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Lex Luger

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In preparation for Legends of Wreslemania I am in the process of making wrestlers from the 80's and early 90's, no/w i made a lex luger using a variety of Lex luger formulas from the last couple years that i found on this site, the formula is almost finalized but somehing is off now i need suggestions on what needs to be tweaked also if anyone wants to help finished this it would be appreciated. Could someone please post some pics of this for me.

The Formula

Start w/face temp. 2

h. morph:-2/5/5
f. morph: 0/21/19/31

eyes: -30/-14/6/-30/-28/-18/-12
nose: -35/-100/49/3/61/6/3/79
cheeks: -46/0/18/11
mouth: 100/10/34/49/54/-2/-50
ears: 10/19/20/-3

height: (193cm)

b.type: -20
neck: -10/15/38
chest: -16/23/9
shoulders: -14/18/-12
abs: -12/11/3
waist: 0/6
arms: 0/4/15
hands: 19/-2/4
legs: 15/5/9
feet: 0/0/0

s. tone: 12 c:90/2/-6/19
e.type: 1 c: -30/2/-3
eyebrows: 24 c: 89/3/3
lips: 14 c: 100/9/-1
hair: 28 first one c: 100/0/0/25 hairscale: 25

underwear 4 (longer one) c:-13/-100/-55
marks/scar 1 c:93/-37/-5/97
knee pads 15 c:-13/-100/-55/100
arms/wrist 15 c: -13/-100/0/100
arms/wrist 21 c:-13/-100/0/100
boots/shoe 2 (longer ones) c:-13/-100/0

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