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Hard-K Kevin Fowl---ORIGINAL

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Heres Kevin Fowl.
hope you like....

BIO:Kevin was Raised with a Wrestling family...his Father was the IWA Pro Championship Title holder..2 years in a row.
Once Kevin was Old Enough he auditioned for an Indy Company Held in a Military Army Base..The Wrestling Company was called SAW-Supreme Action Wrestling (the on the TNA game) where he was Champion just like his father...when a representitive of WWE came to visit him..they offerd him a job in the WWE to work on Smackdown!..but the following night a rep came form TNA offering a job...and without a doubt he chose TNA over WWE.where now he stands as TNA World Heavuweight Champion.
Upper Mid Shot:

Long Shot:

Face Shot:

Upper Mid Shot Again:

Sorry about the camera..my old camera went bust so im using my Phone.

'Chismo ;)

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Ilike the Reception im getting.
thanks Guys...and Yeah il get the Formula Up sometime Within the Next Few days..

Keeo the posts coming guys..anything that needs improving..or just anything would be deeply appriciated

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Cool origonal. :) He looks like he could use some kneepads but its your origonal and you can do what you want with it.

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