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Oliver Queen

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Okay, little bit of a story behind this one, but bear with me;
So, I had just made my first three CAWs for my army, the Joker, Bane and Jason Voorhees. So I tell my brother that it's his turn to make three, he makes the Terminator, the Riddler and the Green Lantern (John Stewart version) After it became apparent that designs don't work online, I had to delete them all, Joker lost some of the blood stains around his scars, Bane lost the skull on his belt and Green Lantern lost his emblem. After that, I just couldn't find a substitute for the emblem, so I decided to make the Green Arrow instead, inkeeping with my brother's obsession with green characters
And here he is

Body shot

Facial close up

What you can't see is his tights, which are the lighter shade of green, and his boots which are the same shad as his top

This was my reference, of course, I had the real figure

Please comment, if you think it's worth it, and same conditions for the formula, ask if you want it and I'll oblige almost immediately

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