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Career Mode Guide

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[b]Career Mode Guide[/b][u][/u] By Daniel Waters
This guide was made by me so i would appreciate it if people dident steal it and claim it as there own work
This was made to be the beat all to end all guide to career mode
*Anything else you want added just say so*

Other Guides:
Entrance Theme Replacement Guide: [url="http://caws.ws/forum/index.php?showtopic=288130&st=0&gopid=5461175&#entry5461175"]http://caws.ws/forum/index.php?showtopic=2...p;#entry5461175[/url]

[b]Table of Contents [/b][u][/u](just copy and paste the bracketed info)
Example: if you want the stat raising section Press Ctrl F on keyboard and copy paste "(A01)" without the quotes and hit next

*Actual abilities and such not in alphabetical order i put it that way in the table to help you out*

1. [b]Stat Raising Guide (A01)[/b][u][/u]
Charisma (A08)
Durability (A02)
Hardcore (A09)
Speed (A04)
Stamina (A07)
Strength (A03)
Submission (A05)
Technical (A06)

2. [b]Abilities (B00)[/b][u][/u]
Bloodshed (B19)
Cage Match (B20)
Dirty Pin (B14)
Durability (B04)
Evasive Dodge (B05)
Fan Favourite (B13)
Hammer Throw (B06)
Kip-up (B07)
KO (B01)
Ladder Match (B11)
Lock Pick (B02)
Move Theft (B17)
Object (B12)
Outside Dives (B08)
Possum Pin (B09)
Referee Shield (B16)
Resiliency (B03)
Spring board (B10)
Steal Taunt (B18)
Submission (B21)
Table Match (B15)

3. [b]Superstars abilities(C01)[/b][u][/u]
Dirty Pin (C03)
Possum Pin (C02)
Steal Taunt (C04)

4. [b]Roster Edit Trick (D01)[/b][u][/u]

5. [b]Special Matches (E01)[/b][u][/u]
Royal Rumble (E02)
Wrestlemania (E03)

6. [b]Unlockable Matches (in career only) (F01)[/b][u][/u]

7. [b]After Match Awards (G01) *to many to list here so i put them in alphabetical order*[/b][u][/u]

8. [b]Easy 5 Star Matches (H01)[/b]

[b]Stat Raising(A01)[/b][u][/u]
During your career mode you will upgrade your stats this is a list of ways to raise certain stats

*It should be noted that any superstar to my knowlage can reach 99 in every stat and career mode is endless*

I have spent some time now testing all the ways to raise states this is what i cam up with

*Dont expect your stats to just sky rocket honestly it takes time to get your stats up after you hit 70 overall*

[b]Durability (A02)[/b] - Winning the Match, receiving Damage, Being Busted open , Finisher Kick outs, Strong Grapples.

(to up it easily turn count out off run up the ramp and let your opponent beat on you until your red then go into the ring and have your match. Kickouts when close to red or red seem to boost it more then not)

[b]Strength (A03)[/b] - Strikes add the most followed by the ultimate punches and then strong grapples/UCM

(to up it easily make your 3 punch combo something you can spam then just beat them to death with it)

[b]Speed (A04)[/b] - Running Moves, Climbing the turnbuckle, Dives, Quick Grapples, Running around in circles

(to up it easy make a habbit of running at your opponent whenever you try to pick him up or go for any kind of move)

[b]Submission (A05)[/b] - Submissions, working limbs, Ground Grapples, Getting out of submissions

(easiest way iv found to raise this other then getting a submission finisher is finding someone who has a lot of submissions but no submission ability and battle them and just let them beat on you (preferably in a ladder match so you wont lose))

[b]Technical (A06)[/b] - Reversals, and Technical/Ground Moves, UCM, Fast grapples, chaining moves together, Finisher counters seem to help alot

(for this just string a ton of grapples together (things like kick to gut that dont knock them down work well)

[b]Stamina (A07)[/b] - Kick outs, Bleeding, winning with little damage, Running, UCM, SS Submissions

(easiest way to do this is simply run around alot and let your Wrestler run out of energy doing UCM or SS submissions)

[b]Charisma (A08)[/b] - taunting, aeiral moves, Fan Favourite Taunt

(best thing i have found is just taunt the enemy after you knock him down)

[b]Hardcore (A09)[/b] - Weapon Strikes, Weapon Grapples and Out of ring moves

(pretty easy take a weapon and beat the crap out of someone lol)

