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ICCW ZOMG-A-Mania CPV (Season Finale)

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The wait is over and the Season Finale is here!

ICCW Presents... ZOMG-A-Mania! The CPV!

ZOMG Card:

Brands Collide-NTA vs. ICCW
Jewish vs. ???

Internet Championship - TLC
Open Challenge to any Internet Phenom.
©Tay Zonday vs. ???

Birthday Suit Match
Dora the Explorer vs. Paris Hilton

Tag Team Titles
© Butabi Bros. vs. Ponerosa & SweedenHouse

Bumpmiester Match
Koing Webb vs. Kyle Wake

Chase for the Case
Criss Angel vs. David Blaine vs. AVGN vs.
Bizzaro Murphy vs. Zombie Shrek vs. R.Kelly

Undipuited Championship - 3 Stages of Hell
© Harry Potter vs. Captain Murphy




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