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Mr Perfect

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I know this is nowhere near perfect. Please tell me what I need to change or alter. Oh, and I can't post pics as my Samsung PC Studio thing isn't working.

Name: Hennig


Mouth: 2

Nose: 17

Eye: 15, colour 3

Eyebrow: 6, colour 3

Brow: 8

Hair: 30, colour 5

Jaw Line: 27



Shirt: 3, colour 1 (I prefer colour 1, but it's up to you really)

Shoes: 1, colour 7

Left Knee: 2, colour 2

Right Knee: 2, colour 2

Left Hand: 3, colour 1

(I know they have the finger tape, but you can't have both normal wrist bands white)

Right Hand: 3, colour 1


Intro: 4 (nice confident entrance)


Wrestling Moves: Up to you..

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