[b]Abilities (B00)[/b][u][/u]
During career mode you can unlock abilities by doing certain things in a match heres how to get them

*You get 6 abilities on a first come first server basis they cannot be edited as i am writing this so what you get first is what your stuck with so plan ahead*

[u]K.O (B01)[/u] : Ability to Knock Out Opponents is Enhanced *to knock out your opponent you MUST turn all of your opponents body parts to red then hit your sig/finishing move*

[b]Unlock[/b]: Earn 5 star ratings in every Match (no title match) on a single title path. *this can be worked at you do not have to get the 5 star in your first match as long as all 4 of the wrestlers on the path are at 5 stars when you challange for the title*

[u]Lock Pick (B02): [/u]Ability to automatically Escape from Struggle Submission Holds *uses some of your momentum*

[b]Unlock[/b]: Face Y2J in a singles match and escape the Walls of Jericho *this means if you use the roster edit below you CANNOT remove jericho if you want this ability*

[u]Resiliency (B03): [/u]Makes Superstar Harder to be pinned or made to Submit. *you can still be pinned by regular moves if your hurt enough it just makes it much less likely*

[b]Unlock[/b]: Kick out of a pin at 2 while having 2 parts of red body damage. *this is tricky for alot of people its alot easier if you have the Durability ability because you can control how much damage you have taken* (i recomend having at least 60 durabilty before attempting this)

[u]Durability (B04): [/u]Ability to Heal by Holding Triangle, when any part of you is Red. *the more hurt you are the longer it takes the ability to work. it should also be noted that the ability brings you back to orange and thats it*

[b]Unlock[/b]: Beat a superstar rated 20points higher overall while both having orange damage *very easy to do in your first match*

[u]Evasive Dodge (B05): [/u]Hold L2/R2 & Left Stick

[b]Unlock[/b]: Win a Special Match against 2 opponents ( between Rey and/or Jeff Hardy And/or Jimmy Wang Yang)
*for those who dont know you have to get them involved in 1 together your best bet is saving before wrestlemania and go into the money in the bank and hope there both in there*

[u]Hammer Throw (B06): [/u]Strong Irish Whip, Hold Circle and Aim Left Stick

[b]Unlock[/b]: Earn an ability within your first 10 career matches, then get the Sit in the Corner award. *the sit in the corner award is for irish whipping your opponent into the corner 10 times*

[u]Kip-up (B07): [/u]Press Triangle when Prompted on ground to fill your momentum. *you need to be fairly hurt to get the option to do it*

[b]Unlock[/b]: Win 6 championships

[u]Outside Dives (B08): [/u]Allows user to do Outside Dives

[b]Unlock[/b]: Complete 25 Dives in career.

[u]Possum Pin (B09)[/u] : Press Triangle When prompted on the mat to perform a surprise wrap up Pin.

[b]Unlock[/b]: Beat 3 people who have the possum pin. *you can lose to avoid this*

[u]Spring board (B10): [/u]Allows user to do Springboard Dives

[b]Unlock[/b]: win Cruiserweight Title

[u]Ladder Match (B11): [/u]Helps you bring down the prize in a ladder match much faster

[b]Unlock[/b]: Get a 5 star rated ladder match against one of the Hardy's

[u]Object (B12): [/u]Can do Grapples with Weapons

[b]Unlock[/b]: Complete 50 object attacks in career

[u]Fan Favourite (B13)[/u] : can use Special taunt, that if succesful drains opponents momentum. *must have full momentum yourself*

[b]Unlock[/b]: Successfully taunt 10 times in a match (must not have steal taunt)

[u]Dirty Pin (B14): [/u]will put feet on ropes if Pinning near them *Dispite popular beleif this is usefull it seems to counter resiliance and can hit a 3 count at any time in a match*

[b]Unlock[/b]: 5 star rating against 3 different people who have the ability *if your trying to avoid it remember its a 5 star match so make your match bad*

[u]Table Match (B15): [/u]Makes it easier to put the opponent through the table

[b]Unlock[/b]: break 40 tables in career (announce tables count)

[u]Referee Shield (B16): [/u]Use the referee as a Shield and push him at the opponent

[b]Unlock[/b]: Get 5 DQ losses, then win a championship match against a clean superstar

