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Tom Rice

SVR2006 Updates

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[b]Wrestler CAWs:[/b]
Perry Saturn 3, Christian 2 (WWF Attire), Batista 4. Maven 2, Lex Luger 5, Kurt Angle, El Gran Luchadore, Hardcore Holly 3, Ultimate Warrior 9 (2 More Attires), Rhino 4, Superboy, Great Muta 2, Sting 11, Fit Finlay 4, Diesel 3, Christopher Daniels 7, Matt Hardy 10 (More Attires), Big Daddy, Ryuji Ito, Tyson Tomko 2, Masako Tanaka, Petey Williams 2, Eddie Guerrero 2, Mascarita Sagrada, Carlito Caribbean Cool
[b]Non-Wrestler CAWs:[/b]
Arther, The Tick
Simon Dean 2, Goldust, Matasto Tanaka, Claudio Castagonli, Frankie Kazarian, Jimmy Yang (Akio), La Parka, Animal (Road Warrior), Bobby Lashley 2, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters 2, Edge, John Bradshaw Layfield, Kane 2, Mickie James 2
Jeff Hardy 6, Rey Mysterio (EG Tribute), Melina 2

[b]Site news:[/b]
-Hotlink protection error on help pictures has now been fixed. Sorry about that folks!
-New feature, CAW count info on the SVR2006 homepage is now being drawn from the database, so will always be correct. Entrances, Belts, Movesets and Saves now all have their own individual count

[i]Many more coming throughout the week[/i]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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