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Terry Funk Moveset, Abilities, Attributes

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Terry Funk Moveset, Abilities, Attributes

Ring In: Normal
Ring Out: Quick

Taunts: Texas 1,2,3

Strike Attacks: Quick Jab (switch to left) Clothesline 3, Punch to Head, Slap 2, Snap Jab 1

FOF: Quick Jab x2 (both left hand) Strong Right Punch

Quick Grapple: Leg Whip, Body Punch 2, Big Punch, 1, Back Chop 7

Strong Grapple 1: Small Package 1, Fireman's Carry, Neckbreaker 15, Headbutt 2

UC 1: Piledriver or DDT

Strong Grapple 2: Scoop Slam 6, Gutwrench Suplex (or Suplex 5) SS Sleeperhold, DDT 2

UC 2: Suplex

Grapple From Behind: Rolling Cradle Pin 2, Elbow to Back of Head, Atomic Drop, Russian Leg Sweep

Ground Strikes: Undertaker Stomp, Elbow Drop 1, Knee Drop 5

Ground Grapple Head: Outlaw Stomp 3, Slap and Head Raise, Finishing Leg Drop

Ground Grapple Legs: Stomping Combo, SS Boston Crab (or Belly Stomp, or Clover Leaf) Leg Breaker

Corner Strikes: Turnbuckle Clothesline 1, Running Shoulder Attack, Knee Attack 1

Corner Front Grapple: Kane Strikes, Big Back Chop, Superplex, The Biggest Chop

Corner Behind Grapple: Illegal Pin, Forearm To Back, Super Back Suplex, Toss To Ring Post

Sitting Corner Grapple: Foot Choke

Groggy Against Ropes: Big Slap

Outside Spring Board Attack: Moonsault Attack 1 or Slingshot Body Splash

Diving Standing: Double Axe Handle 3, Flying Clothesline 2

Diving Down: Diving Body Press 1, either of the Diving Elbows

Running Strike: Clothesline 13, Shoulder Block 2

Running Grapple: Head Pound, Neckbreaker 9

Grapple From Behind: Bulldog 3, Chop Block 1

Ground Strikes: Elbow Drop 4, Running Leg Drop

Irish Whip Rebound: Back Body Drop, Hip Toss 2

Tag Team Standing: Body Blow, Double Sluplex, Knife Edge Chop, Double DDT

Tag Team Corner: Double Stomping, Spike Piledriver, Sidewalk & Reverse DDT, Kick to Gut 1

Tag Team Finisher: Double Power Bomb

Signatures: Texas Jab, Diving Moonsault 1

Finishers: Texas Piledriver, Spinning Toe Hold

Special Abilities: Object, Hammer Throw, Bloodshed, Resiliency, Possum Pin, and either Submission or Durability Depending on the Funker you favor.

Attributes: Str- 80 Sub-88 Dur- 86 Tec- 88 Spd- 70 Cha- 95 (yes, 95!) Hardcore- 98 Sta-80

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