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100% gamesave inside


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hey iv beat the game so i uploaded my saves here they are 2 because 1 is rar 1 is zip

first one is zip second rar its ps3 ntsc



o yeah say thanks
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[quote name='Save.Us_222' post='5132670' date='Oct 14 2008, 09:12 AM']:offtopic: [url="http://video.wwe.com/wvx.php?wvx=http://vmsvideo.wwe.com/vms/wm/videos/2008/october8-14/58703928d238f2d0202913fab33baba1.wmv"]Click To Download[/url] :offtopic:[/quote]
um wow wtf? :???:. at least type something pertaining to this topic then post ur rediculous off topic garbage. ty cyrus.
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