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TNA iMPACT! 2. Ways To Improve


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Guest Sosa.
A way i think they can improve from the first TNA is:

Better camera angle would be nice

More Game Modes-And what i mean by that is something like how WWE SVR06-08 had GM Mode something like that when you can book your own show because just playing exbition matches gets boring when you cant keep track of peoples records and having struggles thru the mode like contracts running out,injuries,low morales,and most of all the money issues.

Accurte heights-I noticed while playing the game when i have a match like Kurt Angle vs Eric Young they are both the same size.

Movesets-Not everyone in TNA i can see do a moonsault or dropkick i mean wtf Kevin Nash doing a dropkick what is the world coming to.

Match Types-
Six Sides of Steel
Hardcore Match(More Weapons)
Ulimate X(i think it should have weight restrictions)
King Of The Mountain

Wrestler Personality-
Longer entrances
Wrestling ablities.

Create a wrestlers-I think there should be more options i also think you would have to make their movesets and entrace.

Current Roster w/ themes along with Kaz on the roster and maybe alt attires would be nice.

Thats, how i think they should improve
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takes to long to LOAD them, takes long saving/deleting, everything needs to be 'improved'

takes to long to get up, fix

not just grapple finishers

give a LOSE to those that QUIT or DISCONNECT after 2 minutes of being in a match!
more match types...

more taunts, post match celebrations, pre match preps, move reactions, also if you MISS a high flying move it should case lil' damage to your wrestler!

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[b]thinking OUTSIDE of the 'game mechanics' TNA iMPACT needs:

*Online Match CHAT/MUTE
*Players Met history
*Improve Online Stats/Board
*Online CAWs
*Improve 'Adding' Friends (sucks typing in someones TAG!)
*Improve "Friends List" its TOO easy to delete a friend on accident!
*Imporve the "browse for a match" it should allow us to SEE all matches created
*Imporve the "invitations" option, we should be able to invite PREVIOUS Players fought and friends!

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