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1/10 TNA House Show Results from Austin, TX‏

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[quote]from Travis Banks:

Points of Interest:

This is the first time any non-WWE “big name” wrestling fed has come to Austin.

Crowd wasn’t bad, I’d estimate maybe 500 people. I assume that most fans in the area had already gotten tickets to the Belton event, thus the lower attendance (Belton is 45 minutes away from Austin and this show was announced a few weeks after Belton tickets went on sale). The event was held in a facility that can hold around 1000 people max. The chair seats were sold out and lots of people appeared to have bought General Admission seats at the door. Setup was very indy like as we had the ring and a giant curtain covering the dressing room. Rick the Sign Guy was also in attendance.

Some guy comes out, welcomes us, and introduces Jeremy Borash. TNA was having problems with their sound system because the quality was about as good as one of those Fisher Price tape recorders. Why they even used a mic is my guess as they could have just talked normally and everyone would have been able to hear them. Borash introduces the referee of the first match, Earl Hebner, who got a lot of, you guessed it, “You Screwed Bret” chants.

MATCH 1: Eric Young def. James Storm
Simply a comedy match that was a fun opener. EY got a solid pop, Storm was decently over. Both participants ended up locking up with Hebner at one point. Storm tried to cut a promo beforehand but I couldn’t hear because of the terrible sound system. I believe Young won with a rollup.

D’Lo Brown came out and sat next to Borash at ringside. Borash introduces the other ref, Rudy Charles, and says he has an exclusive announcement for us. Basically he told us that Kong won the Women’s title at the Impact tapings on Monday and that this would be her first title defense.

MATCH 2: Awesome Kong def. Jackie Moore to retain the Knockout title
Kong came out with the title. Basically a squash match, Jackie’s only offense was a few kicks and a counter out of a powerbomb. Kong won with a double underhook suplex in a short match. There was more reaction for Kong than Jackie, who was the home state girl.

MATCH 3: Motor City Machine Guns def. Elix Skipper and Johnny Devine
Devine had the X Division title. Good reaction for MCMG. Prematch, Elix and Devine went over to Sign Guy and had a conversation with him. Good, decent length match that saw both teams hit signature moves. No ropewalk rana from Elix though. MCMG won when Shelley hit Devine with a top rope spinebuster.

MATCH 4: Samoa Joe def. Christian Cage
Both got great face reactions. Good long match. Joe hit all of his signature kicks and a senton, while Christian hit a Frog Splash which Joe kicked out of. Ref bump, Christian hits the Unprettier but the ref is only able to count a slow two. Joe wins with the Musclebuster and Christian sold it pretty well afterward.

Intermission, with Samoa Joe signing autographs at the merchandise table. I noticed that Borash was using iTunes to play theme music, complete with Mac laptop.

MATCH 5: Jay Lethal def. Kaz to retain the X Division title
Lethal grabbed the mic before the match and said he had a great experience with cinnamon earlier today. He found that cinnamon and Slim Jims are the greatest combination of food, ever! Good laugh from the crowd. Lethal starts off trying to get Kazarian to do the Macho Spin, Kaz won’t do it, so Lethal locks up with him and forces Kaz to do it with him! Good match with Kaz hitting a few top rope/over the top rope legdrops. Lethal won with the Macho Elbow.

MATCH 6: LAX def. the Rock N Rave Connection
LAX was mega over, and not just because half the crowd was Hispanic. Hoyt and Rave were probably the heels of the night since they were interacting with the whole crowd. Hoyt got a huge “tramp stamp” chant which made him cover his ears. Another good match. Homicide hit the Three Amigos on Rave at one point which led to a huge “Eddie” chant. Hernandez followed it up with a delayed suplex, Rave was in the air for what seemed like a minute. Hoyt hit a lot of power moves like press slams, sidewalk slams, etc. LAX won with a cool looking move that I don’t know the name of: Hernandez had Hoyt in a powerbomb position and Homicide came off the top rope and hit a neckbreaker as Hernandez hit the powerbomb. Homicide appeared to have busted himself open hardway because he had a small bit of blood coming from his mouth at the end.

Borash gets on the mic again and says that TNA has had fun in their first event in Austin and “it definitely won’t be the last”.

MATCH 7: Booker T def. Robert Roode via DQ
Booker came out PO’ed and went straight for Roode. Booker kept attempting the axe kick but could never hit it. He hit a spinebuster and went for a sidekick but Roode pushed the ref into Booker’s foot. Roode grabs a chair and is about to hit Roode but Ms. Brooks comes out and prevents it. Brooks goes outside as Roode locks in a headlock, the ref is revived, and Roode grabs the chair again. He nails Booker in the head and gets DQed as a result. Crowd DID NOT like that. Roode gloats at ringside and looks like he’s about to attack Ms. Brooks when Booker revives himself, drags Roode back into the ring, hits the axe kick, and treats us to a Spinaroonie.

Booker celebrates and stays in the ring as Borash announces that for $20 we could get in the ring and have our pictures taken with Booker. He also said Ms. Brooks would be in the ring but I never saw her again. I did see Hernandez signing autographs and taking pictures though.

Overall it was a pretty good show. I wasn’t thrilled with the Main Event DQ but I have to commend TNA for doing something different at each of the house shows. The only other complaint I have is the lack of Angle, Styles, and Tomko. Why were these champions not there defending their titles? Ah well, maybe next time. I’m just glad to see one of the major non-WWE promotions tour Austin since we rarely get either WWE or Indy shows.[/quote]


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