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Molly Holly (Face) Moveset for HCTP

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I'm finally finished compiling a movelist for Molly Holly's first and only Face run with the WWF/WWE before turning heel in 2001. Here it is, enjoy people. Suggestions are welcomed liked always.

Ready Moves


Dropkick 2
Woman's Toe Kick
Back Elbow Smash
Powerful Back Chop
Front Dropkick 2
Back Chop 2


Submission Grapple

Backslide Pin 1
Headlock 1
Wrist Lock
Small Package

Signature Grapple

Wrist & Arm Wrench
Drop Toehold
Northern Lights Suplex 1
Suplex 10

Power Grapple

Clothesline 28
Scoop Slam 2
Suplex 4 (did this to Lita on Raw in Feburary '01 and Heat before Backlash '01)
Woman's Snapmare

Quick Grapple

Hurracanrana 1 (did this to Crash on Raw after they became enemies)
Crusierweight Moves 1
Fireman Carry 1
Snapmare 2 (did a snapmare just like this to Ivory)

Grapple Attack

Elbow Strike (x3)

Back Attack

School Boy Pin 2
Crusierweight Moves 4
Elbow To Back of Head 2
Back Side Slam 2
Backslide 2
Sidewalk Slam 4 (did this to Ivory in a Intergender Tag Match)
Turning Face Front
School Boy Pin 2



Woman's Angry Stomp
Elbow Drop 2
Elbow Drop 2


Head Scissors Roll Over (this is closest thing I could find that neat headscissors Molly used to do after jumping from out the corner)
Oklahoma Roll Pin
Spinning Armbreaker

Cruiserweight Moves 6
Pin With Bridge
Crusierweight Moves 6



Handspring FC 1 (Did this to Crash and The Hurricane)
On The Top Rope (a easier way to set the opponent up for the Molly-Go-Round)
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2


Monkey Flip
Big Back Chop 1
Frankensteiner (did this on Albert)
Sunset Flip Pin 3 (the closest thing to that Flying Sunset Flip she beat Trish with at Survivor Series '00)
Foot Choke 2

Back Attack

Dropkick & School Boy Pin
Turnbuckle Smash
Dropkick & School Boy Pin
Turnbuckle Smash

Rope Opponent

Rope Down

Acrobatic Clothesline

Rebound Attack

Kurt Angle Block
Elbow Drop 11
Vaulting Body Press

Jump Down Over

Baseball Slide



Diving Cross Body Pin
Headscissors Takedown 1 (something else close to that headscissors she does from the corner)


Diving Moonsault Pin 1
Rolling Thunder 1
Diving Moonsault Pin 1



Axe Handle 1
Kurt Shoulder Block


Sunset Flip
Victory Roll Pin 3 (did this to Crash)

Back Attack

Bulldog 2 (did this to Chyna after avoiding her Handspring Elbow)
School Boy Pin 2

Squatting Attack

Elbow Drop 11
Elbow Drop 11


Arm Drag 5
Back Drop 3
Hip Toss 1

Double Team


Double Suplex 1
Double Suplex 2
Double Dropkick
Dropkick & Rolling Clutch
Double Dropkick


Hip Toss
Mudhole Stomping
Kick To Gut
Body Splash & Whip


Go Round Pin
Double Wrist Suplex Pin (the only time I saw her do this as a Face was in her first one one one match with Trish)


Northern Lights Suplex 1
Back Chop 2
Head Scissors Roll Over

Weapon Special

DDT (x2)

Combination Moves

Woman's Elbow Smash
Back Chop 2
Dropkick 2

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