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(:AndyJoe:)'s Create-a-Finisher List

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[center][b](:AndyJoe:)'s SvR 2009 Create a Finisher List[/b][/center]

Note 1: What is listed is the bare minimum for the moves; no strikes or taunts were added since they are optional.
Note 2: Speeds are up to you. Everyone has a different opinion on them.

Abyss' Black Hole Slam: Backbreaker Cutch 02, Rolling Swing Bottom Downward Twist, Rolling Swing Bottom Spin-Out, Rolling Swing Bottom Impact 01

Argentine Backbreaker Drop: Argentine Clutch 02, Sitdown Shock Impact

Argentine Facebuster: Argentine Clutch 02, Reverse F-U Drop, Reverse F-U Impact

Argentine Piledriver: Argentine Clutch 02, Highjack Clutch 08, Lifth Piledriver Clutch 02, Step Piledriver Impact

Argentine Powerbomb: Argentine Clutch, Swing Argentine Bomb Drop, High Angle Powerbomb Impact

Brainbuster: Suplex Clutch 01, Crashlanding Clutch, Nothern Lights Driver Impact

Black Tiger Bomb: Powerbomb Clutch 02, High Angle Clutch 01, Tiger Bomb Pin

Chris Sabin's Over Easy DDT: Powerbomb Clutch 02, Hijack Clutch 02, Shoulderbreaker Step, Double Arm Facebuster Impact

Christopher Daniels' Angel's Wings: Piledriver Clutch 02, Pedigree Clutch, Dragon Wings Lift, Dragon Wings Impact

Choke Suplex: Two-Handed Chokeslam Clutch 01, Executioner Clutch, Executioner Impact

Chokebomb: Gut Kick, Two-Handed Chokeslam Clutch 01, Two-Handed Chokeslam Drop, Two-Handed Chokeslam Impact

CIMA's Perfect Driver: Suplex Clutch 02, Shima Driver Lift, Shima Driver Impact

Cradle Piledriver: Piledriver Clutch 01, Lift Piledriver Clutch 01, Cradle Piledriver Clutch, Cradle Piledriver Impact

Crucifix Powerbomb: Piledriver Clutch 02, High Angle Clutch 01, High Angle Thunder Impact

Electric Chair Driver: Reverse DDT Clutch 01, Backbreaker and Electric Chair Position, Beldigo Drop, Beldigo Impact

Fisherman Buster: Suplex Clutch 01, Fisherman Buster Clutch, High Angle Fisherman Buster Impact

Flip Piledriver: Powerbomb Clutch 02, Texan Destroyer Clutch, Texan Destroyer Impact

Goldust's Final Cut: Suplex Clutch 02, Northern Lights Clutch, Extreme Twist of Fate Pin

Gutwrench Powerbomb: Hijack Clutch 01, Partial Tiger Bomb Lift, Quick Powerbomb Impact

Hangman Neckbreaker: DDT Clutch 02, Awakening Neckbreaker Clutch, Awakening Neckbreaker Impact

Impaler DDT: DDT Clutch 02, Edgecution Drop, Kick-Out DDT Impact

Jackknife Powerbomb: Piledriver Clutch 02, Powerbomb Clutch 03, Powerbomb Lift, Partial Jackknife Lift, Jackknife Powerbomb

James Storm's 8 Second Ride: Argentine Clutch 02, Vicious Twist Spin, Vicious Twist Impact

James Storm's Eye of the Storm: Powerbomb Clutch 02, Hijack Clutch 02, 360 High Angle Roll [Flip Horizontal], High Angle Thunder Impact

Mitsuharu Misawa's Emerald Flowsion Custom: Suplex Clutch 02, Vertical Suplex Clutch, Oklahoma Clutch 04, Sidebuster Drop, Dreamer Driver Impact

Muscle Buster: Suplex Clutch 01, Fisherman Buster Clutch, Fisherman Buster Impact

Olympic Slam: Wresting Hero Slam Clutch 01, Wrestling Hero Slam Impact 01

Samoan Driver: Samoan Drop Clutch 02, Shock Drop, Shock Impact

Scotty Goldman's (Colt Cabana's) Colt .45: Piledriver Clutch 01, Pedigree Clutch, Double Arm Shoulder Breaker Clutch, Double Arm Shoulder Breaker Impact

Styles Clash: Gut Kick, Piledriver Clutch 01, Belly-to-Back Inverted Mat Slam 01, Crashlanding Pin OR Crashlanding Impact 01

Standing Side Slam: Chokeslam Clutch 02, Bedrock Drop Clutch, Chokeslam

Sting's Scorpion Death Drop: Reverse DDT Clutch 01, Frenchbomb Impact

Stunner: Gut Kick, Stunner

Super Dragon's Barry White Driver: Powerbomb Clutch 02, Gory Bomb Lift, Gory Bomb Clutch, Hijack Clutch 09, Partial Cliffhanger Drop, Shoulder Break Step, Dragon Wings Impact

Suplex Side Slam: Suplex Clutch 01, Body Splash Suplex Lift, Crashlanding Impact 02

Swinging Reverse STO: Chokeslam Clutch, Battering Ram Bend, Battering Ram Impact

TKO: Samoan Drop Clutch 02, F-U Drop, Swing Shoulder Cutter Impact

Triple H's Pedigree: Gut Kick, Piledriver Clutch 01, Pedigree Clutch, Pedigree Impact

Uranage Chokeslam: Chokeslam Clutch 02, Bedrock Drop Clutch, Bedrock Drop Impact

Vader's Powerbomb: Powerbomb Clutch 02, Powerbomb Lift, Powerbomb Impact 03

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[quote name='Beast And The Harlot' post='5460594' date='Dec 19 2008, 02:23 PM']Umm no Canadian Destroyer or Reverse GTS :???:[/quote]

The Flip Piledriver is the Canadian Destroyer.

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