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Kryptonite Krunch's Movesets (Reopened For Requsets)

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I have done two movesets and there pretty good.Im starting to do more movelists and I want to keep all my movelists in one convient thread.I DO take requests.

Only one moveset at a time

Kenzo Suzuki Moveset by SVR 2006
by Kryptonite Krunch

Standard Actions
Ring In-Normal
Ring Out-Quick
Taijri 2
Taijri 4
Swing Arms
Taunt Beast 1
Fighting Stance
Walking & Running

Back Chop 3
Toe Kick 1
Thorat Thrust 1
Sweep 1
Strong Spinning Elbow
Spinning Back Kick 3

Arm Drag 2
Arm Drag 3
Suplex 11
Wrist & Arm Wrench
Snapmare 2

Eye Rake 2
Head Pound
Low Blow 4
Low Blow 5
Reverse Atomic Drop

Headlock 4
Headlock 2
Hammer Lock
Face Lock 2
Big Shoulder Claw 1

Category 1 Brawler
fury punch 5
neckbreaker 16
headlock punch 2
headbutt 3
elbow to the back of head 1

Category 2 techical
suplex 6
spinebuster 1
side slam 1
reverse neckbreaker
jumping armbreaker

Category 3 Speed
backbreaker 7
swinging neckbomb
shuffle side kick 4
scoop slam 1
ddt 5
grapple attack
elbow strike 1
elbow strike 1
body strike 1

grapple from behind
bulldog 6
atomic drop
headbutt 4
school boy roll up
russian leg sweep 2
forearm smash
back suplex 3(Old Finsher)
HHH low kicktiger suplex pin
Spinning huracanrana

angry stomp
double axe handle 4
elbow drop 1

reverse chin lock 2
fist drop 4

leg lock 7
running kick
bow & arrow 2

turnbuckle clothesline
shining wizard 2
knee attack 1

corner choke
tiger mask
superplex 1
multiple kick
ddt 20
foot choke 2

tb smash
forarm to back
toss into ring post
illegal pin
spider plex

choke 1

karate kick
elbow attack 4
shoulder block 2
baseball slide 1

double axe handle 3
front dropkick 3

near leg drop
diving elbow
diving body press

jumping knee attack 1
clothesline 13

armbar 4
neckbreaker drop
bulldog 5
chop block

running leg drop
elbow drop 5

spear 2
rolling boston crab
back body drop 2

Tag Team -Your Choice

Sto 2
Sig. Moves
Backbreaker 7
Back Suplex 3
Sto 2 or Hagakure(Which ever you want to make stronger)
Chair ddt 23 X 2
Back Chop 4
Quick kick
Shuffle Side Kick 3

Sandman Moveset For SVR06
by Kryptonite Krunch

Standard Actions
Ring In- Slide In
Ring Out- Roll Down
Taunts-Raise Arem 2,Kane 1,Jbl1 ,Hold up 2
Fighting Style- Wrestling 1
Running - Normal

Standing Angle Punches,Toe Kick 1,Body Punch,Overhand Punch,RoundHouse Kick 2,Kick To Gut
Grapple-Clean-Arm Drag 2,Gutbuster 2,Headlocl Takeover,Snapmare 2,Hip Toss4
Dirty-Eye Rake 1,Lowblow 5,RAtomic Drop,Head Is Struck,Head Pound
Submission-Tourte Rack,Headlock 4,Snapmare & neck lock 2,Leg Lock 4,Bearhug 2
Category 1-Old School-Piledriver 2,Scoop Slam 5,Suplex 11,Sidebuster 2,Backbreaker 1
Category 2-Brawler-Finshing Punch,Outlaw Stomp 1,Last Call,Headlock Punch 2,Fury Punch 3
Category 3-Power-Back & Neckbreaker 1,Spinebuster 4,Powerslam 4,Powerful Knee Strike 1,Lift Up Drop
Grapple From Behind-Bulldog 6,Atomic Drop,Headbutt 4,Elbow to Back Of Head 2,Forarm Smash,Knee Braker 2,Super Atomic Drop,Full Nelson,Full Nelson Bomb,DDT 21
Top Of Cell Attack-Default

Ground-Angry Stomp,Double Axe Handle,Elbow Drop 1
Reverse Chinlock 2,Surfboard,Fury Punch 7
Leg Lock 7,Stomp On Leg,Running Kick.

