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I won 3 matches in a row online yesterday and for some dam reason my record still says 0-0?

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For the first time I went online yesterday and i beat someone 3 times (same person) in a row and my record still says 0-0. Why is does is say no wins for me ? Also if someone gave me a CAW that has a stats of 99 and i didnt unlock unlimted points from GM mode does that unlock for me then. (dont want to waste my time if i dont have too. I want to create wrestlers right away with everything unlocked,i am dont want my CAWs have 99 i just want to be able to use them and give them stats and then unlock moves i want to give them.) I own the ps2 version for 2 years and this idea worked for ps2. Also why is there no momentum bar when i do matches more then 1 on 1? If it is taken out for 4 ways does this go for online too? (on ps2 they always had the mometum bar for any match types). Does the SvR07 online players go by 2 red fin (meaning 2 body parts red an then a finisher before goign for the win) or is it just go for any win. Sorry i am new to xbox i just bought the 360 a month ago. thanks for any help.

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