t come into my office unless you are invited! Not only are you not getting a title shot at Christmas Massacre, you aren’t even going to be on the card!
[i]*Goldberg laughs, reaching into the back of his jeans, and produces a video tape[/i]
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: Well, I have something here that just might change your mind Vince
[i]*Vince gulps, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his neck, and his eyes go buggy[/i]
[b]VINCE[/b]: Now now Goldberg, no need to be hasty. Why don’t you just hand over that videotape?
*[i]Vince reaches for it, and Goldberg pulls his hand back[/i]
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: I will gladly trade you this videotape for a rematch at Christmas Massacre.
[b]VINCE[/b]: Ok, ok, whatever you want, just give me that tape!!
[i]*Goldberg produces a contract from his other pocket[/i]
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: Sign the paperwork first, and then I will give you the tape
[i]*Vince hastily signs the contract, and snatches the tape from Goldberg[/i]
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: Pleasure doing business with you Vince
[i]*Goldberg walks out of the room and his cell phone rings. He flips it open. [/i]
[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: Yup, we’re good to go. Full steam ahead…..I look forward to seeing you again….
[i]*The camera pans to Vince who’s quickly pulling the tape out of the cartridge.[/i]
*screen goes black and the LWF logo flashes signaling the end of the show*[/i]

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Glad to see I'm not the only one still going on and on w/ storylines. No matter what other games I get I always come back to my wrestling game stories.

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[color="#FF0000"]Matches in red are played by computer[/color]

[size="5"][font="Arial Black"]MANIC MONDAY 12/14[/font][/size]
*[i]The top of the ramp explodes with fireworks and pyro, and the theme for the LWF blares up in the house system. Vince walks down to ringside with a mic in hand*[/i]

[b]VINCE[/b]: Welcome everyone to a VERY special Monday edition of LWF Wrestling. This…is…MANIC….MONDAY!!(crowd cheers) We have a night chock full of great match-ups including a 10 man battle royal (more cheers). The winner of said battle royal will go on to Christmas Massacre for a chance at the Million Dollar Belt(cheers) We will also have a mixed tag team match between Shawn Michaels and Goldberg(booos) versus Bret Hart and Sabu!!(cheers). Lex Luger’s crown will be on the line versus Eddie Guerrero! In a special match, Razor and Diesel will take on the 4 Horsemen for a chance at the tag titles come Christmas Massacre! Our first ever LWF rookies match between newcomers; Owen Hart and Bam Bam Bigelow! Also tonight, you will see Adam Bomb in acti…….

[i]*Kurt Angle’s music comes on, again interrupting Vince’s speech. Vince does not look happy, as Kurt comes from backstage and stops at the top of the ramp*[/i]

[b]KURT[/b]: Vince, I have somethi……

[b]VINCE[/b]: KURT! How dare you AGAIN interrupt me when I am speaking? This is the second time you have done this, and it’s gone far enough!

[b]KURT[/b]: I apologize Mr. McMahon, but there is something really important I think you need to know.
VINCE[/b]: *sighs* Continue…..

[b]KURT[/b]: As I was driving into the parking lot, I spotted someone in a hooded sweatshirt getting in the back of N.W.O’s limo!

[i]*Vince’s eyebrow rises*[/i]

[b]KURT[/b]: And that’s not all, a white pickup pulled up next to the limo and someone got out and got in the back of the limo too. I hate to say it, but it looked like….Sting! (The crowd boos)

[b]VINCE[/b]: Sting? As in STING?

[b]KURT[/b]: *Kurt nods* I can’t say for sure, but it really looked like him, only he had no make-up on.

[i] *Vince drops the mic on the ring, and storms out up the ramp, Kurt steps to the side and holds his hands up[/i]*

[u][size="4"][font="Arial Black"]Matches for Manic Monday[/font][/size][/u]

[u][b]LWF rookies match Owen Hart vs Bam Bam Bigelow[/b][/u]
Both Owen and Bigelow get warm receptions from the crowd, as they have not established who might be the bad guy yet. Owen gets the first offensive hitting a few rights followed by a sit down piledriver. I don’t know how he got the big man up! Bam Bam catches him in a headlock, but Owen reverses into a knee breaker. The two are exchanging moves now, with Owen still the aggressor. Bam Bam reverses an Irish whip for a clothesline. Bam Bam misses another running clothesline, and Owen goes to work on the knee. Owen in control now as he reverses a mid section kick and hits a snap suplex. Bam Bam doesn’t look too sure of himself tonight. Owen throws Bam Bam into the ropes and hits a neckbreaker, followed by a side slam, and Bam Bam is down. Owen climbs the ropes and hits a HUUUGE frog splash for the 1….2…..3….!!

