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Jazz 2002 Moveset For HCTP

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Here's Jazz's moveset from 2002 before she got sidelined with a knee injury. And if anyone has any suggestions for the movelist, feel free to let me know. Well, enjoy peeps!

Ready Attacks


Front Dropkick 2 (she did a lower variation of this to aggravate Trish's injured hand once)
Woman's Toe Kick
Muscular Punches
Woman's Slap 1
Tae Kwon-Do Back Kick (the closest thing to that Spin Kick she did to Mighty Molly on Raw and Trish at Wrestlemania 18)
Back Chop 2


Submission Grapple

Armbar 2 (Jazz did this to Trish's injured hand a lot)
Headlock 1
Dragon Screw 1
Drop Toehold

Signature Grapple

Double Arm Suplex 2
DDT 15
Falling Powerslam 2 (she always did this after she caught her opponent in mid-air during a Crossbody attempt)
Suplex 4

Power Grapple

Fireman Carry Slam (did this to Trish at Backlash 2002)
Scoop Slam 2
Powerbomb 19 (did this to Trish at Backlash as well)
Woman's Snapmare

Quick Grapple

Headbutt 1
Eye Rake 2
Club To Neck 3
Jawbreaker 4

Grapple Attack

Elbow Strike 1 (x3)

Back Attack

School Boy Roll Up (pinned Lita with this move before Wrestlemania)
Back Suplex 2 (she used to always do this to Trish whenever she reversed Stratusfaction)
Jazz Stretch
Triple H Low Kick (I gave her this because it helps to make the opponent tap out to her STF submission)
School Boy Roll Up
Mat Slam 2
Jazz Stretch
Sidewalk Slam 4 (did this to Trish)



Undertaker Stomp
Double Axe Handle 4
Double Knee Drop (she tried to do this to Trish in their second Championship match but missed


Camel Clutch 1 (did this to Ivory on Jakked)
Big Splash Pin
Bow Backbreaker (she did this to Ivory on Jakked also)
Running Kick (the closest thing to how she kicks her opponents in the ribs when they're down)
Single Leg Crap 2



Turnbuckle Clothesline
Turnbuckle Clothesline
Knee Attack 1


Mudhole Stomping 2
Knee Strikes (did this to Jackie in a no. 1 contender's match before the Royal Rumble)
Superplex 2 (the closest thing to that Top-Rope Fisherman DDT she gave Lita at Wrestlemania)
Big Back Chop 2
Foot Choke 2

Back Attack

Illegal Pin
Turnbuckle Smash
Illegal Pin
Turnbuckle Smash

Rope Opponent

Rope Down

Choke 3 or Guillotine 2 (the closest thing to that Stungun manuver she always did on her opponents)

Rebound Attack

Bicycle Kick 2 (did this to Trish and Ivory)
Running Leg Drop
Vaulting Body Press 2

Jump Down Over

Baseball Slide



Double Axe Handle 3 (x2)


Elbow Drop 3 (x3)



Clothesline 7
Clothesline 16


Sunset Flip Pin 1 (did this to Trish at the Royal Rumble)
Rolling Cradle Pin 1 (this kinda resembles how her and Trish traded Sunset Flip reversals at the Royal Rumble.)

Back Attack

Mat Slam 2 (x2)

Squatting Attack

Running Leg Drop (x2)


Rolling Boston Crap
Back Drop 2
Powerslam Pin 2 (did htis to Ivory on Jakked)

Double Team


Double Beat Head (her and Molly did this to Trish)
Double Suplex 2
Double Suplex 1
Double Clothesline (her and Molly did this to Jacqueline at Insurrextion)
Double Beat head


Kick To Gut
Mudhole Stomping 1
Kick To Gut
Body Splash & Whip


Fisherman DDT
Atomic Leg Drop 2


Jazz Stretch
Atomic Leg Drop 2
Double Arm Suplex 2

Weapon Special

DDT (x2)

Combination Moves

Here's that punch combo she used to do to Trish, Lita, and others.

Boxing Snap Jab (flipped)
Boxing Snap Jab (flipped)
Boxing Hook Punch

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