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Spiderman by TriniTNADeV from his All Star Madness Save

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Name Spiderman
Hud Spiderman
Nickname Default
Placement None
Announcer Introduction The Superstar
Hometown New York, N.Y.
Weight Heavyweight
Match Tactic Clean
Show Raw
Voice 1
Match Specialty None

Head and Face Morphing

Head 20,0,0
Forehead Default

Eyebrows Default
Eyes 95,0,0,0,-40,0,0
Nose 0,0,0,-22,-20,0,0,0
Cheeks Default
Mouth Default
Jaw Default
Ears 0,-5,-80,0
Skin Aging 0

Body Type 0

Advanced Options

Neck -25,23,0

Everything Else in Advanced Options is set at 0.

Body Height 6 Ft. 4 In.


1.Body Skin (9) -100,54,-5
2.Face Skin Tones (1)
3.Eyes Default
4.Eyebrows Default
5.Eyelashes Default
6.Lips Default
7.Teeth Default
8.Hair (50)
9.Body Hair Default
10.Underwear (17) -27,-19,-11
11.Masks (22) Pattern (39) -100,100,20,100
12. and 13. are placed centered covering each eye. Both are Design (118) Rotate so each skeleton jaw points to the other. 3rd Hor. 2nd Ver. -17,-100,22,100
14.Tights (1) -25,-6,-20,100,100
15.Face Paint (85) 100,-39,-82,100
16.Masks (13) Pattern (39) -100,97,22,100
17.Shoes (7) -100,80,54
18.Men's Clothes (26) Pattern (39) -100,90,23,100
19.Men's Clothes (31) Pattern (39) -100,86,22,100
20.Flag (7) Rotate Once Largest Hor. Largest Ver. Place within the right armpit down the sleeve. -25,1,-24,100
21.Repeat Layer 20 and connect it to the bottom of Layer 20.
22.Repeat Layer 20 on the bottom half of his left arm.
23.Gloves (4) Pattern (39) -100,96,8
24.Design (27) 3rd Hor. 2nd Ver. Place centered between his pecs on the front of his shirt. -19,-100,-100,100
25. and 26. are placed centered on the sides of his body, with the top of each design within each armpit. Both are Design (103) Largest Hor. Largest Ver. -19,0,17,100
27. and 28. are placed side by side across his back with the sides of the top at the top of each armpit. Both are Flag (7) Largest Hor. Largest Ver. -31,-5,-33,100
29.WWE (16) Largest Hor. 3rd Ver. Place centered on the top half of the Last 2 Layers. 100,100,4,100
30.Design (93) Rotate Twice 3rd Hor. 2nd Ver. Place centered on Layer 29. -100,100,23,100
31.Repeat Layer 20 on his left arm.
32.Design (92) Rotate Once Largest Hor. 2nd Ver. Place centered where a belt buckle would be. -100,100,12,100

A1 Fighting Style
Brawler (2x)
Signs are your choice
Moves Aggressive, Less all other choices

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Awesome job Trini.

Thanks for the type-up TJ.


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