[u][b]Razor and Diesel vs 4 Horsemen for tag title shot at Xmas Massacre[/b][/u]
The undefeated Razor and Diesel come down to a huge pop, while the 4 horsemen receive a good amount of boos. Diesel and Arn start off the match. The match starts out as a see-saw battle, neither opponent really gaining any steam. Couple of moves a piece gets this match going quick. That all changes when Razor grabs Arn from the apron for a guillotine neck drop on the ropes. Diesel snatches Arn up in a double arm suplex, followed by a Russian Leg Sweep hold that includes several knees to the face then a roll into an armbar. Diesel gets Arn up in a bear hug only to be broken up by the dirtiest player in the game. Arn tackles Diesel and hits him with multiple punches. Diesel makes it over to Razor and tags him in. Razor grabs up Arn in a suplex, followed by a knee to the arm. Razor gets Arn up on his shoulders for the flying clothesline, Diesel NAILS it, but it’s not enough to keep Arn down! Razor hits him with a DDT for the 1….2…..kick out by Arn! Flair jumps in for a little 2 on 1, but Razor gets him out of the ring. He hits a second DDT…1…..2….kick out again by Arn!! Flair catches Razor in 3 guillotines off the ropes, and tags himself in! Lots of double teaming now by the 4 Horsemen and the ref gives them a warning. Razor makes it over to Diesel and gets the tag. Diesel catches Flair in a big bodyslam followed by a Russian Leg Sweep. Diesel throws Flair into the ropes and Razor hits him with a knee. Diesel grabs Flair in a bear hug and Razor bounces off the ropes hitting Flair with a running clothesline. Diesel drops on Flair for the 1...2...3!!! Razor and Diesel are going to Xmas Massacre to face The Road Warriors for the titles!!
*back from commercial and we find Vince storming through the backstage area asking fellow wrestlers if they have seen Sting in the building. Everyone says no. He comes up upon the N.W.O’s personal locker room, and goes to open the door, but it’s locked. He bangs on the door, and Goldberg sticks his head out.[/i]

[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: Yessss????


[b]GOLDBERG[/b]: Sorry Vince, no can do. We are getting dressed here, and unless you want that broadcast over primetime television, I suggest you come back later.

[i]*The cameraman angles himself to catch a slight glimpse of someone in a hooded sweatshirt with his back to the door speaking with a half dressed Hollywood. Goldberg promptly slams the door on Vince’s face.

Demolition (back from suspension) vs The Headshrinkers[/b][/u][/color]
Demolition comes down to a raucous crowd, and so do the Headshrinkers in fact. This is a neutral battle between two fan favorites. Ax and Samu start the match with Ax getting an early lead. He’s hitting move after move, finishing with huge clotheslines and uppercuts. Samu somehow gets to tag in Fatu, who fares better. He gets Ax up in an airplane spin, followed by a sit down piledriver. He sauces Ax with a knife edge chop to the head and into ANOTHER airplane spin! Fatu grabs Ax from behind and Samu comes in double teaming him! The ref warns Samu, and Ax uses the opportunity to tag Smash. Smash gets Fatu in a bear hug followed by a one hand choke slam for a 1 count. Fatu recovers quickly and gets Smash up on his shoulders Samu nails the clothesline, but it’s not enough to keep Smash down. Smash stumbles to tag, but Fatu cuts him off. Smash returns the favor with a scoop slam. Fatu really goes to work on Smash and tags in Samu. Samu becomes the aggressor and takes Smash to school. He hits a HUGE headbutt, and goes for the 1…..2…..3...Headshrinkers win!! Headshrinkers win!!

