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Black Tiger by CaptCAWisma from TNA Save Version 2

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Ring In: Slide In
Ring Out: Normal
Taunts: Wake Up 2, Hello 1, Raise Arm 5, Taunt El 2
Fighting Stance: Wrestling 1
Walking Motion: Normal
Running Motion: Normal

Strike: Dropkick 1, Toe Kick 1, Back Chop 4, Outlaw Punches 1, Dupree Punches, Snap Jab
Grapple Clean: Arm Drag 3, Snapmare 2, Headlock Takeover, Facecrusher 1, DDT 8
Grapple Dirty: Eye Rake 1, Low Blow 5, Eye Rake 2, Eye Poke 2, Feint Stomping
Submission: Hammer Lock, Snapmare and Neck Lock 2, Headlock 4, Bear Hug 2, Arm Wrench 1
Category 1 Speed: Dropkick 7, Scoop Slam and Knee, DDT 5, Jawbreaker 1, Triple H Smash
Category 2 Technical: Northern Lights Suplex 3, Complete Shot, Jumping Armbreaker, Side Slam 1, Suplex 7
Category 3 Old School: Headlock Punch 2, Suplex 11, Scoop Slam 5, Russian Leg Sweep 1, Backbreaker 1
Grapple Attack: Grapple Punch 1, Grapple Body Attack 1, Grapple Elbow Strike 1
Grapple from Behind: Bulldog 2, Backbreaker 6, Sidewalk Slam 3, Spin Out Power Bomb, Backbreaker 4, Atomic Drop, School Boy Roll Up, Belly to Back 2, DDT 17, Neckbreaker 12
Top of the Cell Attack: Downward Thrust (4x)

Strike: Angry Stomp, Elbow Drop 3, Elbow Drop 1
Grapple: Choke 2, Mounted Punching 1, Fury Punch 7, Leg Lock 7, Knee to Groin, Boston Crab

Strike: Turnbuckle Clothesline 1, Running Shoulder Attack 1, Knee Attack 1
Grapple: Corner Choke, Big Back Chop 1, Knee Strike 3, Superplex 1, Shoulder Thrust 2, Mudhole Stomping 2
Grapple from Behind: Dropkick and School Boy Pin, Illegal Pin, Tie to Tree of Woe, Turnbuckle Smash, Super Back Suplex

Groggy on Ropes: Fury Strikes
Rebound Attack: Kitchen Sink 1, Elbow Drop 5, Vaulting Body Press 2
Diving out of Ring Attack: Baseball Slide 1

Diving vs. Standing Opp: Missile Dropkick (2x)
Diving vs. Downed Opp: Diving Headbutt (3x)

Running Strikes: Shoulder Block 2, Kitchen Sink 1
Running Grapple: Lou Thesz Press, Neckbreaker 1
Rear Techniques: School Boy Pin 2, Neckbreaker 12
Ground Attack: Double Axe Handle 5, Elbow Drop 5
Counter Attack: Belly to Belly 3, Back Body Drop 1, Hip Toss 1

Tag Team
Standing: Bonsoir, Dropkick and Rolling Clutch, Double Suplex, Double Clothesline, Double Dropkick
Corner: Kick to Gut 1, Whip and Lay Down, Double Stomping, Double Arm Whip, Body Spalsh and Whip

Finishers: Tiger Suplex Pin, Half Nelson Suplex 2
Signature Moves: Scoop Slam 5, Spin Out Power Bomb, Headlock Takeover
Chair Finishers: DDT 23 (2x)
Combination Attack: Benoit Punches, Benoit Punches, Outlaw Punches 1

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I don't think so since CaptainCAWisma notes all the hacks that are in a save and it doesn't mention one for Black Tiger.

BTW, thanks for posting this :)

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