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Victoria Early 2003 Moveset for HCTP

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This Victoria's moveset from earlier in the 2003 year from when she Women's Champion towards the Women's Championship Battle Royal that'll happen later on in June of that year. Feel free to drop any suggestions. Enjoy peeps.

Ready Moves


Shuffle Side Kick 3 (did this to Trish in the Chicago Street Fight Match)
Woman's Toe Kick
Woman's Slap 2
Back Elbow Smash
Austin Punches 2 (she used to punch with her left hand a lot in 2003)
Back Chop 2


Submission Grapple

Suplex 4
Headlock 1
Snapmare & Neck Lock
Headlock Takedown

Signature Grapple

Suplex Pin 2
Scoop Slam 2
Club To Neck 3
Suplex 10

Power Grapple

Suplex 3 (did this to Molly a week after Jazz returned)
Push Attack 2 (did this to Jackie in a match on Heat)
Respect Me? (did something like this with Ivory on Heat where Ivory kept trying to hit her and Victoria wouldn't go down)
Woman's Snapmare

Quick Grapple

Reverse Mat Slam
Eye Rake 2
Austin Back Chop
Body Knee Strike

Grapple Attack

Elbow Strike 3 (x3)

Back Attack

School Boy Roll Up
Victoria Sidewalk Slam (Spider's Web)
Elbow To Back of Head 2
Back Suplex 5
School Boy Roll Up
Victoria Sidewalk Slam (Spider's Web)
Electric Chair Drop (did this to Trish in their Hardcore Match before Judgment Day)
Backbreaker 6



Angry Stomp
Angry Stomp
Elbow Drop 4


Bow Backbreaker (did this a lot earlier in 2003)
Choke 4
Reverse Chin Lock 2
Moonsault Splash 3 (VictorySault, I found out from Wikipedia that this is what she calls her Standing Moonsaults)
Bow & Arrow Lock (did this to Trish while choking her with a leather strap in their Hardcore Match)
Crusierweight Moves 6 (did this to Molly)



Running Shoulder Attack
Turnbuckle Clothesline
Knee Attack 1


Mudhole Stomping 1
Hangman Chokehold 2
Sunset Flip Pin 3
Shoulder Thrust
Choke 2

Back Attack

Illegal Pin
Turnbuckle Smash
Illegal PIn
Turnbuckle Smash

Rope Opponent

Choke 3

Rebound Attack

Bicycle Kick 2
Vautling Body Press 2

Jump Down Over

Baseball Slide (did this to Molly)



Double Axe Handle 3 (x2)


Diving Moonsault Pin
Houston Hang Over
Diving Moonsault Pin



Clothesline 7
Karate Kick 1 (did this to Jazz in the Battle Royal and knocked her out cold)


Neckbreaker 1 (did something just like this to Ivory in a match on Heat but botched it badly)
Head Pound 1

Back Attack

Mat Slam 2
Jump Over Neckbreaker (she did a Rolling Neck Snap to Ivory and this was the closest thing to it)

Squatting Attack

Dropkick To Knee 4 (x2)


Drop Toehold (did this to Trish in their Hardcore Match)
Back Body Drop 2
Powerslam Pin 2

Double Team



Widow's Peak (x2)


Victoria Sidewalk Slam (Spider's Web)
Houston Hang Over
Powerslam Pin 2

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