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SVR 08 .zip files


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So, I was looking at this: [url="http://caws.ws/svr2008/show.php?cat=5&id=34"]http://caws.ws/svr2008/show.php?cat=5&id=34[/url] and then I saw I couls save the file as a .zip file, but I was wondering, when I unpack it, how do I get it into my SVR08 game, I have a 360.
EDIT:[/b] I have just unpacked the file on to my computer and it is now a z36 file.
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Welcome to Caws.ws, hope you enjoy your stay first off. Saves are only possible on PS2 only.

this is from WolfgangJT:
[quote]there isn't a way on the 360...what ever you saw was wrong. There is only one way a save could possibly be used on a 360, and to do that, you'd have to use the exact same gamertag profile that the person who created it did it on (which means you can't use them on your game you probably already started), plus some other technicalities like having Live..

Essentially, there is no way to do saves on the 360 and use them on your own personal profile...wasn't last year either.[/quote]
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