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a noob question

Lance Mikes

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Hey, i'm new to the site, didnt know you could download save stuff for the PS2 or 3. I own a playstation 3 and a copy of SD vs Raw 2008 and I downloaded the TNA Save, PAL version but i'm stuck on what to do next, I put the stuff onto a CD/DVD and tried that but it didnt work.

I must be doing something wrong, could someone explain to me how to use the save game files? I would appreciate the help.

thank you
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[quote name='justice125' post='5016238' date='Sep 23 2008, 04:34 AM']you need a ar max or codebreaker

ar max comes with one(the evo one)

codebreaker is 20 bucks cheaper but no usb thing[/quote]

Like justice said your going to need one of those cheat cd's and a usb pen to transfer them to & from your pc to ps2. This method is not possible on PS3 since no cheat cd's have been made for PS3 and no PS2 ones do not work
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