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Victoria 2005-2006 Heel Moveset for HCTP

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I'm going to start making movesets for the divas on HCTP and I decided to start with that Vicious Vixen herself, Victoria. The majority of these moves are based off her second heel turn, and I explained some moves she's done so that anyone wouldn't get confused or anything. I hope you like it.


Ring In: Jumping

Ring Out: Roll Down

Taunts: I left them the same

Fighting Style: Lita

Walking Style: Normal

Running: Woman

Winning Style: I gave her Jazz's winning style since she doesn't do that psychotic winning style on HCTP anymore on television.


Movie: Victoria

Moves: Victoria

Music: Rodney Mack (it was the closest thing I could find on this game to the remix version of Don't Mess With she goes out to ring to)

Ready Moves


Shuffle Side Kick 3
Woman' Toe Kick
Undertaker Punch 3 (This is how she punched Mickie at the start of their match back on 12-12-05)
Woman's Slap 2
Jericho Toe Kick (she likes to kick people in the ribs and this was the closest thing to what she does on TV that I could find)
Shuffle Side Kick 2 (This is how she really does her Superkick on TV, but unforunately it's kinda weak and that's why I also gave her Shuffle Side Kick 3 because its more powerful)



Grapple 5

Wrist & Arm Wrench
Hangman Chokehold 1 (This was the closest thing I could find to that Hanging Hair Pull she's done on many divas like: Christy, Stacy, Trish, and Torrie)
Headlock Takedown


Grapple 10

Backbreaker 4 (Kinda resembles her Black Widow)
Knee Strike 2
Mysterio Moves 2 (This is for when she trips her opponents into the ropes)
Suplex 11 (I gave her this suplex instead of Suplex 11 because it's stronger and Victoria can really do a wicked Snap Suplex)


Grapple 11

Body Press Slam (Did this to Trish in their match that featured the debut of Mickie James)
Scoop Slam 2
Mat Slam 1
Woman's Snapmare


Grapple 10

Reverse Mat Slam (She's always slamming some poor diva into the mat face-first like this)
Eye Rake 1
Club to Neck 3
Triple H Smash (Did this to both Beth Phoenix and Mercedes Martinez)

Grapple Attack: Elbow Strike (x3)

Back Attack

Mat Slam
Victoria Sidewalk Slam (Spider Web)
School Boy Roll UP
Back Suplex 5
Back Side Slam 2
Victoria Sidewalk Slam (Spider Web)
Turning Face Front
Backbreaker 6 (the closest thing I could find to that backbreaker she'd done on Trish when she reversed the Stratusfaction back in October 2005)



Angry Stomp (I changed this from the Woman's Angry Stomp because it was so weak and Victoria stomps pretty hard like a man)
Elbow Drop 2
Elbow Drop 4( This is the elbow drop she used to do back when she first came to the WWE)


Big Stomp (This is the closest thing to how she stands on her opponent before she performs her standing moonsault)
Mounted Punching 2 (This is how she looked when she was punching the crap outta Christy when she turned heel again)
Moonsault Splash 2

Deathlock With Bridge (The closest thing to that Inverted Chinlock with Bridge she did on Ashley, Trish, and as well as Molly Holly earlier in 2005 when Molly was still with the company)
Cruiserweight Moves 6
Kick to Head



Running Shoulder Attack
Turnbuckle Clothesline
Knee Attack 1


Mudhole Stomping
Choke 1
Turnbuckle Body Strike (The closet thing I could find to how she slammed Trish into the turnbuckle in that tag match with Candice as special guest referee)
Shoulder Thrust
Choke 2

Rope Opponent

Rope Down

Choke 3

Rebound Attack

Bicycle Kick 2
Lionsault (I gave her this move because you can block this one with your knees unlike with Moonsault Splashes 2 & 3)
Vaulting Body Press

Jump Down Over

Baseball Slide


Diving Cross Body Pin
Dragonrana Pin (People say Victoria can do a nice Dragonrana but isn't allowed to do in the WWE. I don't know if she can really do it or not, but I gave it to her anyway since she really isn't a Aerial-type wrestler as a Heel)


Diving Moonsault Pin
Kurt Diving Moonsault
Houston Hang Over (the closest thing I could find to that Somersault Leg Drop she does over the ropes)



Clothesline 16
Karate Kick 1 (This looks exactly how she did it on Maria when she attacked her, Candice, and Christy after that Swimsuit Competition. And it also looks like how she did it in her match against Molly at Vengeance)


Head Pound 1
Reverse Mat Slam

Back Attack

Mat Slam 2
Mat Slam 2

Squatting Attack

Running Leg Drop
Dropick to Knee 4


Powerslam 1
Triple H Smash
Powerslam Pin 2

Double Team:



Widow's Peak (x2)


Backbreaker 4 (Black Widow, although she doesn't really do the Black Widow anymore. You can put something else here if you want)
Victoria Sidewalk Slam (Spider's Web)
Hangman Chokehold 1

Weapon Special


Combination Moves

Austin Punches 2 Reversed
Austin Punches 2 Reversed
Shuffle Side Kick 3

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