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Evil Dragon


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This is my 1st time doing a moveset so idk u be the judge. I would like to point out that this Kanyon Moveset is a Mix of his and his Mortis Gimmick. Hardcore was an option at first but there werent many moves that he did in Hardcore so i had to replace it with showman.

1st: Showman
2nd: Brawler

Standard Actions:

Ring-In: Slide In
Ring-Out: Quick Ring Out
Taunts:1. Bret Hart 1
2. Taunt Beat Chest
3. JBL 1
4. JBL 1


Strike Attacks: Wrestling Hero Punches, Dropkick 2, Punch to head, Double Axe Handle. Toe Kick 1
Fists of Fury: Wrestling Hero punches 2x, Enzuigiri

Grapple Moves:
- Quick: Headlock Takeover, Body Knee Strike, Arm Drag 3, Fury Punch 4

- 1st Fight Style: Backbreaker 5, King Booker Side Kick(I saw him do it in 7 of his matches in WCW but as a superkick), Spinning Fisherman Suplex, Suplex 5

- Ultimate Control 1: Suplex

- 2nd Fight Style: Neckbreaker 3, Powerbomb 4, Throat Thrust 7, White Russian Legsweep

- Ultimate Control 2: Backbreaker

Grapple from behind: Side Effect 2, DDT 13. Edge O'Matic 2, Back Suplex 6


Strike Attacks: Wrestling Hero Stomp, Angry Stomp, Elbow Drop 1
Grapple Moves: Armbreaker 1, Knee Drop 5, Leg Drop 2. SS Boston Crab, Running Kick, Belly Stomp


Strike Attacks: Running Shoulder Attack 1, Turnbuckle Clothesline 2, Turnbuckle Dropkick 2
Grapple Moves: Kane Strikes, Flipping Slam, Superplex, Arm Drag 5,
Grapple from behind: Forearm to Back, Side Slam 2, Super Back Suplex, Toss into ring post
Sitting Corner Grapple: Mudhole Strikes


Groggy against ropes: Slingshot Suplex
Rebound attack:
Standing outside ring attacks: Vaulting Body Press 2
Diving outside ring attacks:


Diving attack vs. Standing Opp: Diving Spear, Missile Dropkick,
Diving attack vs. Downed Opp: Diving Elbow Drop, Diving Leg Drop


Running Strikes: Clothesline 7, Kitchen Sink
Running Grapple: Neckbreaker 10, Spear 1
Grapple from behind: Triple H Low kick, Bulldog 5
Down Attack: Double Axe Handle 4, Runnng Leg Drop
Counter Attack: FlapJack 2. Spinebuster 2

Tag Team:

Standing Tag Team: Combination Cutter, Double Suplex, Punches and Full Nelson, X-Mark
Corner Tag Team: Backbreaker and Leg Drop, Double Arm Whip, Double Leg Drop, Falling Powerbomb

ok here there were a lot that fitted him so ill just put in suggestions

1. Cool shot or Complete Shot (Flatliner) or Samoan Drop 1 (D.O.A/Dead on Arrival)
2. Cutter or Super RKO (Kanyon Cutter)

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[quote name='nirvana~fan~ehwâ„¢' post='3957806' date='Mar 21 2008, 12:08 PM']what about this move --->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCxsnlz0FJE&NR=1[/quote]

Thats a Reverse TKO the closest you will get to is Reverse Death Valley

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That move use to be in the SmackDown series, but I don't think it is in '08 and I'm not sure if it was in '07(I could be wrong though).

[b]If you want to do pre-Positively Kanyon I would suggest an Electric Chair Drop for the 2nd finisher.[/b]

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