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Kid Rock CAW

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Here is the formula for Kid Rock. Sorry I can't do faces, so that is pretty much default. If you make it and don't like it (no pics) keep your comments to yourself.

Name: Kid Rock
HUD: Kid Rock
Announcer Introduction: The Kid
Hmetown: Detroit, Michigan
Voice 2

not mentioned means Default, didn't write down the arm morphing but make depth of arms lower.

Hair 22 (83, 0, 13, 14)
Moustache 1 (91, 0, -5, 100)
Goatee 5 (89, 0, -4, 100)
Glasses 6 (-100, 4, 4) (Entrance & Cut-Scene Only)
Shoes: Default
Hat 9 (Stylize To Brown) (Entrance & Cut-Scene Only)
Men's Clothes 21 (84, -39, 0) Pattern 16 (White)
Men's Bottoms 4

Remember if you don't like it keep your comments to yourself. :nono:

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