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Victoria's 2002 Moveset for HCTP

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This is Victoria's movelist based off her first year in the WWE as a wrestler. I think it's pretty accurate, but if you find anything wrong, as always I'm opened to suggestions. Enjoy peeps!

Ready Moves


Front Dropkick 2
Woman's Toe Kick
Woman's Slap 2
Big Boot 4 (did this to Trish at Armageddon)
Shuffle Side Kick 2 (did this to Trish a few times on Raw and after their match at No Mercy)
Back Chop 2


Submission Grapple

Backslide Pin 1 (did this to Trish in a Triple Threat Match)
Torture Rack (when she first came to the WWE, she used to do the Bruno Backbreaker and this was the closest thing I could find)
Headlock Takedown

Signature Grapple

Multiple Suplex (she used to do Chaining Suplexes earlier in her career and this was the closest thing)
Kitchen Sink 2
Scoop Slam 2
Suplex 10

Power Grapple

Clothesline 23
Sidewalk Slam 1 (did a move like this to Jackie in September back in 2002)
Suplex 4 (did this to Molly after Unforgiven)
Push Attack 2 (did this to Jackie in a match before Armageddon)

Quick Grapple

Reverse Mat Slam
Eye Rake 3
Club To Neck 3
Body Knee Strike

Grapple Attack

Punch 1 (x3)

Back Attack

School Boy Roll Up
Victoria Sidewalk Slam
Elbow To Back Of Head 2
Back Suplex 5
Sidewalk Slam 6 (did this to Trish once)
Victoria Sidewalk Slam
Electric Chair Drop Backbreaker 6



Angry Stomp
Angry Stomp
Elbow Drop 4


Neck Wrench (the closest thing to that Seated Full Nelson she gave to Trish a week after winning the Women's Title at SS)
Choke 4
Sleeper Hold 8 (she also did this in the same match mentioned above)
Running Kick
Moonsault Splash 3 (did this to Trish in their Championship match after Survivor Series)
Kick To Back



Running Shoulder Attack
Turnbuckle Clothesline
Knee Attack 1


Mudhole Stomping 1
Hangman Chokehold 2 (did a version of this to Trish at Survivor Series but did it with a broomstick)
Superplex 2 (did this to Trish at Armageddon)
Shoulder Thrust
Foot Choke 2

Back Attack

Turnbuckle Smash (x4)

Rope Opponent

Rope Down

Gullotine 2 or Choke 3

Rebound Attack

Kurt Shoulder Block
Dropkick to Knee 4
Vaulting Body Press 2

Jump Down Over

Baseball Slide



Double Axe Handle (x2)


Diving Moonsault Pin
Houston Hang Over (the closest thing to her Somersault Leg Drop)
Diving Moonsault Pin



Clothesline 7
Karate Kick 1 (did this to Trish)


Head Pound 1
Backslide Pin 1

Back Attack

Mat Slam (x2)- did this to Jacqueline

Squatting Attack

Dropkick To Knee 4 (x2)


Drop Toehold
Back Drop 2
Powerslam Pin 2

Double Team



Widow's Peak
Finishing Leg Drop (she used to do it a lot like this earlier in her career in the WWE)


Houston Hang Over
Diving Moonsault Pin
Scoop Slam 2

Weapon Special

DDT (x2)

Combination Moves

Austin Punches 2 (flipped)
Austin Punches 2 (flipped)
Shuffle Side Kick 3

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