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Tom Rice

SVR2006 Updates & Site News

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[i]Note that entrances and movesets sections are now split into wrestler and non-wrestler[/i]
[b]New Entrances:[/b]
Rathis "Ultra" Kumar, Ultimate Warrior, Tatanka, Great Muta, Goku, Luther Reigns, Animal (Current LOD), Kurt Angle (Face)
[b]New Movesets:[/b]
Carlito Caribbean Cool, Rathis Kumar, Kudai, Lance Storm, CM Punk 2
[b]Diva CAWs:[/b]
Ashley Massaro 8, April Hunter 3, Ashley Massaro 9
[b]Original & Custom CAWs:[/b]
Hayley Jonas, Rathis "Ultra" Kumar, Ultimo, Taker Girl, Kudai

[b]Site Notices:[/b]
[u]Mailing List:[/u] I will soon be taking the mailing list section offline, as I'm no longer able to maintain it. Apologies to everyone who signed up, thank you for your interest. For your data protection, all email addresses submitted will be deleted from the list. This does not affect forum accounts or any other area of the site.
[u]Submitting CAWs:[/u] Reminder to users submitting CAWs to the site - if you don't provide pics it will be deleted! Unfortunately I cannot provide pic-taking services, and I cannot add CAWs to the site if they don't have pics. People who do submit CAWs with pics please remember to always put them into one image, and please do not include [img] tags in the image location box. If you want to submit a CAW to the site, please see the entry in our FAQ for now, and a Submit-A-CAW link will be added to the menu soon.
[u]Further CAW Updates:[/u] Many more CAW updates will be taking place over the weekend and Monday, so keep checking this space for more!
[u]CAW Database:[/u] Please see the news entry below for information on our new database system

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Because when I make a new one it makes a new entry on the site homepage (caws.ws) with the date, so everything stays up to date and it pushes the old stuff out of the way. Plus you know there's updates because the new topic icon will light up, wheras if i just edit one update topic u wont see it

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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