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I found this

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GamingRing recently conducted an interview podcast with THQ's Creative Manager Bryan Williams, who started out testing the Day Of Reckoning Series and the first Smackdown vs. RAW.

The interview brought up quite a few new points and possibly some spoilers, including a popular Legend that doesn't look to be in the game.

You can listen to the interview here, although it's 50 minutes long. So if your in a hurry, here's a breakdown of the interview:


- The current stage of development in the game is removing bugs.
- Bryan thinks this is the best SvR game in the 3 years here's worked on the SvR series..


- More Tag Teams have been added this year.
- Bryan was unsure as to whether Tag Team moves are available outside of the ring, but thinks they may be.
- You can distract your opponent, so your partner can hit him with his finisher.
- Tag Team finishers should be avaialble in tornado tag.
- Bryan gave no answer as to whether the new tag team features were available in the 6-Man Tag match.
- You can be DQ'd for staying in the ring for longer than 5 seconds if your not the legal man and you cant turn it off.
- Hurracanrana to powerbomb is Bryans favourite tag team finisher. His second he was unable to say as it would reveal some superstars that have not yet been announced. (London & Kendrick pherhaps?)


- Due to the signature moves, you now have two extra moves in your moveset.
- Performing your signature move, followed by your finisher will cause more damage.


- Managers will have a few new things to do, however Bryan cannot discuss them at present. Although they should be revealed next month.


- The new commentry designer wanted to give the ref a voice. Therefore the Ref will now shout at you to get back in the ring, break a submission, etc.


- The commentators now talk about the moves you perform.


- This mode took this long to implement as they didnt have time to design it, implement and test it in previous years.
- There will be over 500 Animations, holds, taunts, strikes and moves.
- Bryans finsiher is named the Bouta Crusher (Fisherman Suplexs, to a Fisherman Spin W/Pin).
- When speaking of the fisherman suplexes, Bryan said you can CREATE Eddie Gurrerro in CAW mode, possibly indicating he will NOT be a Legend in the game.
- The Tigerdriver is in, and Bryan says you'll be able to create many of the Japanesse moves.
- Is there a flip piledriver? (Canadian Destroyer). Yes, this is in CAF.
- Create-A-Finisher moves can only be used as finishing moves, not signature moves. Although Signature moves maybe added next year.
- You can only start with front moves, then turn to you opponents back to perform moves from behind.
- Damage was previously user set, but taken out as THQ decided users would always set it to the highest. Therefore all created finishers are set to the same damage value.
- There will be 25-30 unique preset names available, which can be heard in commentry. However you can also name your own, which obviously wont be said in commentry.
- Created finishers can end with a pin.
- No created finishers's end with submission.
- Next year they will look to add new starting poisitions, such as back, running and maybe may run a poll to see what is most wanted.


- Batista will have his Levesuqe Spinebuster as a signature move.
- Orton's perfect dropkick is in, but not his signature move. His signature moves are the Backcracker and Orton Stomp. His finishers are The Legend Killer Kick and the Stalking RKO. Bryan also mentioned there will be a few variations of the RKO available.
- HBK's flying elbow has been newly mocapped and is one of his signature moves, but it does not end in a pin.


- If you have the Submission Specialist ability, you can cause your opponent to tap out from any regular submission hold if their limb damage is red. If you are not a submission specialist, you will only be able to cause a tap out by using a signature or finishing move.
- The Undertaker's choke is the only non submission move that can cause a tap out.


- Gamers need to choose the backstage area before the match.
- The backstage is sperate, you cannot move from one to another. However THQ are looking to link them together, but did not say if this will be done this year.
- The locker room has replaced parking lot.
- Divas and Female CAW's cannot be used in backstage brawls, inferno matches or cage matches. However Bryan may look into having them available in Backstage matches in the future, as this is sometimes seen on TV.
- Backstage matches are only 1v1.
- Backstage matches are won by KO. Red damage followed by finisher or weapon hits will cause the KO.
- Interactive areas.

Gorilla Position: monitors, dumpster, steel doors (door dents), box with weapons.
Locker Room: dumbell, whiteboard, TV, plus weapons fall from the lockers when you are whipped into them.


- 6 superstars on screen is the max. However this may be increased next year after talking to Yukes.
- AI has been improved since the last 3-4 games.
- Springboard moves from the apron are not in, but Bryan would like to have them in next year.

Credit: GamingRing (Podcast), Smacktalks.org (Notes)

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