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Akeem Moveset

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Akeem Moveset by Cubfan75


Strike Attcks. - Hammer Punch 2, Mongolian Chop 1, Middle Kick 1
FoF – 4 Combo 03 Punch, 3 Combo 08 Clothesline x 2
Qucik Grpple(lvl 1) – Mongolian Chop 2
Qucik Grpple(lvl 2) – Eye Rake
Grapple moves(lvl 1) - Step Punch, Forearm Punch, Position Change
Grapple moves(lvl 2) – Double Swing Punch, Combination, Position Change
Strong grpple(lvl 1) – Neck Hanging Chokeslam 1, Bird Punch
Strong grpple(lvl 2) – Suplex 5, Bearhug
Strong grpple(lvl 3) - Gourdbuster (He destroyed a jobber and a ref with this when he was the OMG and got “fined” for it), Scoop Slam 5

Grapple from Behind – Back Rake 1, Raised High and Punch 1, Chest Punch, Bulldog 2

Strikes – Angry Stomp, Big Splash 1
Grapples (Upper) – Elbow Drop 11, Big Splash 2
Lower- Kick to Face, Raised High and Punch 2

Running strikes – Body Splash 1
Grapples – Starstruck (I used this because he used to come off the 2nd rope a good bit, there are several other choices that would be fun here though so do what you want.)

Groggy against – Clothesline 11
Irish whip rebound – Clothesline 11

Diving attacks
Standing opp. – Diving Axe Handle, Diving Clothesline
Downed opp. – Air Africa (I wish they had a 2nd rope version instead but this will have to do), Diving Elbow Drop 2

Strikes – Running Body Attack, Shoulder Block 1
Grapple – Facecrusher 4 ( I gave him this and a few bulldogs in this moveset…he used to finish with the Master Blaster when he debuted as the OMG. The closest I could get was bulldog moves like this.)
Grapple from behind – One Hand Bulldog
Ground strikes – Elbow Drop 4

Chain Struggle
Power comparison – Neck Hanging Chokeslam 1
Lock up – Texas Jab
Head lock – Punch to Gut 3
Front neck lock – Overhand Punch
Side arm bar – Facecrusher 2
Hammer lock – Back Rake 1
Go behind – Raised High and Punch 1
Standing arm bar – Chest Punch
Sitting sleeper hold – Elbow Drop 5
Ground head lock – Elbow Drop 6
Ground neck lock – Reverse Chin Lock
Ground arm lock – Reverse Chin Lock
Ground take a back – Raised High and Punch 2
Ground take a leg – Big Walk
Running – Face Crusher 4

Taunts – Up to you, I’ve got quite a few right now but I’m not set on my favs yet. I think any of the following would work though-Koko B. Ware 1, Shawn Michaels 2, Dusty Rhodes 1, The Boogeyman, Jesse, and maybe even Honky Tonk Man 2
Finisher –Big Splash 1 (I chose this because I already gave him Air Africa as a regular diving move. This gives the nice avalanche/big splash sequence that he used to do.)

Attributes: I'm not sure yet but I was thinking something like 84, 84, 76, 76, 70. Let me know if those sound about right to you. He shouldn't be rated too high with the Akeem gimmick.

DISCLAIMER: I watched tons of video for my previous movesets. I did not with this one. I watched Akeem vs Savage, Akeem vs Tito Santana, and 2 early OMG squash matches from Superstars in 87. I tried to use every move I saw him do but he didn't do a lot. I've tried to make this
moveset more "fun" to suit his Akeem character. I put in lots of dancing/excessively gesturing moves because I think it suits him. I would not use those moves for a OMG CAL because he didn't act as goofy back then.

I appreciate any feedback especially if you can tell me some moves that he used to do a lot that I missed. I created this set in a hurry last night and played through the 1st Legend Killer tier. This moveset/character was probably the most fun I've had playing this game. There is nothing more satisfying than giving Hogan the Gourdbuster 3 times then hitting the Big Splash.

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[quote name='blawson101' post='5977697' date='Apr 17 2009, 06:42 AM']Now all we need is good Akeem CAL (Create a Legend). Anyone see one posted?[/quote]
There was one posted for SvR09 and if you have that game you can import him to LOWM.

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Blawson there already is a good Akeem caw made by Kradiation back for SvR09 and he is making making a Gang cal for LOWM also soon.

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It's definitely a good CAL. I believe the creator is tweaking it some for legends. I know I had to add some height to him. He's one of the CAL's that you have to start in SvR so you can get the hat and the beard. The only thing is that when you import him to LoW his overall is in the 30's. I created and imported him the other day. I had to make a movelist just so I could take him through legend killer mode to build up his ratings. Hulkster jobbed out to Akeem when his overall was a 38 lol.

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