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Lance Storm moveset by CaptainHowdy187

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[b]Lance Storm movesetby CaptainHowdy187[/b]

If you see anything that looks out of place or have any suggestions about the moveset then please specify.

+ Standard Actions

Ring In: Slide In

Ring Out: Roll Down

----Benoit 1
----Get Up! 1 (best for his raising arms taunt)
----Chris Jericho 3
----Edge 2

Fighting Stance: The Rock

Walking Motion: Normal

Running Motion: Normal

+ Standing

Strike Attacks:
----Dropkick 1 or Dropsault
----Jericho Toe Kick
----Back Chop 4
----Booker T Spinning Kick
----Dropkick To Knee 2
----Roundhouse Kick 3

Grapple Moves:

--- Clean:
----Arm Drag 3
----DDT 14
----Scoop Slam 5
----Snapmare 2
----Back Chop 6

--- Dirty:
----Eye Rake 1
----Head Is Struck
----Eye Rake 2
----Reverse Atomic Drop
----Eye Poke 2

--- Submission:
----Abdominal Stretch 3
----Leg Lock 1
----Headlock 4
----Ground Headlock
----Arm Wrench 3

--- Category 1: Power
--- Moves 1:
----Gordbuster 1
----Sit-Down Power Bomb
----DDT 15
----Suplex 10
----Steam Roller

--- Category 2: Old School
--- Moves 2:
----Headlock 1
----Piledriver 2 (Deep Impact)
----Arm Drag 8
----Neckbreaker 10
----Hurracanrana 8

--- Category 3: Technical
--- Moves 3:
----Leg Trip 2
----Suplex 5 (float over delayed vertical suplex)
----Gutbuster 2
----Northern Lights Suplex 1 or 3 (both look the same but use 1 if you want the pin)
----Jumping Armbreaker

--- Grapple Attack:
----1st - Grapple Punch 2
----2nd - Grapple Body Attack 1
----3rd - Grapple Elbow Strike 2

Grapple From Behind:
----Forearm Smash
----German Suplex 4
----Back Suplex 6
----Turning Face Front
----Back Side Slam 2

Groggy Grapple From Behind:
----Cruiserweight Moves 2
----DDT 17
----German Suplex Pin 2
----Knee Breaker 2
----Hopping Sunset Flip 2

Top of Cell Attack:
----ALL it thrusts down

+ Ground

Strike Attack:
----What ever stomp looks closest to his, I put Kurt Angle Stomp
----Double Knee Drop
----Elbow Drop 12

Grapple Moves:
----Sleeper Hold 6
----Cruiserweight Moves 3
----Reverse Chin Lock 1

----Sharpshooter 2
----Stomping Combo or Single Leg Crab 4 if you're using flying clothesline 3 for his 2nd finisher
----Figure-4 Leg Lock 2

+ Corner

Strike Attacks:
----On The Top Rope
----Turnbuckle Dropkick 1
----Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves:
----Arm Drag 6
----Super Hurracanrana
----Dropkick 5
----Monkey Flip
----Superplex 2
----Running Knee Strike 2

Grapple from behind:
----Lucha DDT
----Super Back Suplex
----Dropkick & School Boy Pin
----Rolling Powerbomb
----Double Axe Handle 6

+ Rope

Groggy on ropes:
----Dropkick 8 or Elbow & Irish Whip

Rebound Attack:
----Shoulder Block 2
----Dropkick To Knee 3
----Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving out of ring attack:
----Baseball Slide 1

+ Diving

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
----Diving Reverse Elbow
----Missile Dropkick

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
----Diving Headbutt
----Diving Headbutt
----Diving Headbutt

+ Dash

Running Strikes:
----Running Calf Kick
----Elbow Attack 5

Running Grapple:
----Running STO or Baseball Slide 2
----Victory Roll Pin 1

Rear Techniques:
----Chop Block
----School Boy Pin 2

Running ground Attack:
----Elbow Drop 5
----Dropkick To Knee 3

Counter Attack:
----Arm Lock 1
----Drop Toe Hold
----Powerslam 2

+ Tag Team

Standing Tag Team:
----Double DDT
----Kick & German Suplex Pin
----Dropkick & Rolling Clutch
----Double Suplex

Corner Tag Team:
----Whip & Lay Down
----Calf Kick & Tiger Suplex
----Falling Powerbomb
----Spike Piledriver
----Double Stomping

+ Special

----Steven Kick
----Single Leg Crab 4 or Flying Clothesline 3

Signature Moves:
----Sharpshooter 2
----Missile Dropkick
----Running Calf Kick

Chair Finisher:
----DDT 23

Combination Attack:
----1st - Punch To Head
----2nd - Punch To Head
----3rd - Smash Right Punch

As always, feedback is more than welcome!

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Alt finisher - Jindrak's clothesline for his Air Pillman type springboard clothesline he done in his last year or so in WWE.

(*i'll check over your movelist when I wake up :)*)

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I'd also add the springboard arm drag move in turnbuckle grapples for the thing he used to do to get out of an arm drag by bouncing and flipping off the ropes.

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I just watched Lance Storm VS RVD at ECW Guilty As Charged 99 and there are a few moves I've added to the moveset including:

Booker T Spinning Kick
DDT 17
Rolling Powerbomb
Vandaminator (and no not a dropkick to chair but just like how RVD did it)

damn it I know there's some I forget now but I'll watch it again and add the ones I forgot.

Thanks for those suggestions guys!, I've added Flying Clothesline 3 as an alternate finisher and replaced the corner arm drag with the springboard one.

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