[u]Move Theft (B17): [/u]can Steal Opponents Finisher

[b]Unlock[/b] :Beat 20 different superstars (to avoid this use the roster edit trick below)

[u]Steal Taunt (B18)[/u] : can Steal Opponents Taunt

[b]Unlock[/b]: Foil opponents attempt to steal your taunt (can't have fan fav ability) *just go outside the ring with someone who can steal your taunt and wait (helps if you have a long taunt) then just rush in and toe kick*

[u]Bloodshed (B19): [/u]press triangle when holding a chair, to heal, also bleeding gets you full momentum *also makes you bleed lol*

[b]Unlock[/b]: make opponents bleed 10 times and bleed yourself 10 times (rewarded on win with blood)

[u]Cage Match (B20): [/u]Makes you climb out of cage MUCH quicker

U[b]nlock[/b]: win cage match in under a minute by escaping

[u]Submission (B21)[/u] : make the opponent tap to none finisher/sig moves

[b]Unlock[/b]: Attempt 7 struggle submissions in one match and win

[b]Superstars ability list (C01)[/b][u][/u]
[u]Wrestlers with Possum Pin (C02[/u]):

Santino Marella
Shelton Benjamin
Kofi Kingston
Mickie James
Trevor Murdoch
Chavo Guerrero
Cody Rhodes
Brian Kendrick
Paul London
The Miz
Michelle McCool
Shawn Michaels
Mr. Kennedy
Jimmy Wang Yang

[u]Wrestlers with Dirty Pin (C03):[/u]

Santino Marella
Beth Phoenix
Shelton Benjamin
Trevor Murdoch
Lance Cade
Chuck Palumbo
William Regal
Chavo Guerrero
The Miz
John Morrison
Elijah Burke
Randy Orton
Zack ryder
Curt Hawkings
[u]Wrestlers with Steal Taunt (C04)[/u] :

Santino Marella
Chris Jericho (he needs to be in the roster for the lock pick ability)
The Miz
Randy Orton
Mr. Kennedy

[b]Roster Edit (D01)[/b][u][/u]
In order to do this you start a new career and when giving the option of current or customize roster choose to costomize. You can then move superstars over into the extra tab of superstars that wont comete.
Its a very easy way to avoid certain abilities is to edit the roster so that there are less superstars on the roster.
For example say you want KO and Kip up but not Move theft you would bring the roster down to 17 superstars 6 raw 6 smackdown 5 ecw

Another useful thing to note is that you can create superstars and put them in so if you say dont want abilities that require superstars you could fill the roster with squishy CaWs. (Works for divas as well)

[b]Special Matches (E01)[/b][u][/u]

[u]Royal Rumble (E02): [/u]At the royal rumble PPV you can compete in the royal rumble you will get a random number and will start the match just before you come out. (if you get say 28 then the first 27 will have come and gone and you wont watch any of it).

Reward: You get 5 stars toward any title you are going for (you also get a stat in your stats menu telling you how many ppl you eliminated how long you were in and how many times you have won

[u]Wrestlemania (E03)[/u] : At wrestlemania you get the option to compete in a money in the bank ladder match which your opponents are chosen at random

Reward: You get to challange for the championship you are after at any time you wish (also adds a stat in the stats menu saying how many money in the banks you have won)

[b]Unlockable Matches (in career only) (F01)[/b][u][/u]
Earn these by winning championships in career

Extreme Rules - ECW Championship
Steel Cage
Hell In A Cell
Single w/ Manager - US Championship

[b]After Match Awards (G01)[/b][u][/u]