[color="#FF0000"][u][b]Dusty Rhodes© vs DDP for the belt[/b][/u][/color]
DDP comes down to a fair amount of cheers, but nothing like Dusty. The crowd explodes for the M$ Champ! Dusty starts the match with some rolling punches! DDP didn’t see that coming! He recovers and hits a Russian Leg sweep. He hits a running shoulder block, and follows that up with an elbow to the midsection. DDP hits a facebuster and then stomps on Dusty’s face, fireman’s carry into a headlock. Dusty comes back with a couple shots, and sends DDP into the ropes for a body splash. Dusty in control now, and puts DDP on the top rope for a SUPLEX! Oh my God! He sends DDP into the ropes again and hits a hip toss followed by an elbow. Dusty is in full control now. Sit down piledriver! 6 bionic elbows sauces DDP, Dusty goes for the pin…1….2…..3…..!!! 11 time M$ champion!!! Who will take the belt???

[color="#FF0000"][u][b]Narcissist King Luger© w/Bobby Heenan vs Eddie Guerrero for the crown [/b][/u][/color]
This is Eddie’s last chance at the crown. Vince is fed up with Eddie’s losing streak. Eddie comes down the aisle still to a big pop. Lex enters looking like the 5 time king he is, accompanied by Bobby Hennan, showered with boos from this sold out crowd. Eddie misses a first high knee and pays for it with clubbing forearms from Lex. Lex catches him in a headlock and drives Eddie to the mat. Eddie attempts a comeback by reversing another headlock into a leg lock. Lex recovers by hitting Eddie with a back body drop followed by a swinging neck breaker, Samoan drop, and a big running lariat for the 1..2…..3..

[i]*After the match, Vince walks down the ramp, enters the ring, and walks right up to Eddie who is still in disbelief. [/i]

[b]VINCE[/b]: Eddie, I have given you multiple chances to pick up a victory. Heck, even put you up for the King of the Ring title to light a fire under you. You have now lost your first 9 matches, and this one makes 10. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I just don’t know what to do with you anymore.

*[i]Eddie asks for a mic, and is handed one by ringside attendant[/i]

[b]EDDIE[/b]: Vince, I know you signed me as a favor to my father, and I have shamed both him and you since my arrival. I vow to you, I will win my next match and many matches more after that, if you give me one more chance. If I lose, you can fire me.

*[i]Vince scratches his chin with his usual grin[/i]

[b]VINCE[/b]: Tell you what Eddie; I’m not going to fire you. I think you are a great wrestler, and just maybe keep falling short on your matches. So here’s what I am going to do. You have lost 10 matches in a row now, and even though I am not going to fire you, your career is in your own hands. I am booking you in a career match for Xmas Massacre.

[b]EDDIE[/b]: That’s fair Vince, thank……

[b]VINCE[/b]: Oh wait, I’m not done.

[i]*Eddie looks nervous[/i]
VINCE[/b]: I’m not going to bore the fans with another Lex vs Eddie fight; I think you should take on a more suitable opponent, someone in the same category as you. That would be DDP who is also winless.

[b]EDDIE[/b]: Ok, I think that’s more than fair Vin…..

[b]VINCE[/b]: Wait, wait, wait, I’m not finished yet……I think this match should take you to new heights….like maybe 10 feet up….like on a ladder!! Yes! That’s it, you and DDP in a ladder match. Hanging from the cable will be a briefcase containing a new contract. Whoever gets it, will still have a job in the LWF, and the loser??? Well, we all know what will happen to them.
*Vince’s music cues up, and he struts smugly out of the ring while Eddie just rubs his forehead. [/i]

[u][b]Adam Bomb vs Kurt Angle in a Steel Cage winner to face Lex at Xmas Massacre[/b][/u]
Kurt comes down to a hail of boos from the crowd. Adam Bomb’s pyro explodes and sends the fans into a frenzy. Kurt starts out on fire landing the first series of blows including a clothesline into the steel cage. Seems he’s trying to make up for his last loss. Adam tries hard to gain some ground, but this match so far is all Kurt. He hits a cradle suplex. Kurt now goes to work on the legs. Adam Bomb reverses an Irish whip into a face buster followed by a DDT! He goes to work on Kurt’s shoulder. Kurt powers out hitting a HUGE sit down piledriver saucing Adam. He follows up with a knee drop, and Adam Bomb is out! Kurt makes his way up the cage and over to victory!! Kurt wins!

