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World Class Championship Wrestling 1982 thorugh 1984

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Download Link: [url="http://www.filedropper.com/wccw1982through1984"]http://www.filedropper.com/wccw1982through1984[/url]





Kerry Von Erich (light blue trunks) *I don't know who's it was originally but I did a lot of work to it.
David Von Erich (yellow trunks with black stripe) *Rhyno's base, but morphed face, body, changed hair and attire
Kevin Von Erich (white trunks) *Rhyno but I changed face, hair, and attire.
Fritz Von Erich (old man attire vs king kong bundy) *Rhyno
Michael Hayes *not sure who originally created it
Terry Gordy * not sure who originally created it, I changed, face, body and attire
Buddy Roberts (with headgear) *I believe it was Rhyno's, I added the headgear the best I could
"Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin *not sure who created it
Chris Adams (face attire) *Rhyno, I gave him his debut attire
Gino Hernandez *Rhyno
Kimala *My facepaint and body morphing
Great Kabuki *maybe Rhyno's not sure
King Kong Bundy (with hair) *Zurick
Tommy Rogers *Rhyno's
Bobby Fulton *Rhyno's
"Iceman" King Parsons (jump suite and yellow with black stripe trunks) * so far using Rhyno's
One Man Gang *no idea who's it is, edited face and facial hair, and attire
Mike Von Erich *Rhyno's
Killer Khan *Rhyno's
Missing Link *Rhyno's
Ric Flair (fueded with all Von Erichs and wrestled others in WCCW during this time) *edited Zurick's to be younger
Bruiser Brody *zurick's
the Mongol *mine
Al Madril *mine
Killer Tim Brooks *mine
Tola Yatsu *mine
Brian Adias *mine
Super Destroyer #1 (Scott Irwin) *mine
Super Destroyer #2 (Bill Irwin) *mine
Magic Dragon *mine

WCCW was my favorite company growing up. I loved the Von Erichs and was devastated by their losses both in and out of the ring. I hated the Freebirds with a passion. I have recently been watching a ton of old footage in order to make this save and it is still great to watch these matches today. Matches would end on anything from a finishing move to a simple backslide pin (Kerry Von Erich's world title victory). In order to simulate the style of wrestling in WCCW I gave people somewhat low Durability ratings and low hardcore ratings. Chairs and objects could easily end a match back then.

You will find 16 created PPV's on this save covering all the way from Fritz's Retirement Show where he fought King Kong Bundy in a Falls Count Anywhere Match all the way through Christmas Star Wars 1984. This save took forever and I hope people enjoy it. I enjoyed just making it. I have 80 more hours of WCCW footage on it's way right now and I can't wait to see it. I might go year by year next started with 1985. I think I will have enough footage for that.

Hopefully people enjoy this save.

People may notice that Bundy, Kimala, and One Man Gang don't have the big splash as a finisher. That is because they all have the running splash as a hacked move. Just hit [] + X when running to do the running splash when an opponant is on the ground.

Champions on save:
NWA World Champion - Ric Flair = World Heavyweight Championship
Texas Heavyweight Champion - David Von Erich -WWE Championship
6 Man Tag Championship - Fabulous Freebirds (Used Intercontinental Champion plus Tag Team Championship so they would all come out with similar belts during 6 man tag matches
American Tag Team Champions - Bruiser Brody and Kerry Von Erich
American Heavyweight Champion - Kevin Von Erich = US Champion

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[quote name='billwagon' post='5752534' date='Feb 21 2009, 04:17 PM']If anybody tries this save and has time, let me know what you think of it.[/quote]
I downloaded it this morning and played it. As usual the save was another great one. The attires and CAWS all looked great and high quality . Very Nice Job, Once agin you nailed it. Thanks for the great saves and hard work!!!!

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Another really nice save,I really liked the Super Destroyers,Magic Dragon,and Killer Brooks.Thanks for your hard work.I'm going to try and find some of this stuff on dvd.Thanks again

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VERY NICE! I'm lovin' the Buddy Roberts headgear! Great job, billwagon. The logic idea/movesets work to perfection, too. Backslides were a common finisher back then - as were a school boy roll-up and an inside craddle. Your attire work is phenomenal. Keep them coming. :)

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