4 CORNERS OF DOOM: Complete a corner grapple on all 4 corners
11TH HOUR SAVE: Won the match when your partner has less than ??? remaining (tag)
A LITTLE PICK-ME-UP: Picked up downed opponent 5 times
ALL HEART : Took 3 finishing moves from opponent and won
ARMED HAMMER: Bust a sledgehammer on opponent
AROUND THE WORLD: Executed 5 environmental grapples
BACK-BREAKING LABOR: Executed 7 submisson moves to opponent's torso
BLOOD TEST: Bloodied both opponents (TAG Match)
BLOWN UP : Got tired enough to fall down
BREAKING POINT: Bust 4 objects
BY A THREAD : Won the match with less than ? health
CAN'T CATCH ME: Taunt 6 Times while out the ring
Cardio Monster: Consumed 400 units of stamina
CHAIN WRESTLER: Completed 20 quick grapples
CHEERLEADER: Pumped up the crowd 5 times as the illegal partner (tag)
CHEESE WITH THAT WHINE?: Argue with the ref 4 times
CONTINUE THE PAIN: Manually halt the ref's pin count 4 times
COULD'VE ENDED SOONER: Performed finsher 4 times
CROWD CAN'T SEE: 30+ seconds fighting outside ring
CUT THE WIRE: Bust a barbed wire 2x4 on an opponent
DAVID WHUPS GOLIATH: Defeated a super-heavyweight in 2 1/2 minutes or less while Playing as cruiserweight
DEMOLITION MAN: Destroyed all the announce tables
DIVA WHUPS GOLIATH : Defeated a super-heavyweight in 2 1/2 minutes or less while playing as Diva
DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK: Win the match with LESS than 50% health
DOWN, BOY!: Connected with 12 strikes to downed opponent
DRIVE-BY GRAPPLE: Completed 10 running grapples
DUKE THE DUMPSTER: Bust a trash can on opponent
EXTREME FINISHER: Performed 2 finishers outdide the ring
FAILURE TO LAUNCH: Let top-momentum timer expire 3 times
FEAR OF FLYING: Climbed the top rope 4 times and jumped down rather than attacking
FLYING AROUND THE RING: Hit top rope moves off every corner
FRIENDLY SKIES: Connected with 10 attacks off the top rope
FUJI WOULD BE PROUD: Successfully taunted your opponent 8 times
GET INSIDE NOW!: Stay out the ring until 9 count
GRECO-ROMAN MASTER: Didn't use a strikes the entire match
HAYMAKER: Connected with 12 standing strikes
HEY, LOOK AT ME!: Distracted referee 4 times (Tag Match)
HIGH-RENT DISTRICT: Hit a top rope move to an opponent ringside
HOMMAGE TO THE DUNGEON : Performed 5 submission holds while out of the ring
I'M NOT DONE YET: Countered ? finisher attempts
IMPENETRABLE DEFENSE: Blocked or countered at least 10 attacks/grapples
IN CONTROL: Executed 5 total control grapples
INVISIBLE SUPERSTAR: Win a match without taking damage
JOYLESS VICTORY : Won with very little momentum
LOCK BREAKER: Escaped 4 submission holds during match
MINIMALIST: Only used a total of 3 different attacks or grapples for the whole match
MINUTE MAN : Won in under a minute
MUCHO LUCHA: Connected with 5 attacks off the top rope
INSULT TO INJURY: Successfully taunt your opponent 4 times
NO COVER CHARGE: Won without going for a single pin attempt
NO KITCHEN SINK?: Struck opponent with 5 different objects
NO SEAT FOR YOU!: Bust a chair on opponent
NONE SHALL PASS: Reversed/Countered every attack/grapple in the match
NOT PAID BY THE HOUR: Won under 2 1/2 minutes
OBSTRUCTED VIEW: Spend 2 minutes fighting outside of the ring
ON STRIKE: Didn't use a grapple the entire match
ONE-TRICK PONY: Used one attack or grapple exclusively for the whole match
Out of Control: Broke out of 3 Ultimate control grapples by opponent
OUT OF STOCK: Came up short looking for a weapon under the ring
PAIN IN THE NECK : Executed 7 submission moves to opponent's neck
PERSONAL SPACE: Never touched the ropes
PHOTO OPP: Do all your superstar's Sig's & finshers
PLASMA SCREAM: Won while both you and opponent were bloody
PRETZEL MAKER :Executed a submission move to every part of opponent's body
RINGLAND SECURITY: Executed 2 grapples against the security barricade
SEEING RED: Win a match after being bloodied
SHOWING MERCY :Manually released ? submission holds (no ropebreak )
SIDELINE SUPPORTER: Complete 4 strikes/grapples from the apron (tag)
SINGAPORE SUPERSTAR: Bust a singapore cane on opponent
SIT IN THE CORNER: Irish whipped opponent into corner 10 times
SPEED BAG EXPERT: Completed 35 strikes
SQUASH MATCH: Won with 85% of your total health
STAY DOWN!: Knocked opponent down and never let them back up
STICKS & STONES...: Win despite being hit with 3 different objects
STOMP A MUDHOLE: Connected with 8 strikes with opponent is in the corner
STRONG LIKE BULL: Executed 5 strong grapples
SUGER RUSH: Completed 10 running attacks
SUIT OF ARMOR: Won without sustaining yellow limb damages anywhere
SWEEP THE LEG : Executed 7 submission holds to opponent's leg
TABLETOP TAPOUT: Locked on a submission move while opponent is on an announce table
TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM: Won the match when you have ??? or less and your partner has ??? or more (tag)
TAKE OUT THE TRASH: Irish whipped opponent outside ring 3 times
TAKE THIS BROKEN WING: Executed 7 submission holds to opponent's arms
TAUNT FASTER POSER!: Have taunt interrupted by opponent 3 times
THE HUMAN AUTOGRAPH: Excuted 5 signature moves
THERE WILL BE BLOOD: Made an opponent bleed within 1 minute
THINK YOU OVERDID IT?: Performed your finsher 8 times
THIS IS MY YARD: Never left the ring
TOO MANY 2S: Win by pinfall after 5 two counts by either superstar
Tougher than Lumber: Won despite being put through a table (including announce table)
UNPREDICTABLE OFFENSE : Won while only being countered/reversed 3 or fewer times
UNSAFE WORKSPACE: Destroyed one of the announce tables
WELL-OILED MACHINE :Performed 7 double-team moves (tag)
WHIPPER SNAPPER : Irish whipped opponent 5 times
WIPE THE SMIRK OFF: Brake up 3 taunt attempts by your opponent
YOU'LL HURT YOURSELF: Took an opponents object 3 times