[b][color="#FF0000"][u]10 man Battle Royal for M$ shot[/u][/color] [/b]
[i]Raven, British Bulldog, The Undertaker, The Godfather, Goldust, Mankind, Darkness, Chris Benoit, Curt Hennig, and Rob Van Dam.[/i]

British Bulldog pulls the #1 slot. Number 2 is The Godfather. Number 3 is Darkness number 4, Goldust. Godfather eliminates Bulldog. Number 5 is The PHENOM! The UNDERTAKER! Number 6 is RVD. RVD eliminates The Godfather. Darkness eliminates Goldust. Number 7 is Benoit. Number 8 is Mankind. 9 is Raven. Darkness takes out Undertaker. Benoit takes out Darkness. Mankind takes out RVD. Number 10 is Hennig. Curt takes out Benoit. Raven takes out Mankind. Raven and Curt left in the ring!! Mr. Perfect eliminates Raven for the win!! He now gets a title shot at Xmas Massacre against the 11 time champ, Dusty Rhodes!

[color="#FF0000"][u][b]Macho Man vs Sid in a number 1 contender’s, no DQ match[/b][/u][/color]
Sid comes down to a hail of boos, something he’s used to. Macho Man is greeted with a standing ovation! Macho stars off a ball of fire hitting multiple punches followed by a clothesline. Sid recovers however with a big boot off the ropes. Both men regain their composure and Macho gets the edge. Sid counters with a high knee off the ropes and a take down. Macho man makes a comeback, but side reverses with a hold and a 2 count! Macho catches Sid jawing with a fan, and hits a knee himself, but Sid gets Macho in a Russian Leg Sweep. Back and forth these two battle! Side slam by Sid, spinning elbow by Macho man, Suplex by Macho Man, big boot by Sid which splits Macho open! Sid grabs Macho’s head and attempts to rip it off and Macho taps out! He taps out!

[i]*After the match, Savage grabs a mic as Sid stalks up the ramp[/i]

[b]SAVAGE[/b]: Sid! Sid! Wait!
[i]*Sid turns[/i]
[b]SAVAGE:[/b] You think you are a big shot because you caught me off balance?? How about a rematch?? Christmas Massacre, you, me, and a NO DQ match???

[i]*Vince’s music cues up and he appears on the Legendtron.[/i]

[b]VINCE:[/b] Savage! You are in no position to make your own matches. What is going on around here where………

*[i]phone rings, Vince reluctantly picks up the receiver.[/i]

[b]VINCE:[/b] Vince speaking. Oh, hello sir. Yes I know that Savage went undefeated in Japan. Yes, I know Sid was undefeated till he lost to Savage. Well yes sir, I think they are both deserved of a title shot. I guess you are right, ok sir, thank you.

[i]*Vince slams the phone down[/i]

[b]VINCE:[/b] Well, I guess you have your match Savage. Christmas Massacre, you versus Sid in a #1 contender, no DQ match. You’re lucky the boss likes you.

[i]*Vince’s music cues back up, and the screen goes black. Sid is seen clapping his hands on the ramp, and Savage is just staring at him. Cut to commercial.

HBK and Goldberg vs Bret and Sabu[/b][/u][/color]
Here is the main event of the night. Obviously a little preview of what’s to come at Xmas Massacre. HBK and Goldberg come down to boos while Bret and Sabu blow the roof off the place. Bret and HBK start off the match, and its obvious there is no love lost between them. Bret has the upper hand with HBK getting in a rare shot or two. Goldberg changes that with a guillotine on Bret from outside the ring. Goldberg then tags himself in. HBK and Goldberg go to town on Brett until finally Sabu takes HBK out. Goldberg presses Bret and slams him hard to the mat. Sabu comes in like a buzz saw! He throws so many punches Goldberg is on easy street. Goldberg Irish whips Sabu who reverses with a rolling bulldog. He follows that up with a Hunacunrana. Goldberg attempts to make a tag, but HBK is playing to the crowd and doesn’t see him. Sabu takes advantage hitting a stalling suplex followed by a lionsault! He gets Goldberg up and hits him with a flying head scissors! Goldberg is beat down. Sabu gets him on his shoulders as Bret climbs the ropes. Bret nails it and Sabu covers….1……2……kick out! Sabu tags in Bret and he takes down Goldberg with a reverse atomic drop. Goldberg limps over to HBK who this time is paying attention and tags him in. HBK goes for a quick rollup, but Bret kicks out at the 1 count. Bret trips on the mat and HBK wraps him up in a small package…with a handful of tights….for the 1…..2…..3….. HBK and Goldberg win!

