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Old School Tag Team Save

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1. B. Brian Blair (Killer Bee’s)
2. Jim Brunzell (Killer Bee’s)
3. Iron Sheik (Foreign Legion)
4. Nikolai Volkoff (Foreign Legion)
5. Dynamite Kid (British Bulldogs)
6. Axe (Demolition)
7. Smash (Demolition)
8. Paul Diamond (Badd Company)
9. Pat Tanaka (Badd Company)
10. Jim Neidhart (Hart Foundation)
11. Robert Gibson (Rock & Roll Express)
12. Ricky Morton (Rock & Roll Express)
13. Hawk (Road Warriors)
14. Animal (Road Warriors)
15. Butch Reed (Doom)
16. Ron Simmons (Doom)
17. Shawn Michaels (The Rockers)
18. Marty Jannetty (The Rockers)
19. Rick Steiner (Steiner Brothers)
20. Scott Steiner (Steiner Brothers)
21. Arn Anderson (Brain Busters)
22. Tully Blanchard (Brain Busters)
23. Michael P.S. Hayes (Fabulous Freebirds)
24. Jimmy “Jam” Garvin (Fabulous Freebirds)
25. Bobby Eaton (Midnight Express)
26. Stan Lane (Midnight Express)
27. Kerry Von Erich (Von Erichs)
28. Kevin Von Erich (Von Erichs)
29. Tommy Rogers (The Fantastics)
30. Bobby Fulton (The Fantastics)

All CAWS are completed and the save will be ready by Monday. I am simply frustrated making Afa and Sika on my 75-84 save and taking a temporary break and then I will go back.

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