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Christy Hemme Moveset Edit

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Christy Hemme

Obviously this set starts with all of her defaults.

[b]Standard Actions[/b]
Ring in -- Slide in
Ring out -- Normal
Taunts -- Taunt Diva 3 Edge 3 / Taunt Diva 1 / Taunt Diva 4 ........ why the hell did I see "Taunt Powerful 9" in here? :lol:
Fighting stance -- Christy

Walking is Normal, Running is Woman.

Strike attacks
Front Dropkick 1 / Toe Kick 1 / Head Attack / Elbow Smash 1 / Punch To Gut / Back Chop 4

[b]Clean Grapple[/b]
**Christy Hemme moveset default**

[b]Dirty Grapple[/b]
**Christy Hemme moveset default**

[b]Submission grapple[/b]
Hammer Lock / Arm Wrench 1 / Headlock 4 / Ground Headlock / Armbar 5

[b]Speed Grapple[/b]
Knee Strike 2 / Neckbreaker 10 / Suplex 12 / Jawbreaker 1 / Woman's Snapmare

[b]Brawler Grapple[/b]
Fury Punch 2 / Cat Fight / Head is Struck / Mat Slam / Woman's Special Slap

[b]Old School[/b]
School Boy Pin 3 / DDT 24 / Scoop Slam 5 / Hurracanrana 8 / Headlock 1

[b]Grapple attack[/b]
Grapple Elbow Strike 1 (x3)

[b]Grapple from Behind[/b]
Forearm Smash / Head Smasher / Back Rake / Elbow to Back of Head 2 / Chop Block

[b]Groggy Grapple from Behind[/b]
Sleeper Hold 2 / Hopping Sunset Flip 2 / Back Suplex 6 / Backslide Pin / Russian Leg Sweep 2

[b]Ground attacks[/b]
**Christy Hemme moveset default**

[b]Ground grapple moves[/b]
[b]Upper ground[/b]
Oklahoma Roll Pin 2 / Dropkick to Face / RVD Leg Drop or Leg Drop 3 (for the sake of her split-leg-drop)

[b]Lower ground[/b]
Bow & Arrow 2 / Stomp on Leg / Pin With Bridge

[b]Corner attacks[/b]
Turnbuckle Dropkick 1 / Turnbuckle Clothesline 1/ Bronco Buster

[b]Corner grapple moves[/b]
Mysterious Chop or Big Back Chop 1 / Monkey Flip / Sunset Flip Pin 4 (close to her Sunset Splits as I call it) / Mudhole Stomping 1 / 10 Punch

[b]Lower corner grapple move[/b]: Alley Oop 1(she did it from the middle of the ropes but whatever)

[b]Corner grapple from Behind[/b]
Turnbuckle smash / Dropkick & School Boy Pin / Double Axe Handle 6 / Toss 1 / Forearm to Back

[b]Rope - Groggy on Ropes[/b]
Dropkick 8

[b]Rope - Rebound attacks[/b]
Flying Forearm Smash 2 / Double Axe Handle 5 / Vaulting Body Press 2

[b]Rope - Diving out of Ring Attack[/b]
Baseball Slide 1

[b]Diving vs. Standing opponent[/b]
Front Dropkick 3 / Diving Cross Body Pin 2

[b]Diving vs. downed opponent[/b]
**Christy Hemme moveset default** ... I personally changed the 3rd move to Near Leg Drop just because I could. :D

Clothesline 13 / Shoulder block 2

[b]Dash - Running Grapple[/b]
Spear 2 / Neckbreaker 1

[b]Dash - Rear Techniques[/b]
Bulldog 6 / School Boy Pin 2

[b]Dash - Running Ground attack[/b]
Double Axe Handle 5 / Dropkick to Knee 3

[b]Dash - Counter Attack[/b]
Hip Toss 1 / Back Body Drop 1 / Sleeper Hold 5

[b]Tag Team standing[/b]
**Christy Hemme moveset default**

[b]Tag Team corner[/b]
**Christy Hemme moveset default**

[b]Special -- Finishers[/b]
Extreme Twist of Fate (Christy's Twist)
Powerbomb 12 ..... why Ravnos? Well, why the :censored: not? She likes bridging, and I'm sure she tried and/or hit a powerbomb, so boom-bam.

[b]Special -- Favorites[/b]
Sunset Flip Pin 4 (Sunset Splits)
Alley Oop 1
Dropkick 8 or Extreme Twist of Fate

[b]Chair Finishers[/b]
DDT 23 x2

[b]Combination Attack[/b]
Woman's Elbow Smash (x2)
Stacy Keibler Kick (she did this in a couple matches, it's the same thing, besides the fact that in real life, the opposing diva usually toppled over like a tool :P )

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Looks excellent! Only I think you should put "Diving Clothesline" in either her diving attacks in place of "diving cross body 2" or as her second finisher in place of "powerbomb 12", Why? -When she teamed with LOD over there little fued with MnM she did the clothesline in the doomsday device a couple of times and I also recall her doing this against Melina on Smackdown just before she left.

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(WWE) Finishers: Extreme ToF & Hurricanrana (the one in "oldschool".) it was her finisher during her "LOD '05" Days

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I gave her the hurricanrana: she used it regularly, starting on RAW.

I don't care about her teaming with LOD, or her clothesline on Melina at a PPV, or LOD, or Melina. :P

This set is Christy's RAW/early SD! set. Nothing of L.O.D., nothing of pillow fights and nonsense. Nothing of tag teams. Her own matches. I suppose I should've made note of it. My logic though, is that it would make more sense to note things when the set DOES involve additional stuff. This is my Christy Hemme set. It's pretty simple really.

^ Don't mistake that for anger. Damn text. :P

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