Goldberg grabs Bret after the match is over and gives him a jackhammer. HBK dispatches Sabu with some sweet chin music. Goldberg waves toward the ramp, and Hollywood and BPP come running down. All three start wailing on Bret until we hear rookie Owen Hart’s music cue up. All three men stop the beating and look up at the ramp to see Owen come charging down with Jim Neidhart right behind him. Bret rolls out under the bottom ropes and collapses at ringside. Owen and Neidhart go to town on the N.W.O, but 3 on 2 are just too much for them. Just as they seemed beat down, Sting’s music cues up, and he appears at the top of the ramp with a baseball bat. He runs down and nails Owen and Neidhart as the N.W.O slinks out of the ring and watches ringside while clapping. Owen and Neidhart are laid out in the ring, and Bret on the floor. Sting looks over at Hollywood and gives him thumbs up. Hollywood rolls Bret back into the ring, and Sting applies his scorpion death lock to a screaming Bret. Did Sting turn N.W.O?? Does he just have it out for Bret?? Was it him whom Goldberg spoke with on the phone after the videotape incident?? Why did he get into the back of the limo with the N.W.O?? Who was the other unidentified man?? Tune into Xmas Massacre this weekend on PPV to find out what’s going on!

PS: Thanks guys, as long as even one person reads these, I will continue on. Plus it's fun!

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Updated Macho Man and Sid match from Maniac Monday.

Also, made up the card for Christmas Massacre(hoping to play it this weekend)

Sting vs Owen Hart

King Lex©/w Bobby Heenan vs Kurt Angle for the crown

Dusty Rhodes© vs Curt Hennig for the M$ belt

Eddie Guerrero vs DDP in a career ladder match

The Road Warriors© vs Razor and Diesel for the Tag Titles

Macho Man vs Sid in a number 1 contender’s, no DQ match

HBK© vs Sabu for the IC Championship

Bret© vs Goldberg for the Heavyweight Belt

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[u][b][size="3"][font="Arial Black"]CHRISTMAS MASSACRE [/font][/size][/b][/u]

[b][u]King Lex©/w Bobby Heenan vs Kurt Angle for the crown[/u][/b]
Kurt makes his way down to a ton of boos. Lex gets just as many boos. Looks like nobody here is the fan favorite. The bell rings, and these two go at it. Lex gets the first shot, throwing Angle into the ropes, Hennan grabs his ankle but Kurt kicks away. Lex get him in another whip, and Hennan clotheslines Angle off the apron. Lex is pouring it on! Angle finally gets some offense but is caught up and rolled into a small package for a 2 count. Angle recovers with an arm drag and goes to work sending Lex into the ropes. Lex reverses with a clothesline. Angle takes the low road and takes out Lex’s knee! He gets Lex into a figure four, but Lex is too strong. Angle jumps on him for a 2 count broken up by Hennan. Lex recovers taking Angle and himself over the top ropes into Hennan! Lex uses the outside of the ring to his advantage rolling Angle back in the ring. He hits a HUGE neckbreaker for the 1….2….3.!!! Lex is STILL the king!

