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Santina Marella

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[b]Move-Set[/b]-->[b]Created Superstar[/b]-->[b]Santina Marella[/b]

NOTE: A lot of the areas besides taunts, tag moves, sig.'s and finishers, I left as is. If you have any suggestions on how my below moves can be complimented in any categories I forgot, tell me.

[b]Standard Actions[/b]-->[b]Ring-In[/b]: Woman Ring In
[b]Standard Actions[/b]-->[b]Ring-Out[/b]: Woman Ring Out
[b]Standard Actions[/b]-->[b]Taunts[/b]<=|, |=>, ^ AND \/: Taunt Diva 1

[b]Tag Team[/b]-->[b]Corner Tag Team[/b]--> [b] <®: [/b]Poetry In Motion
[b]Tag Team[/b]-->[b]Corner Tag Team[/b]--> [b] ®>: [/b]Double Elbow Drop 2
[b]Tag Team[/b]-->[b]Corner Tag Team[/b]--> [b] ^®: [/b]Slingshot Sunset Flip
[b]Tag Team[/b]-->[b]Corner Tag Team[/b]--> [b] \/®: [/b]Body Attack
[b]Tag Team[/b]-->[b]Tag Team Finisher: [/b] Death Drop 1
^Tag moves are best used when you create a stable with Santino & Santina Marella

[b]Special-->Signatures-->All: [/b] Illegal Pin
[b]Special-->Signatures-->All: [/b] School Boy Roll Up

[b]Special-->Finishers-->All: [/b] Chick Kick*
[b]Special-->Finishers-->All: [/b] DDT 18

*Alternatively, if you think it's more appropos, you can change the primary finisher to Long Kiss Goodnight.

This is to accompany my Santina Marella C-A-S (Create-A-Superstar, NOT DIVA, despite the name).

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