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WCW 1991 Save Finished and available for download

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Here is the download link:


Here is the roster for the WCW 1991 roster:

Ric Flair (he wrestled and was champion for much of 1991 until he made his wwf debut in August)
Ron Simmons(the year doom split)
Flyin' Brian
Bobby Eaton
Michael P.S. Hayes
Jimmy Jam Garvin
El Gigante

Larry Zbysko
Arn Anderson
Barry Windham
Scott Steiner
Rick Steiner
Terrance Taylor (York Foundation)
Richard Morton (York Foundation)
Thomas Rich (York Foundation)
Stunning Steve Austin (York Foundation)
Diamond Studd (Scott Hall)

Dustin Rhodes
OZ (Nash)
Big Van Vader
Dangerous Dan Spivey
Brad Armstrong
Butch Reed
Johnny B. Badd
Big Josh (Matt Bourne)
Ravishing Rick Rude
Sid Vicious

As always all creatable matchups from this roster will be created for all PPV's of 1991. I have a lot of attire editing to do as you may notice a lot of these guys became famous later and had other alias's. Hall, Nash, Bourne, El Gigante for example.

I need somebody who can hack to do the diamond on the center of the trunks of Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) if I send them the file.

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I realize he was there in 1991 but going through the ppv's he wasn't in that many high profile matches. I went through every big show and charted everybody that appeared that year and he didn't have enough to make the cut especially when he is on the 1992 save.

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Almost finished this save today. I just have to edit the attires for the York Foundation members and edit Nash into Oz. I finished Diamond Studd the best I could by editing a Razor Ramon CAW by Zurick but without a crotch hack for the diamond it just isn't as cool. If somebody can crotch hack let me know.

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Just finished playing this save,I really liked Oz,El Gigante,Diamond Studd and Ron Simmons,as usual a very job. Keep it up buddy and thanks.

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