[b]Easy 5 Star Matches (H01)[/b]
In order to get a 5 Star match without making it a back and forth battle or a long fight.

The simplist method i have found is use all your sig/finisher 4 times
you will get 5 stars Match.

The Reason for adding this is When i play the game and try to win i just crush the opponent and get a 3-4 star match (I need to hold back alot or else its a squash match)

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This is an awesome guide. Really helpful in terms of roster editing to favour certain abilities. Thanks for this. 8-)

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I put in a request for this to be pinned but I also suggested maybe combining John Thomas' Awards guide with it too since he posted that first and had an extensive list yet his topic wasn't pinned.

Maybe a colour code for different sections of the Award guide too like red for tag team awards, blue for taunts etc?

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Thank you for the good feedback i really hope this gets a sticky because i have put alot of time into it

(i like the color suggestion the only problem is that 1. im color blind (slight issue) and 2. many people have trouble reading text in diffrent colors and some get massive headaches)

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Another vote for pinning!

I did have a question though, you mention editing the diva roster. How do you do this? The divas don't even appear on my roster screen. (ps3)

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I don't know how many times i can say thank you so once will do for now.

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[quote name='DanieljmWaters' post='5438385' date='Dec 13 2008, 10:42 PM']Do you have more then 1 Created diva I havent actually done it but i have been told that you could ill double check as soon as my G\F is done with my ps3[/quote]

I have 6 created divas. It looks like you can't since the diva roster doesn't appear on the roster list. Seems silly to me but meh. At least there is one :D

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do i still get durabillity if i turn red and he is orange? or do we both defently have orange?

also what if 2 are orange and 1 is red do i still get it? thanks

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Thanks man. I have the durabillity now. I'm working on building it up so I can go for resiliance. I know I spelled it wrong lol

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I have the durabillity. Im trying to get Realsilance. You said that it's good to heel. Do I heel after the kickout or do i stay on orange and let him pin me? and button mash. Thanks

will it work if the ref gets knocked down and i still kick out? thanks also reply to the top post. thanks

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When i said its easier to heal i mean like say your head gets red but none of your other body parts then constantly heal your head until your other body part is hurt then heal 1 body part to orange and another to just before it turns orange again then let him hit a head move (that way you have the least amount of damage to the head and to the second body part when he tries to pin

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[quote name='edgesuperfan' post='5436784' date='Dec 13 2008, 06:10 PM']This should be pinned. Awesome guide.[/quote]

yeah i agree amazing guide

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There are a lot of topics that should be pinned, but we can't have too many, so I'm adding this to Hot Topics. Great job on the guide. :cool:

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Thanks i guess but this guide has seen almost as many veiws as the hot topic guide in the short time its been posted but hey you do what you can i guess

Oh and i added zack to the dirty pin list thanks for the info

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