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TNA Caws, for PSP game save PREVIEW

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First forum post, lol. It's ECWfearsTNA here with the latest and greatest PSP Create-A-Wrestlers. I know there Is a high demand for PSP Caws, so I am supplying. I am making TNA Caws for PSP (credit will be given on the official post to the makers.) Instead of the tradidtional ''Formuals'' I will be posting a gamesave with the TNA Caws. Now I know your thinking ''The PSP sucks for making CAWS because it's got a limited Six layers'' I thought the same thing to myself when I made this post, but I improvised.On this gamesave there are also non TNA Caws. These are the TNA Caws I have already finished.

''The Icon'' Sting (Black and White Scorpion Attire Included Black Jacket with Entrance''
''The Fallen Angel'' Christopher Daniel (Black Short Attire)
''The Phenomenal'' AJ styles (Blue Black Attire''
''Bubba'' Ray of Team 3D (Not so much work done on Ray very wattered down..No team 3D lettering)
''D-Von'' Brother Devon of Team 3D (Traditional Attire No lettering)
Alex Shelly of the Motor City Machine Guns (Later attire Short pants tights underneath no face paint)
Chris Sabin of the Motor Ciry Machine Guns (Same As Alex Shelly)
I'm not talking about Big Sexy...I'm TALKING ABOUT KEVIN NASH (TNA attire, no lettering shoulder pads slicked grey hair)

TNA Caws I'm working on

The Doctor Is In..Doctor Stevie (TNA attie White shirt black pants)
''The Monster'' Abyss (White TNA attire No lettering)
''Big Poppa Pump'' Scot Steiner (No lettering Traditional Attire With Big Poppa design on tights)
''Super Mex'' Hernandez of LAX (Might be lettering If the layers will hold)
''The Olympic Gold metalist'' Kurt Angle (Newest attire I might put a pattern instead of symbols)
Homicide of LAX (Same as Hernandez but different formula)
''Jay Lethal and Black Machissmo'' of Consequences Creed (Regular Attire)
''The Dominator'' Bobby Lashley (I'm sure to have enough layers for the white pattern on his tights)
''The Somoan Submission Machine'' Somoa Joe (Strange Attire, regular but there might be no patttern on his wrestling tights)
''The Blueprint'' Matt Morgan (Regular TNA attire)
No TNA divas..Sorry XP
I know He is in a grater demand (and he's my second favorite wrestler after ''The Icon'' Sting) but the layers on the PSP (16 layers for all) SUICIDE could not be included..
''The Hardcore Legend'' Mick Foley Will ALSO be included but Do not expect greatness on this one for the PSP graphics are slowed thus making him look oblonged and portraited strange

I expect to finish will all of these by Late September until then Caws.ws!

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