Corner-Clothesline 1,TB body Attack,Knee Attack 1,Corner Choke,10 punch,Body Strikes,Toss To TB,
Hurrcanrana(Heinkrana),Foot Choke 2
TB Smash,Forarm To Back,Snake Eyes,Toss To TB,Tie To Tree Of Woe

Ropes-Groin Shaker
Clohesline 14,Running Leg Drop
Vaulting Body Press
Baseball Slide

Double Axe Handle 3,Diving Spear
Diving rolling thunder(Rolling Rock ),Diving Elbow,Diving Fist Drop

Dash Running Shoulder Block 2,Benoit Attack
Head Pound,Revese Mat Slam
Bulldog 5,German Suplex 6
Double Axe Handle 5,Runnig Leg Drop
Sleeper 5,Back Body Drop 1,Spear 2

Double Team - Default

Finshers-DDt 15(SandMan DDT),Russian Leg Sweep 2(White Russian Leg Sweep)
Signatures Moves/Favorite Moves
Piledriver 2,Lift Up Drop,Diving Fist Drop
Chair Finshers-DDT 23 X2
Combo Attack-Back Chop 4,Punch To Head,Toe Kick 2

Frankie Kazarian moveset for svr06
By Kryptonite Krunch

Standard Actions
ring in-normal,ring out-quick,taunts raise arm 4,raise arm 2,hold up 2,raise arm 4,fighting stance wrestling 1,walking & running normal
Standing-Strike Attacks-outlaw punch 1,toe kick 1,body punch,roundhouse kick 2,kick to knee 2,enzugirl
Grapple Moves-Clean-arm drag 2,wrist & arm wrench,suplex 11,small package 1,neckbreaker 17
Dirty-eye rake 1,low blow 5,head pound,eye poke 2,low blow 3
Submission-armbar 2,headlock 4,hammer lock,armbar 5,leg lock 4
Category 1-Sped-jawbreaker 1,front dropkick 4,float over ddt,dropkick 7,neckbreaker 10
Category 2-Techinal-Reverse neckbreaker,gutbuster 2,flashback 1,edge o mactic 1,scoop slam 3
Category-3-Brawler-headlock punch 2,head is struck,fury punch 3,neckbreaker 6,matslam
Grapple Attack-grapple punch 1,grapple elbow strike 1,grapple body attack 1
Grapple From Behind-school boy pin 2,neckbreaker 12,atomic drop,low blow 6,head smasher,german suplex pin 2,electric chair drop,ddt 18,bulldog 5,back suplex 4
Top Of Cell ttack-Default
Ground-Strike Attack-angry stomp,elbow drop 12,double knee drop
Grapple Moves-neck snap,fury punch 6,foot stamp,boston crab,leg lock 7,stomp on leg
Corner-Strike Attack-TB clothsline 1,TB dropkick 1,TB drop kick 2
Grapple Moves-10 punch,ddt 20,multiple kick,hurracanra 9,body strikes,mudhole strikes
Grapple From Behind-TB smash,lucha ddt,illegal pin,neckbreaker 13,super back plex
Rope-Groggy On Rope-stomping on knee,Rebound attack- running shoulder attack 2,running leg drop,valutining body press
Diving Out Of Ring Attack-baseball slide 1
D-Diving vs standing oppent-overcastle,missle dropkick
Diving vs down oppenet-Diving Elbow,Diving Moonsault 2,Diving Leg Drop
Dash-unning trike-shoulder block 2,dash elbow
Running Grapple-necbreaker drop,armbar 4
Chop Block,bulldog 2 elbow drop 5,dropkick to knee 3
reverse atomic drop,drop toe hold,belly to belly 4
Tag Team-Default
Finshers-Novacain,Double arm suplex 2
Sig.moves-electric chair drop,belly to belly 4,enzugirl
chair-ddt 23 X 2
combo-punch to gut,middle kick,spinning back kick 3
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Jimmy Yang/Akio Moveset for SVR06
by Kryptonite Krunch

