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Kryptonite Krunch

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Standard Actions*
Ring-In: Slide In
Ring-Out: Roll Down ring Out
Taunts: DLC Charlie Haas, Chris Jericho 4, DLC Charlie Haas, chris Jericho 4(Alt. Taunt Squad, Taunt Giant)

Strike Attacks: Snap Jab 2, Overhand Punch, French Punch, Dropkick 2, Big Boot 3
Fists of Fury: Roundhouse Kick 4, Buzzsaw Low Kick, Spinning Wheel Kick 1®
Grapple Moves*
Quick Grapple: Back Club, Back Elbow, Body Punch, Back Chop 4
Strong Grapple 1: Headbutt 2, Belly To Belly 1, Powerbomb 5, Neck Lock Suplex(Atomic Suplex)
Ultimate Control 1: Piledriver
Strong Grapple 2: SS Bearhug, Scoop Slam 6, Military Press, Clothesline 18(Double Lariat)
Ultimate Control 2: Backbreaker
Grapple From Behind: Russian Leg Sweep 2, Headbutt 3, Backbreaker 10, SS Full Nelson

Strikes: Undertaker Stomp, Falling Headbutt, Elbow Drop 3(Alt. Running Headbutt, Knee Drop 3)
Grapples:Knee Drop 2, Finlay Press, Forehead Bite, Knee Smash, Toss, SS Boston Crab

Strikes: TB Clothesline 2, TB Body Attack, Knee Attack 1
Grapples: Big Back Chop, Knee Strike, Diving Headbutt 3, Superplex(Aerial Russian Slam)
Grapple from Behind: Forearm To Back, Snake Eyes, Rebound Suplex, Rolling Powerbomb(Flying Powerbomb)
Sitting in Corner: Alley Oop Bomb

Groggy Against Ropes: Slingshot suplex(Alt. Knee Drop 3, Top Rope Choke)
Springboard Attacks:
Outside Springboard Attacks: Vaulting Body Press 2
Diving Outside Ring Attack:

Diving vs Standing: Diving Spear, Double Axe Handle 3
Diving vs Downed: Diving Elbow Drop 2, Diving Body Press(Banishing Flat)

Running Strikes: Clothesline 12, Shoulder Block 2
Grapple: German suplex 1, Spear 2
Grapple from Behind: Triple H Low Kick, Snapmare
Ground Strikes: running Leg Drop, Double Axe Handle 4
Irish Whip Rebound: German Suplex 8, Powerslam 2

Tag Team*
Standing: Body Blow, Double Flapjack, Body Blow Double Flapjack
Corner: Double Stomping, Spike Piledriver, Double Stomping, Spike Piledriver
Finishers: Powerbomb 6

Signatures: Iron Claw, German Suplex 5(Alt. Piledriver 2)
Finishers: Spiral Bomb(Screw Piledriver), 99 Crusher(Final Atomic Buster)
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