[u][b]The Road Warriors© vs Razor and Diesel for the Tag Titles[/b][/u]
This match is setting up to be a slobber knocker! Razor and Diesel enter to a raucous crowd. The Road Warrior’s theme kicks in, and the fans go absolutely nuts! Diesel and Animal start the match. Animal gets the first move in, but Diesel quickly changes that, throwing Animal into the ropes to meet Razor’s knee. The two beasts battle tough, and Animal makes a tag to Hawk. Hawk hits an Irish whip into the corner followed by a clothesline. Razor reaches over however, and gets a top rope clothesline. Hawk receives a swinging neck breaker from Diesel. Irish whip reversed, and Hawk lands an “Incredible” suplex according to JR. Diesel can’t be taken down so easy, and tags in Razor. Hawk backs down and tags Animal. Razor catches him in a front headlock, but Animal reverses out. Razor follows up by a stalling suplex. Hawk returns the favor with a powerbomb followed by a powerslam. He tags in Hawk who gets Razor up on his shoulders for the flying clothesline. 1…..2…..KICK OUT by Razor! Diesel gets in the ring and they double team Hawk. Razor hits two high knees but gets an armbar reversed into a fireman’s carry. Hawk hits an elbow drop. Razor comes to and gets Hawk into a side slam. Razor tags Diesel, Hawk tags Animal. HUGE clothesline by Diesel and he gets Animal up in the flying clothesline for a 1 count. Animal tags Hawk who misses a flying shoulder. Diesel capitalizes with a takedown and leg lock. He gets Hawk over into a Boston Crab. Hawk finds the strength to reverse an Irish whip into a Powerslam, but it doesn’t faze Diesel. Hawk manages a tag, but Animal gets a crushing forearm smash. He lifts the big man up and Hawk hits the flying clothesline. Double team now by Animal and Hawk, and Diesel is in trouble! Irish whip into another powerslam, and that closes the door on Diesel. 1…..2…..3…..STILL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

[u][b]Dusty Rhodes© vs Curt Hennig for the M$ belt[/b][/u]
Mr Perfect comes out to a mix of boos and cheers. Dusty’s music starts and tears the roof off the place! The 11 time Million Dollar Champion makes his way to the ring. Here we go! Perfect gets the early edge hitting a few shots. He follows up with an Irish Whip into a sleeper hold. Dusty breaks free, but Curt is still the aggressor hitting a Samoan drop! Curt continues to be the aggressor. He clotheslines Dusty over the top rope, and goes for a chair. Dusty comes too, and hits Curt in the back, rolling him back into the ring. Dusty and Curt exchange blows, pretty much even now. Curt hits a suplex and now goes for his finisher, drop kick, elbow into the PERFECT PLEX!!! 1……2……3…..AND NEWWWWW Million Dollar Champion! Mr. Perfect!!! Dusty has been beat!
HBK© vs Sabu for the IC Championship
Sabu, always a fan favorite, makes his way to ringside. HBK lights the place up with his entrance sending the ladies into a tizzy. The match starts and Sabu is the first to get HBK reeling. HBK counters with a back kick. The two wrestlers trade exchanges with nobody of yet gaining an edge. HBK gets the first move, a figure four, followed by a standing drop kick. Sabu recovers with an arm drag and piledriver. Sabu misses a mat move, and HBK capitalizes, but not for long, Sabu sends him into the ropes, two frog leaps, and Sabu hits a spinning elbow. He sauces HBK! Even still, HBK counters with a hard roundhouse kick and catches Sabu off balance. He wraps Sabu up in a small package….1….2….3!!! HBK wins! STILL IC Champion.

[u][b]Sting vs Owen Hart[/b][/u]
Owen makes his way to the ring amidst cheers from the sold out crowd. Sting makes his dramatic entrance (to his own music) to a hail of boos. Bell rings and the match gets underway. Sting is the aggressor right out of the gate. He gets Owen in a side headlock followed by a flurry of punches. Test of strength, and Owen reverses into a pin for a 1 count. Sting recovers and gets Owen in a sit down piledriver. Another side headlock into a takedown and Sting goes to work on the legs. Arm drag by Sting into a chest stomp. Sting misses a flying forearm off the ropes, but still catches Owen off guard. He gives him 4-5 knife edge chops and Owen falls to the mat. This match is all Sting so far. Owen gains a bit of ground when Sting misses a top rope dive. It’s short lived however when Sting gets Owen in a side slam. Sting launches Owen into the ropes and delivers a high knee strike saucing Owen open. That was all it took. Sting grabbed up Owen, hit a side slam followed by a HUGE suplex, and locked on the Scorpion Death Lock for the 1….2…..3…Sting wins!
Eddie Guerrero vs DDP in a career ladder match[/b][/u]
Despite his losing ways, Guerrero gets a standing ovation showing how over his is with the fans. DDP gets some nice applause, but nowhere near Eddie. Bell rings and we are off! Both men tear into each other like animals knowing that this could be either of their last matches. Eddie seems to have the upper hand, and is the first to use the ladder as a weapon knocking DDP down to the canvas. DDP recovers after a blown knee drop and gets Eddie into an electric chair drop onto the ladder! Eddie looks out, and DDP grabs the ladder setting it up. He makes his way to the top, grabs the contract…..but wait! Eddie comes to, and pushes the ladder, DDP and all, over in the ring. DDP goes flying! Now it’s Eddie’s turn, he makes it up, but here comes DDP up the other side!!!! They exchange blows at the top of the ladder! Eddie gouges DDP’s eyes and he sends him flying off the ladder again! DDP is OUT! Eddie grabs the contract!!! EDDIE WINS! EDDIE WINS!

