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Super Quick way to win GM Mode

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1. Pick either SD! or Raw. Doesn't matter.
2. Pick any two superstars you want(Pick at least 1 with a specialty) for 1 year.
3. Make either one Us or Intercontinental champ and World or WWE champ.
4. Go to options and turn Match-Making to re-run, and turn injuries, superstar morale, title, and rivalry length off.
5. Make a rivalry between your two superstars as Legend Killer.
6. Make each weeks matches between the two(You don't [i]have[/i] to do Velocity or Heat), and promos be rivalry in place of match or rivalry attack.
7. Always put the title matches in main event slots
8. On PPV's, you should have very high, if not perfect sometimes, ratings.
9. You may get interference, so interfere on their show every once in a while too.

I started to do this on Judgement Day as SD! through out the SD! after Great American Bash. My ratings are 4's and 5's and you will virtually always have the fan change. My viewers are a total of 7,815,000. Raw's are 2,185,000. I'm gonna run 'em out of business!

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