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Big Show Updated Moveset

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This is an updated Big Show moveset, so it's edited over, with changes, alternates, switched versions of some moves, and newer stuff that Big Show has done. Tossed in a couple of things he did in the unusual chain wrestling bout with Kane.

*Obviously, this set starts with Big Show's defaults*

[b]Standard Actions[/b]
Ring in -- Over the Rope
Ring out -- Over the Rope
Taunts -- Come on! / Hold Up 1 / Big Show / Hold Up 2
Fighting stance -- Big Show

Walking & Running are Normal.

Strike attacks
Big Boot 1 / Toe kick 1 / Slap 2 / Outlaw Punches 1 / Clothesline 3 / Body Punch

[b]Clean Grapple[/b]
Wrist Clutch & Arm Wrench / Snapmare 2 / Arm Drag Leg Drop / Arm Wringer Flip / Headlock 1

[b]Dirty Grapple[/b]
Eye Rake 1 / Reverse Atomic Drop / Head Pound / Head is Struck / Feint Eye Poke

[b]Submission grapple[/b]
Abdominal Stretch 3 / Bear Hug 2 / Headlock 4 / Armbar 2 / Armbar 5

[b]Power Grapple[/b]
Throwing / Powerbomb 13 / Scoop Slam 4 / Side Slam 2 / Suplex 9

Fury Punch 3 / Last Call / Headbutt 5 / Back Club / Big Punch 2
***You can exchange Heabutt 5 or Big Punch 2 for the Big Knee Smash***

[b]Old School[/b]
Headbutt 1 / Knee Breaker 1 or Neckbreaker 14 / Scoop Slam 5 / Undertaker Arm Wrench / Suplex 11

[b]Grapple attack[/b]
Grapple body Attack 1 / Grapple Body Attack 2 / Grapple Elbow Strike 4

[b]Grapple from Behind[/b]
Headbutt 4 / Atomic Drop / Backbreaker 12 (closest to a half-nelson backbreaker) / Elbow to Back of Head 2 / Turn Facing Front

[b]Groggy Grapple from Behind[/b]
Cobra Clutch 3 / Backbreaker 4 / Back Suplex 2 (ignore the arm, this is the best one for him) / Full Nelson Slam 2 / Backbreaker 4

[b]Ground attacks[/b]
Angry Stomp / Elbow Drop 1 / Elbow Drop 4

[b]Ground grapple moves[/b]
[b]Upper ground[/b]
Darkness Choke / Finishing Leg Drop / Reverse Chin Lock 2
[b]Lower ground[/b]
Big Walk / Knee Smash 2 / Elbow Drop Combo

[b]Corner attacks[/b]
Turnbuckle Clothesline 2 / Turnbuckle Body Attack / Knee attack 1

[b]Corner grapple moves[/b]
Superplex 2 / Big Thump / The Biggest Chop / Military Drop / Clothesline 25 or Foot Choke 1

[b]Lower corner grapple move[/b]: Running Knee Strike 2 or Mudhole Stomping 2

[b]Corner grapple from Behind[/b]
Turnbuckle smash / Super Tornado Bomb / Toss Into Ring Post / Snake Eyes / Forearm Smash

[b]Rope - Groggy on Ropes[/b]
Big Boot 4 or Big Slap

[b]Rope - Rebound attacks[/b]
Running Shoulder Attack 2 / Running Leg Drop / Vaulting Body Press 2

[b]Rope - Diving out of Ring Attack[/b]
Baseball Slide 1

[b]Diving vs. Standing opponent[/b]
Front dropkick / Diving Clothesline

[b]Diving vs. downed opponent[/b]
Near Elbow Drop / Near Knee Drop / Near Leg Drop

Clothesline 14 / Shoulder block 2

[b]Dash - Running Grapple[/b]
Reverse Mat Slam / Spear 2

[b]Dash - Rear Techniques[/b]
Bulldog 2 / Chop Block

[b]Dash - Running Ground attack[/b]
Double Axe Handle 5 / Running Leg Drop

[b]Dash - Counter Attack[/b]
Hip Toss 2 / Back Body Drop 1 / Free Fall Drop

[b]Tag Team standing[/b]
**Moveset default**

[b]Tag Team corner[/b]
Kick to Gut 1 / Gut Crusher / Front Slam / Double Chokeslam / Double Stomping

[b]Special -- Finishers[/b]
Show Stopper
Chokeslam 4 or Super Choke Slam

[b]Special -- Favorites[/b]
The Biggest Chop
Sidewalk slam 5
Headbutt 5

[b]Chair Finishers[/b]
Guillotine 2 x2

[b]Combination Attack[/b]
Muscular Punches
Back Chop 4
Double Axe Handle 2

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I'd add the Flying/Running/ whatever Shoulder Block (the Cena one), I remember him doing it a few times, and Lawler called it "The Flying Bus". I just thought it was funny, so it might work for the rebound attack. I'd give him Muscular Punches instead of either Outlaw Punches or the Body Punch, it looks good for him. Oh, and I'd give him the Hogan Fury Punch where the fall down and Hogan raises his arms, it also looks good for him. I can't think of something in place of the Superplex, but that is a very rare occurence for Big Show. Oh, and he tends to do pushes, so either the Giant Push, or the Double Axe Handle 2.

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Not sure about Powerbomb 13 to be honest, or the Airplane Spin & you're missing his Knee smash move which IMO you need.

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If you'd looked at the Combination, you'd see I already have Muscular Punches and Double Axe Handle 2 in it. Heh. I'll add that Fury Punch, I'd forgotten about that one. The shoulder tackle too.


Edit: Oh, and Powerbomb 13 looks best for him, in my opinion. He doesn't often hit it, but he does go for it sometimes. Also, what knee smash? Big Knee Smash? Do you think Coconuts Crush in place of airplane Spin would suffice?

Edit 2: those moves are put into the set now.

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I like Big Knee Smash, in Old School, hmm...you wanna put Headbutt 1 in there, and put Big Knee Smash in Brawler? THat would work right?

Oh, and I just don't like the Body Punch, it looks like crap. I miss the Undertaker Body Punch, it looked good. Punch to Gut is better, but it's kinda awkward, as it takes awhile to take the punch back.

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Show used a spinning thrust kick occasionally, around the same time that he started using the flying shoulderblock. That's the one where he thrusts his foot back.

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I think Super Chokeslam works best as his second finisher (super show stopper)

Backbreaker 8 in power grapples would work best for the cobra clutch to side backbreaker move from ECW ONS2

The Lesnar Clothesline (#12 I think) as rebound attack, the way the arm moves in the clothesline looks like Show and the way they fall back and roll over is how half his opponents seem to take his clotheslines

That is all...

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[quote name='CaptainHowdy187' post='247508' date='Jun 14 2006, 07:52 AM']I think Super Chokeslam works best as his second finisher (super show stopper)[/quote]

It also has a call name too

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