Macho Man vs Sid in a number 1 contender’s, no DQ match[/b][/u]
Sid makes his way down under a hail of boos. Macho Man gets the house rocking! The bell rings, and we are off! Macho gets the first shots off, pulling off two bodyslams! Sid counters with a bodyslam of his own, he follows up with a fireman’s’ carry. Macho recovers and gets Sid into a hip toss/headlock combo. Sid powers out striking Macho with several punches. Sid clotheslines Macho over the top ropes, but it’s too soon. Macho makes his way back in and gets an Irish whip into a clothesline! He follows it up with a HUGE suplex. Sidewalk slam by Macho and hits a fist drop off the ropes followed by a 2 count. Sid catches Macho off guard with a headlock. He follows that up with a HUGE boot, side slam, and choke slam. 1…..2…..Macho kicks out! He gets Sid in an Irish Whip and lands a running clothesline. Macho slinks out of the ring and grabs the ring bell. DING! Sid is sauced, and drops like a rock. Macho goes for the pin….1…..2…..3!!! Macho wins! He’s the #1 contender at New Years Armageddon!

[u][b]Bret© vs Goldberg for the Heavyweight Belt[/b][/u]
Goldberg dodges wads of paper and beer cups thrown at him on his way to the ring. He never breaks stride as he struts down in his shades and N.W.O black and white t-shirt. Bret’s music hits and the crowd goes insane! Bret’s eyes are locked on Goldberg in the ring. He gives his shades to a lucky ringside fan, and we are off! Goldberg surprises Bret after Bret gets back in the ring, and gets a belly to belly slam for his troubles. Trading arm bars now, and Bret gets in a few shots. He gets Goldberg up in an inverted atomic drop. Goldberg recovers with a sit down powerbomb. Drop toe hold by Goldberg, Bret gets up and hits a dropkick into a sit down leg drop. HUUUGE back body drop by Bret! Goldberg looks lost. Bret hits a suplex into an arm bar. Goldberg is dazed. Bret gets a piledriver, and it doesn’t look good for Goldberg. Bret hits a side slam, and gets Goldberg into his Sharpshooter. Just as he cinches it in, the N.W.O hit the ring. Hollywood clotheslines Bret off of Goldberg, and BPP drags Goldberg out of the ring by his boots. Hollywood grabs Bret by the hair, and nails him with a punch to the face. BPP rolls back into the ring with a pipe from under the apron! Hollywood holds Bret’s arms, and BPP hits Bret in the gut with the end of the pipe. At this point, Sting comes running down to ringside, bat in hand. Hollywood picks Bret back up, and Sting holds his bat under Bret’s chin. Hollywood starts shaking his head, urging Sting to whack Bret in the face!

Here comes Owen Hart! He dives into the ring, and hits Sting in the back, causing him to fall and drop the bat. Owen gives Sting a few whacks for good measure. Hollywood looks nervous, and drops Bret to the mat. He stands in the corner, with his hands up, pleading with Owen to not hit him. Owen steps over to Bret who is laying face down unconscious in the ring. In one fast movement he steps over Bret and uses the bat in a Camel Clutch type move choking Bret!!!!

OH MY GOD! Owen has turned! Owen has turned!! It wasn’t Sting, it was Owen!

Owen finally lets go of Bret, and Hollywood, BPP, Goldberg, and Owen stand celebrating in the ring! Sting comes to only to be greeted with a Jackhammer from Goldberg, followed by being tossed out of the ring.

[i]N.W.O’s music comes up as the ring is littered with beer cups, and trash. Surely this is the most surprising ending to an LWF PPV since its inception. What’s going to happen next on Saturday Night’s Main Event?? [/i]
Screen flashes LWF logo, and goes black. [/i]

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