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Mark Henry Moveset

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Standard- Ring-in: Vince McMahon
- Ring-out: Normal
- Taunts: Shouting, Wake up 2, Spike 01, Taunt Powerful 5
- Fighting Stance: Tazz
- Walking Motion: Normal
- Running Motion: Normal

Standing- Strike Attacks: Clothesline 3, Toe Kick 1, Undertaker Punch 2,
Outlaw Punches 1, Big Boot 1, Knee Attack 2
Grapple Moves: Power: Batista Lifting & Toss
Lift Up Drop
Powerbomb 13
Military Press
Clothesline 23
Brawler: Back Club
Headbutt 5
Matt Slam
Womans Snapmare
Powerful Knee Strike 2
Technical: Side Slam
Spinebuster 3
Gutbuster 2
Clothesline 22
T-Bone Suplex 2
Submission: Torture Rack
Abdominal Stretch 3
Headlock 4
Bear Hug 2
Arm Wrench 1
Grapple Moves: Grapple Punch 3
Grapple Elbow Strike 2
Grapple Body Attack 2

Ground- Strike Attacks: Angry Stomp
Elbow Drop 3
Elbow Drop 1
Grapple Moves:(U)Foot Stamp 1
Mounted Punching 3
Bow & Arrow 1
(L)Big Walk
Kick To Head
Knee Smash 2

Corner- Strike Attacks: Turnbuckle Body Attack
Turnbuckle Clothesline 2
Knee Attack
Grapple Moves: Turnbuckle Powerbomb
Clothesline 25
Dirty Punch
Corner Choke
The Biggest Chop
Alley Oop 1
Grapple from behind: Forearm to Back
Super Tornado Bomb
Toss into Ring Post
Snake Eyes
Tie to Tree of Woe

Rope- Groggy on ropes: Drop Out
Rebound Attack: Kitchen Sink
Elbow Drop 5
Vaulting Body Press 2
Diving out of ring attack: Baseball Slide 1

Diving- Standing: Diving Spear
Diving Clothesline
Downed: Near Body Press
Near Leg Drop
The Money Shot Pin

Dash- Running Strikes: Clothesline 15
Ho Train Attack
Running Grapple: Reverse Mat Slam
Running STO
Rear Techniques: Bulldog 5
Chop Block
Running ground attack: Double Axe Handle 5
Elbow Drop 5
Counter Attack: Spinebuster 2
Free Fall Drop

Double Team- Standing: Bonsoir
Double Head Beat
Double Suplex
Double Flapjack
Double Facecrusher
Corner: Double Chokeslam
Facebuster 1
Gut Crusher
Hip Toss 3
Front Slam

Special- Finishers: Falling Powerslam
Big Splash Pin
Signature Moves: Falling Powerslam x 3
Chair Finishers: Guillotine 2
DDT 23
Combination Attack: Punch to Head
Punch to Head
Clothesline 3

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Yeah it's cool. But I think you should replace Bear Hug 2 for Bear Hug 1. Cuz Bear Hug 1 is more vicious and powerfull.

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