Standard Actions-Ring In Jump 2,Ring Out Quick
Taunts-Taijiri 2,4,5 Taunt Dragon 2
Fighting-Wrestling 2 Walking &running-Normal
Standing-Strike Attacks-Throat Thrust 1,taijiri punches,taijiri low kick,spinning to face,spinning back kick 1,2
Grapple moves-Clean-neckbreaker 6,headlock takeover,headlock 1,gutbuster 2,back chop 6 Dirty-eye rake 2,low blow 1,low blow 4,feint stomping,head is struck
Submission-Armbar 2,armbar 5,chin lock,leg lock 1,leg lock 3
Category 1-Martial Arts- sweep 2,back kick,taijiri quick kick,judo filp plex,combo 6
Category 2-Luchadore-small package 2,neckbreaker 18,hurcanrana pin 2,ddt 13,cruiserweight moves 1
Category 3-speed-Setp up enzugirl,snapmare & dropkick 2,shuffle side kick 4,facecrsuher 3,ddt 5
Grapple Attack-grapple body attack X2 grapple elbow strike 1
Grapple From Behind-back suplex 8,bow & arrow 4,back tazmission 1,Tiger Suplex pin,neckbreaker 12,hurancana 5,flashback 2,ddt 18,bulldog 6,cobra clucth 1
Top Of Cell Attack-default
Ground-strike attacks-Kurt Angle Stomp,dropkick 4,jericho senton
Grapple Attack-slingshot elbow drop,orential knee drop,neck snap
leg lock 11,moonsault spalsh 3,single leg crab 3
Corner-Strike Attack-cross body 2,handspring to kick,Tb dropkick 2
Grapple Moves-10 punch,superplex 1,sunset filp 4,monkey flip,hurrcanra 9
Grapple from behind-lucha ddt,neckbreaker 13,ninja or Tb smash,illegal pin,dropkick & schoo, boy
Ropes-groggy on ropes- springboard ddt
Running Attack-running enzugirl,lionsault,karte kick 1
Baseball slide 1
Diving-vs standing-missle dropkick,diving cross body(either 1 or 2 its your choic)
vs down diving elbow,diving moonsault 2,near leg drop
Dash-Shining Wizard 3,shoulder block 2
ddt 3,facecrusher 4
chop block,bulldog 2
senton,running leg drop
hip toss 1,necbreaker 10,reverse atomic drop
Tag Team-Default
Finshers-Dupree Bomb,Corksrew body pin
sig.movesshuffle side kick 4,ddt 5,back kick
ddt 23 X 2
combo-snap jab,throat thrust 2,spinning wheel kick(feel free to change the combo moves)

