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johnny devine

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Hotshot Johnny Devine

standard actions
ring in slide in
ring out normal
taunts dont know ur choice
fighting stance wrestling 1


strike attacks dropkick 2, toe kick 1,elbow smash 1, back chop 4, dropkick 1, body punch

clean snapmare 2, small package 1, arm drag leg drop, suplex 11, back chop 6
dirty eye rake 1, low blow 5, eye rake 2, reverse atomic drop, eye poke 2
submission leg lock 1, arm lock 1, headlock 4, headlock 2, hammer lock
speed back chop 7, front dropkick 4, arm whip, kitchen sink 2, jawbreaker 1
technical fireman carry, northen lights suplex 1, scoop slam 3, gutbuster 2, back side slam 1
old skool hurracanranna 8, knee breaker 1, ddt 24, suplex 11, headlock takeover
grapple attack ur choice

grapple from behind sleeper hold 3, belly 2 bck 2, elow 2 back of head, back side slam 2, forearm smash, school boy roll up, german suplex pin 2, backbreaker 6, german suplex 4, bulldog 5
top of cell downward thrust x4


strike attacks angry stomp, double knee drop,elbow drop 1
grapples arm lock 2, reverse chin lock 1, face stretch 2, leg lock 7,single leg crab 1, punch 2 groin

strikes turnbucke closeline 1, turnbuckle dropkick 1, knee attack
grapples front big back chop 1, foot choke 1, hurrnacanaranna 9, superplex 1, shoulder thrust 1
grapples from behind illegal pin, turnbucke smash, toss into ring post, super back suplex, tie into tree of woe


groggy on ropes elbow and irish whip
rebound attack, closeline 10, elbow drop 5, vaulting body press 2
dive out vaulting body press 1

vs standing diving cross body pin 2, misssile dropkick
vs downed diving elbow drop pin 1, diving elbow drop, diving elbow


running strike shoulder block 2, closeline 9
running grapple lou thez press 1, neckbreaker 1
rear techniques chop block german suplex 6
ground attack elbow drop 5, double axe handle 5
counter powerslam pin 2
sleeper hold 5
tilt a whirl sideslam 2

tag team
standing double suplex, dropkick & rolling clutch, low blow & knee attack, double closeline, double dropkick
corner groin pres, hip toss 3, double stomping, double arm whip, body splash and whip

special finisher diving moonsault 3 (divine intervention) lita ddt (tarantula ddt)
signature moves hurracanrana 8, groin press, german suplex and pin 2
chair finisher x2 ddt 23
combination attack, snap jab, snap jab, dropkick 2

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