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HCTP Finishers and some of my CAW ones

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All HCTP Finishers (Whole Movesets coming soon):
A-Train:Derailleur and Train Wreck
Animal:Powerslam Pin 1 and Oklahoma Slam 1
Batista:Powerbomb 16 and Powerbomb 15
Big Show:Show Stopper and Final Cut
Booker T:Booker T Special and Book End
Brock Lesnar:F-5 2 and F-5 1
Bubba Ray Dudley:Bubba Cuter and Bubba Bomb
Charlie Haas:Haas Of Pain and German Suplex Pin 2
Chavo Guerrero:Brainbuster DDT 3 and STF
Chris Benoit:Crossface and Diving Headbutt 2
Chris Jericho:Lionsault Pin and The Walls Of Jericho 1
Christian:Unprettier and DDT 25
D-Von Dudley:Saving Grace and D-Von Neck Breaker
Eddie Guerrero:Frog Splash Pin 3 and El Paso 2
Edge:Edgecuion 2 and Edgecution 1
Eric Bischoff:Kung-Fu Straigh Punch and Guillotine Strikes
George Steele:Full Nelson and Big Splash Pin
Goldberg:Jackhammer Pin 2 and Spear 5
Goldust:Curtain Call and The Shattered Dreams
Hawk:Flying Clothesline 2 and Falling Neckbreaker
Hillbilly Jim:Big Boot 6 and Atomic Leg Drop 2
The Hurricane:Eye Of The Hurricane and Chokeslam 7
Iron Shiek:Camel Cluch 3 and Camel Clutch 3
Jazz:Fisherman DDT and Single Leg Crab 2
Jimmy Snuka:Superfly and Jimmy Snuka Special
John Cena:F-U and Spinning Out Powerbomb 3
Kane:Chokeslam 5 and Powerbomb 11
Kevin Nash:Jackknife and Jackknife
Kurt Angle:Angle Lock 2 and Angle Slam
Lance Storm:Super Kick 2 and Single Leg Crab 2
Lita:Lita Diving Moonsault and Spinning Out Powerbomb 2
Matt Hardy:Twist Of Fate 2 and Twist Of Fate 1
Nicholai Volkoff:Bearhug 2 and Backbreaker 6
Randy Orton:RKO and Overdrive
Rey Mysterio:The 619 and West Coast Pop
Rhyno:The Gore and The Gore
Ric Flair:Figure-4 Leg Lock 3 and Figure-4 Leg Lock 3
Rico:Rico Spinning Kick and Roundhouse Dropkick
Rikishi:BANZAI Drop 2 and Rikishi Driver
Rob Van Dam:Five-Star Frog Splash and Five-Star Frog Splash
The Rock:The People's Elbow and The Rock Botom
Roddy Piper:Sleeper Hold 3 and Roddy Piper Strikes
Rodney Mack:Tigerbomb 4 and Black Out
Sable:Powerbomb 14 and Woman's Special Slap
Scott Steiner:Steiner Recliner and DDT 23
Sean O'Haire:Seanton Bomb and Widowmaker
Sgt. Slaughter:Sgt Cobra Clutch and Camel Cluch 3
Shawn Michaels:Swee Chin Music 2 and Swee Chin Music 1
Shelton Benjamin:Super Kick 2 and Super Kick 2
Stacy Keibler:Rico Spinning Kick and Woman's Special Slap
Stephanie McMahon:Pedigree 1 and Woman's Special Slap
Steve Austin:Stone Cold Stunner 6 and Stone Cold Stunner 4
Steven Richards:Stevie T and Super Kick 2
Tajiri:Buzzsaw Kick and Buzzsaw Kick
Ted DiBiase:Million $ Dream and Million $ Fist Drop 1
Test:Big Boot 5 and Testdrive
Torrie Wilson:DDT 20 and DDT 7
Triple H:Pedigree 3 and Pedigree 2
Trish Stratus:Chick Kick and Statusfaction
Ultimo Dragon:Ultimo Dragon DDT and Lionsault Pin
Undertaker:The Last Ride and Chokeslam 4
The Undertaker:Tombstone Piledriver Pin and Chokeslam 8
Val Venis:Leg Lock 11 and The Money Shot Pin
Victoria:Widow's Peak and Widow's Peak
Vince McMahon:Stone Cold Stunner 1 and Finishing Punch
My CAWs:
William Regal:Power Of The Punch and The Regal Stretch
Al Snow:Snowplow and Sleeper With Scissors
Spike Dudley:Dudley Dog and DDT 7
AND Just look from page 5 to Page 9 for on Movesets for my CAWs Finishers

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