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making a caf league

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Im going to be making a league of all CAF's. Im eventually going to make a fourm for this. Now is for the early sign up's. To make sure your CAF is fair I will either have a non ranked fight with your caf or you can post your stats up. No stat should really go over 94, I would pefer you keep your overall under 92 but if your stats are fair I might make some exceptions. Now for some quick rules.

1.) We have respect for every fighter so at the begening of each match you msut go to the center and touch gloves (well the salute taunt lol)
2.) If you DC it's and auto loss, the 1st few times you will be let off with a warning with an excuse but if it becomes a habit I will have to ban you from the league.
3.)When the fourm is made it would be best to stay active, if not you fighter won't be in any fights and eventually will lead to a release. For every fight I will send you a personal message asking you if you agree to fight and we'll work out a time.
4.) If 2 people come with me with differnet result's. Im going to ask for sometype of proof, and the guilty liar will be banned. No exceptions with this.
5.) I would like your CAF to be orginal to avoid having 2 ken shamrocks or something of that matter.
That just about sum's it up if there's anything I missed plz say so and I will make it a rule.


[font="Impact"][u]Light Heavyweights[/u][/font]

Shawn "the wolf" Perez- The_Great_one- PSN- Alfy-22



You can have a caf in every divsion if you have that many. When the fourm open's Im going to need some help so if you think you can help me out plz say so. Im somewhat active so when we get 8 fighter's or more in 1 divsion Ill start a tournament for the title.

When your post your CAF's it will help me out if you post a little bio about them. For example im going to do my middleweight CAF below

Shawn "The Wolf" Perez
from:New York
Strengths- Viscious ground and pound and powerful strikes
weakness- dosen't defend kicks well and occasionaly get's caught in submission's while getting too aggresive.

From a young age Shawn was addicted to competiton, He took boxing lesson's at the age of 6 and started fight in a junior divsion at 8. Shawn also played football from a young age and wrestled in high school. After high school He tryed college but shortly found out college wasn't for him. To pay off his debt's he found out about this small place that held MMA fight's for cash. After doing that for about a year he found out that he loved to fight. Shawn then would have fight's almost twice a week, he couldn't stop jumping in the ring. After about 8 months of fighting a trainer over in american top team witnessed one of shawn's fight's and said he told him he had the raw strength tofight professionaly and gave him an invitation to come train with the folk in american top team. After of month's of traning improving his wrestling and boxing skill's he decided it was time to start his new career.

you don't have to post bio's but it would be nice for when I amke the fourm to have bio's on everyone. Your bio's also can be short and simple.

I hope everyone can help make this a real fun experiance :D

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