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Candice Michelle Moveset for HCTP

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This is a Candice Michelle movelist for HCTP. I've created these moves from moves I've seen her do myself and some moves I found on other websites. Enjoy!


Ring In: Woman

Ring Out: Woman

Taunt: Taunt Sable, Taunt Woman 2, Taunt Stacy Keibler 2, Taunt Stacy Keibler 3

Fighting Style: Torrie Wilson

Walking Style: Normal

Running Style: Woman

Winning Style: Sable

Entrance- Movie: Trish Stratus (the closest thing I could find that resembles her titantron), Moves: Sable, Music: Stephanie McMahon (I gave her this because her real-life entrance music is more hip-hop, and besides Trish's entrance song, this was the next best thing)

Ready Moves:


Stacy Keibler Kick
Woman's Toe Kick
Woman's Slap 1
Woman's Slap 2
Woman's Elbow Smash
Shuffle Side Kick 1 (She's done this to both Maria and Torrie)



Grapple 5

Back Side Slam 1 (Did this to Torrie in that Wet and Wild Match)
Deployment Arm Wrench
Wrist Clutch & Knee
Drop Toehold (Did this to Trish in their Women's Title match back in Feburary)


Grapple 10

Knee Strike 2 (Did this to Ashley back in Janurary before the Royal Rumble)
Snapmare 1
Scoop Slam & Knee
Suplex 10


Grapple 11

Backbreaker 10 (This is something close to that move she did on Torrie in their Wet and Wild Match)
Scoop Slam 4
Clothesline 23
Undertaker Knee Strike


I put Grapple 10

Mat Slam 1
Eye Poke 5
Knee Strike 1
Reverse Mat Slam

Grapple Attack: Default

Back Attack:

School Boy Roll-Up
Mat Slam 2
Elbow to Back of Head 2
Back Side Slam 2 (Another version of that waistlock takedown she did on Torrie)
Osaka Street Cutter (I gave her this because someone on another forum said they saw Candice do this at a House Show. I don't know how true it is, but I gave it to her anyway since she doesn't do a whole lot moves on television)
School Boy Roll-up
Sleeper Hold 1
Turning Face Front



Stacy Keibler Stomp
Stacy Keibler Stomp
Elbow Drop 2 (her Go-Daddy Elbow Drop, but without the Go-Daddy Dance of course. I briefly do the Sable taunt and then do the elbow drop)


Choke 4
Cocky Pin
Ric Flair Knee Drop (This was the closest thing I could find for that knee drop she does off the ropes)
Running Kick
Kick to Leg 2
Kick to Back



Turnbuckle Clothesline
Turnbuckle Clothesline
Knee Attack


Figure-4 Neck Lock (Her Candylicious move she's done on Torrie, Ashley, and Maria)
Foot Choke 1
Rico Karate Kick 1(Something close to that High Knee she gave Ashley back in January in a tag match)
Knee Strikes
Foot Choke 2

Back Attack

Illegal Pin
Turnbuckle Toe Kick
Turnbuckle Smash
Turnbuckle Toe Kick

Rope Opponent

Choke 3

Rebound Attack

Jumping Knee Attack 3 (What she did to Trish back in that Santa Helpers Match)
Elbow Drop 11
Vaulting Body Press

Jump Down Over

Baseball Slide



Headscissor Takedown (x2)- I gave her both of these because it's one the closest things I could find to her Sugar Crash (Reverse Splash) she does off the top rope. I just do it when I got the opponent lying close to the turnbuckle.


Super Star Press Pin( Another move that's close to her Sugar Crash)
Elbow Drop 3
Elbow Drop 3



Clothesline 5 (This look like the clothesline she did on Ashley and Maria)
Kitchen Sink 1


Reverse Mat Slam (x2)

Back Attack

Mat Slam 2 (x2)

Squatting Attack

Elbow Drop 11
Dropkick to Knee 4

Drop Toehold
Backdrop 1
Triple H Smash

Double Team


Double DDT ( Her Double D manuver she does with Torrie Wilson)
Arm Wrench & Kick (she did this to Torrie in that tag match before Wrestlemania 22 while Victoria was holding her)
Double Suplex 2
Double Clothesline
Double Beat Head


Kick to Gut
Mudhold Stomping 1
Accident 1 (Kinda resembles how Victoria had missed Torrie and landed head-first into Candice's midsection while she was on the turnbuckle)
Body Splash & Whip


Full Nelson Face Buster (The closest thing that resembles her Sugar Rush finisher in real life. She also did this to Torrie in that Divas Tag Match before Wrestlemania 22 and also when Candice and Victoria turned on Torrie)
Woman's Specal Slap (This girl can really slap the taste outta someone's mouth. Just ask Torrie and Mickie)


Elbow Drop 2 (Go-Daddy Elbow Drop)
Figure-4 Neck Lock (Candylicious)
Headscissor Takedown 1 or Super Star Press Pin (Sugar Crash)

Weapon Special


Combination Moves

Woman's Elbow Smash
Woman's Slap 2
Stacy Keibler Kick

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