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A couple questions about the Judgement Slam

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[quote name='Donjyoâ„¢' post='4137535' date='Apr 20 2008, 01:06 PM']No the Judgement slam is a [i]Side Death Valley driver[/i]. Its Claudio Castagnoli's Alpamare Waterslide move.[/quote]
alright thanks for the help. at first i thought it was a variation of the cut throat driver or a modified angle slam. also what makes a good Egoist Driver: the Magnum Driver or the Pumphandle Slam?

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[quote name='NirvanaFanEHW' timestamp='1208711167' post='4137536']
2.i think its a rip-off of The Psycho Driver

This move is exactly like the "Pain Thriller" from Justice Pain. Salman Hashimikov also used a very similar move as a finisher, but the near arm was hooked instead, turning it into more of a modified Northern Lights Suplex.

It isn't a psycho driver because the opponent doesn't land in front and it isn't an Alpamare Waterslide because Claudios is more like an arm hook inverted torture rack Firemans Carry.

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