La Parka Moveset for SVR06
by Kryptonite Krunch

Standard Actions-Ring In-Rolling-Ring Out-backward Ring Out
Taunts-Your Choice
Fighting-Rey Mysterio Walking & Running-Normal
Standing-Strike Attacks-enzugirl,toe kick 1,spinning wheel kick 1,front drop1,benoit punches,Dropkick 3
Grapple Moves-Clean-arm drag 3,snapmare 2,suplex 11,jawbreaker 2,neckbreaker 17
Dirty-eye rake 1,gulltonie 1,head is struck,reverse atomic drop,low blow 1
submission-leg lock 1,headlock 4,chin lock,abdominal strech 3,armbar 5
category 1-speed-ddt 5,snapmare & dropkick 1,lita ddt,jawbreaker 3,huracanra 7
category 2-lucadore-cruiserweight moves 5,ddt 9,victory roll pin 4,crufix head scissors,ddt 13
category-martial arts-sweep 2,sweep 3,combo 4,back kick 2,taijiri quick kick
Grapple Attack-grapple body attack X 3
grapple from behind-throwback,backrake,slepper with scissors,russian leg sweep 2,rolling clucth pin,neckbreaker 12,octo strech 2,knee breaker 2hurancanrana pin 3,ddt 17
Top of cell attack-default
Ground-Strike Attack-angry stomp,moonsault 1,flip leg drop
Grapple moves-neck wrench,mexican armbreaker,leg lock 7,tope atomico,mexican strech 2 or 3
Corner-Strike Attack-Tb clothesline 1,on the tope rope,stomping or tb dropkick 2
Grapple moves-ddt 20,super hurncanrana,starustphere,figure 4 neck lock,dropkick 5,stomping mudhole
grapple from behind-snake eyes(yes he did this be4 in WCW),mexican strech 1,dropkick & school boy,super back plex
Ropes-springboard ddt
slingshot body splash,running calf kick
rope flip 1
Diving-Diving vs standing-dragonrana pin,missle dropkick
diving vs down-diving moonsault 1,frog splash 1,money shot
Dash-Front Dropkick 2,elbow attack 1
spear 2,hurancanrana & punches
bulldog 6,german suplex 6
senton,elbow drop 2
flapjack & dropkick,necbreaker 10,rollin boston crab
Tag Team-Default
Finshers-Corkscrew body pin(skytwister press),lucha ddt
sig moves-van daminator(for his chair shot),tope atomico,enzugirl
chair-vandamintor,ddt 23
combo-shuffle side kick 2,kick to gut,spinning wheel kick 1

Heres My sets(Iam Krypto)Im going to change my name back.

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[quote name='AssaultDriver720' post='1857' date='Feb 15 2006, 03:38 AM']El Generico,Amazing Red and Claudio Castagnoli movelist please[/quote]
When will Masato Tanaka's moveset be up Krypt?

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Ok guys Heres Tanaka and Castagoni sets

Matasto Tanaka Moveset for SVR06
by Kryptonite Krunch

Standard Actions
Ring In-normal
ring out-quick
Taunts-jbl 1,hold up 2,cut throat,christian 2
Fighting Style-wrestling 1
Walking & Running-normal

Standing-Strike Attacks-vinoic punches 1,toe kick 1,body punch,clothesline 1,dropkick 2,back chop 2
Grapple Moves-Clean-gutbuster 2,arm drag leg drop,suplex 11,scoop slam 5,neckbreaker 17
Dirty-eye rake 1,head is struck,eye poke 2,low blow 5,low blow 3
Submission-armbar 2,headlock 4,hammerlock,arm wrench 2,snapmare & necklock 2
Category 1-Techinal-belly to belly 4,tilt a whirl sideslam 3,t-bone 1,notheren lights 1,neck lock suplex
Category 2-Old School-backbreaker 1,ddt 24,neckbreaker 6,russian leg sweep 1,sidebuster 2
Category 3-Brawler-mat slam,headlock punch 2,fury punch 4,back club,throat thrust 7
Grapple Attack-Default
Grapple From Behind-snapmare 1,sleeper hold 4,kneebreaker 2,head smasher,german suplex 4,forearm smash,ddt 18,chop block,bulldog 5,backbreaker 6
Top Of Cell Attack-Default
Ground-elbow drop 12,double axe handle 4,angry stomp
surfboard,fury punch 7,cross arm breaker
boston crab,stomping combo,step over toe hold
Corner-TB clotheline 1,TB kick combo,knee attack 1
Grapple-10 punch,superplex 1,shoulder thrust 2,toss to TB,mudhole stomp 1,foot choke 2
From Behind-TB smash,super torando bomb,dropkick & schoolboy,forear4m to back,snake eyes
Ropes-choke 1,dash elbow,choltheline 13 vaulting body press
Diving-diving crossbody 1,diving crossbody 2
near leg drop,diving elbow,diving elbow drop
Dash-kicthen sink 1,elbow attack 4
neckbreaker drop,ddt 5
bulldog 2,school boy 2
dropkick to knee 3,elbow drop 2
arm lock 1,spear2,samon drop 1
Tag Team-Default
Finshers-Dimon Dust,Elbow Attack 2
Sig moves-ddt 5,dash elbow,gullitone 3
chair gullitone 3,ddt 23
combo-dupree punches,benoit punches,elbow smash 2

