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Zeus Moveset

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Zeus Moveset
by Cubfan75


Strike Attcks. – Mongolian Chop 1, Punch to Head 2, Mongolian Chop 1
FoF – Whatever you want. I’m using 4 Combo 03 Punch, 3 Combo 02 Chop x 2
Qucik Grpple(lvl 1) – Push It
Qucik Grpple(lvl 2) – Mongolian Chop 2
Grapple moves(lvl 1) – Forearm Punch, Overhand Punch, Position Change
Grapple moves(lvl 2) – Choke 1, Neck Twist, Position Change
Strong grpple(lvl 1) – Head Pound, Choke Toss
Strong grpple(lvl 2) – Choke 2, Body Press Drop FW
Strong grpple(lvl 3) – Bearhug, Neck Hanging Chokeslam 2

Grapple from Behind – Back Rake 1, Chest Punch, Raised High and Punch 1, Full Nelson

Strikes – Angry Stomp, Double Axe Handle Drop
Grapples (Upper) – Shoulder Claw 2, Reverse Chin Lock
Lower- Back Rake 2, Raised High and Punch 2

Running strikes – Clothesline 3
Grapples – Snake Eyes

Groggy against – Clothelsine 11
Irish whip rebound – Clothesline 11

Diving attacks
Standing opp. – Diving Axe Handle x 2
Downed opp. – Whatever, I’m using Diving Elbow Drop 2 but I’ll never go to the top

Strikes – Shoulder Block 1, Clothesline 2
Grapple – Neckbreaker & Punch
Grapple from behind – One Hand Bulldog
Ground strikes – Elbow Drop 4

Chain Struggle
Power comparison – Head Pound
Lock up – Forearm Punch
Head lock - Bearhug
Front neck lock – Choke 2
Side arm bar - Bearhug
Hammer lock – Back Rake 1
Go behind – Raised High and Punch 1
Standing arm bar – Chest Punch
Sitting sleeper hold – Reverse Chin Lock
Ground head lock – Shoulder Claw 2
Ground neck lock – Reverse Chin Lock
Ground arm lock – Shoulder Claw 2
Ground take a back – Back Rake 2
Ground take a leg – Raised High and Punch 2
Running – Neckbreaker & Punch

Taunts – I used Khali, Finlay, and Taunt 4
Finisher – Hammer and Sickle

I don't know if anyone really needs this. He only did a few moves in the WWF so I had to use my imagination a little to fill in the blanks. For instance, I don't think he ever did a grapple from behind. I think I only saw him attempt one punch and that was part of Hogan's Hulk Up sequence so it was blocked. If you're having trouble figuring out if a move is real or made up, here is a quick guide. If the move involves hitting someone on top of the shoulders with more than one hand, choking, or bearhugging, then it is probably a move he used. He also used a clothesline once. I gave him a shoulderblock because people used to run into him and then fall down. Anything else...probably made up. Although he did use a few other moves, they are not in the game. Those moves include his neck twist deal, dropping an opponent throat first on the ropes, and using his legs to choke an opponent on the ropes. I saw him corner grapple with Macho Man...their big move was throwing someone back first into the turnbuckle...which is where they were to begin with. One time he got really excited and did a corner grapple. He climbed to the 2nd rope and.....choked. The game has no down moves that are chokes so that sucks too. Anyway, I hope you can imagine that he would do the things in my moveset. I appreciate any feedback.

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