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Stone Cold Steve Austin by CaptainHowdy187

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Stone Cold Steve Austin by CaptainHowdy187

+ Standard Actions

Ring In: Outlaw

Ring Out: Roll Down

Taunts: Taunt Outlaw 2, Edge 1 (ready for stunner), Taunt Outlaw 3, Taunt Outlaw 4

Fighting Stance: The Rock

Walking Motion: Normal

Running Motion: Normal

+ Standing

Strike Attacks:
----Outlaw Punches 3
----Toe Kick 1
----Back Chop 4
----Kick To Gut 2
----Polish Hammer 2 (Double Sledge)
----Smash Right Punch

Grapple Moves:

--- Clean:
----Scoop Slam 5
----Wrist & Arm Wrench
----Headlock 1
----Suplex 11
----Back Chop 6

--- Dirty:
----Head Pound
----Low Blow 5
----Eye Rake 2
----Low Blow 4
----Low Blow 3

--- Submission:
----Arm Wrench 1
----Ground Headlock
----Headlock 4
----Arm Wrench 3
----Sleeper Hold 1

--- Category 1: Technical
--- Moves 1:
----Clothesline 22
----Spinebuster 3
----Back Side Slam 1
----Scoop Slam 3
----Gutwrench Suplex

--- Category 2: Speed
--- Moves 2:
----Back Chop 7
----Clothesline 21
----Jawbreaker 1
----Kitchen Sink 2
----Neckbreaker 10

--- Category 3: Brawler
--- Moves 3:
----Back Club
----Outlaw Stomp 1
----Outlaw Knee Strike 1
----Undertaker Knee Strike
----Headlock Punch 2

--- Grapple Attack:
1st Grapple Punch 2
2nd Grapple Punch 2
3rd Grapple Punch 2

Grapple From Behind:
----Turning Face Front
----Head Smasher
----Forearm Smash
----Sleeper Hold 4
----Triple H Low Kick

Groggy Grapple From Behind:
----School Boy Roll Up
----Back Suplex 6
----Cobra Clutch 3 (The Million $ Dream)
----Knee Breaker 2
----Ric Flair Attack

Top of Cell Attack:
----ALL It Thrusts Down

+ Ground

Strike Attack:
----Kurt Angle Stomp
----Elbow Drop 12
----Elbow Drop 2

Grapple Moves:
----Elbow Drop 10
----Sleeper Hold 6
----Knee Stomp
----Leg Stretch 1
----Step Over Toe Hold
----Stomping Combo

+ Corner

Strike Attacks:
----Turnbuckle Clothesline 1
----Turnbuckle Clothesline 2
----Knee Attack 1

Grapple Moves:
----Big Back Chop 1
----Knee Strike 3
----Mudhole Stomping 1
----Shoulder Thrusts 2
----Superplex 1
----Stomping Mudhole

Grapple from behind:
----Turnbuckle Smash
----Forearm to Back
----Toss 1
----Snake Eyes
----Toss 1

+ Rope

Groggy on ropes:
----Outlaw Attack or Stomping to Knee

Rebound Attack:
----Shoulder Block 2
----Elbow Drop 2
----Vaulting Body Press 2 (don't ever use this)

Diving out of ring attack: Baseball Slide 1

+ Diving

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
----Double Axe Handle 3
----Double Axe Handle 3

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
----Diving Elbow
----Diving Elbow
----Diving Elbow

+ Dash

Running Strikes:
----Clothesline 9
----Kitchen Sink 1 or Elbow Attack 4

Running Grapple:
----Lou Thesz Press
----Lou Thesz Press

Rear Techniques:
----Chop Block
----Triple H Low Kick

Running ground Attack:
----Elbow Drop 2
----Elbow Drop 2

Counter Attack:
----Spinebuster 2
----Back Body Drop 1
----Hip Toss 1

+ Tag Team

Standing Tag Team: Up To You

Corner Tag Team: Up To You

+ Special

----Stunner 4 (dazes them then you hit the other stunner)
----Stunner 3

Signature Moves:
----Lou Thesz Press
----Diving Elbow
----Elbow Drop 10

Chair Finisher:
----Guillotine 2
----Guillotine 2

Combination Attack:
----Outlaw Punches 1 (flipped)
----Outlaw Punches 1 (flipped)
----Outlaw Punches 3

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Stunner 4 is the one that stuns them and leaves them standing and then you use Stunner 3 to down them which is the most propper looking stunner and it has his in your face taunt after it. Stunner 1 looks more like a cutter and makes them backflip which is very over the top but it still looks kinda cool and Stunner 2 is how the Rock sells it very overtly, The Stunners I gave him are the best looking ones for him.

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I'd just give him the botchy looking stunner as a regular move. He did it a few times to big guys and they stayed up, then he hit the other stunner. Maybe give him the rotating looking stunner, that one has REALLY good selling, the stupid convulsions that people seem to have after getting Stunnered. The rotating one and the one with the taunting at the end would be the ones I'd use, Stunner 4 and the really botching looking one that is almost a cutter I'd pass on.

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