Claudio Castagonli Moveset for Svr06
by Kryptonite Krunch

Standard Actions
Ring In-Normal
Ring out-normal
Taunts-Your Choice
Fighting Style-Wrestling 1
Walking & running-normal

Standing-snap jab,toe kick 1,slap 1,quick jab,kick to gut 2,roundhouse 2
Grapple-Clean-small package 1,ddt 14,gutbuster 2,headlock takeover,jawbreaker 2
Dirty-low blow 3,low blow 4,eye poke 2,eye rake 2,head pound
Submission-armbar 2,leg lock 4,chinlock,armbar 5,headlock 4
Category 1-power-suplex 10,scoop slam 2,shoulder thrusts,ddt 15,back chop 7
Category 2-old school-piledriver 2,neckbreaker 10,headlock punch 1,fury punch 4,euro uppercut
Category 3-Techinal-finshing touch,flapjack 1,facecrusher 3,dropkick 7,backbreaker 7
Grapple Attack-Default
Grapple from behind-back side slam 2,back suplex 2,hhh low kick,throw back,snapmare 1,schoo boy roll up,neckbreaker 12,knee breraker 2,low blow 6,forarm smash
Top of cell attack-Default
Ground-angry stomp,leg drop 2,fist drop 2
armbar 6,surfboard,knee drop 4
stomping combo,leg lock 7,kick to head
Corner-TB colthesline 1,TB body attack knee attack 1
10 punch,superplex 1,sunset flip 4,dirty punch,hanging in reverse,mudhole stomping 1
TB smash,illegal pin,foream to back,super back plex,drop kick & school boy
Ropes-stomping on knee
elbow attack 4,running leg drop,moonsault attack,baseball slide 1
Diving-diving crossbody 2,missle dropkick
diving elbow,diving elbow drop,diviing headbutt
Dash-clothsline 7,karte kick
neckbreaker 1,spear 1
chop block,bulldog 5
elbow drop 2,elbow drop 2
drop toe hold,hip toss 1,backbody drop 1
Tag Team-Default
Special-Slepper 4,sit down Powerbomb
Sig.moves-armbar 2,suplex 10,euro uppercut
chair ddt 23 X 2
combo-vinoic punches 1,snap jab,boxing uppercut

Ok heres an update

Sandman,Kenzo Suzuki,Frankie Karzarian,La parka,Jimmy Yang/Akio,Claudio Castagoli,Matasto Tanaka

Update Randy Orton,Chris Daniels,Finaly,Bobby Roode,Great Muta,Chad and James Dick

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[quote name='Elrick' post='7249' date='Feb 16 2006, 03:10 PM']Mike Quackenbush[/quote]

Ok guys,I get the non fisnhed ones done by random,probably two a day,on the weekends three.

Sandman,Kenzo Suzuki,Frankie Karzarian,La parka,Jimmy Yang/Akio,Claudio Castagoli,Matasto Tanaka

Update Randy Orton,Chris Daniels,Finaly,Bobby Roode,Great Muta,Chad and James Dick,Milano Collection AT,Shane Mcmahon,Mike Quakenbush,Amazing Red,El Genecio,CM Punk,Rosey,Jamal

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Wow, thanks a lot for the Frankie Kazarian and Masato Tanaka movesets! Any chance of getting that El Generico moveset?

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