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The Last of a Dying Breed

Ruckus Moveset

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Ruckus Moveset - Created by The Prince of Perversion

Standard Actions:
Ring-In: Outlaw
Ring-Out: Roll Down
Taunts: Charlie Haas 2, Edge 3, Hand-Clapping, Wake Up 2
Fighting Stance: HBK
Walking Motion: Normal
Running Motion: Normal

Strike Attacks: Elbow Smash 1, Toe Kick 1, Back Chop 4, Slap 1, Back Kick 1, Slap 2

Grapple Moves:
Clean: Snapmare 2, Back Chop 5, Arm Drag 3, Scoop Slam 5, Facecrusher 1

Dirty: Eye Rake 1, Head Is Struck, Low Blow 4, Eye Rake 2, Eye Poke 4

Submission: Arm Lock 1, Ground Headlock, Sleeper Hold 1, Chin Lock, Headlock 4

Category 1: Speed: Fame Asser, Shuffle Side Kick 4, Jawbreaker 1, Hurracanrana 7, Step Up Enziguiri

Category 2: Luchadore: Powerbomb 9, Back Suplex 1, Crucifix Head Scissor, Victory Roll Pin 3, Sunset Flip Pin 2

Category 3: Old School: European Uppercut, Neckbreaker 6, Headlock Takeover, Suplex 11, School Boy Pin 3

Grapple Attack: Grapple Elbow Strike 1, Grapple Elbow Strike 1, Grapple Punch 4

Grapple From Behind: Back Suplex 6, Bulldog 6, Back Side Slam 2, Low Blow 6, School Boy Roll Up, Throw Back, Triple H Low Kick, Eddie Cradle Pin, Snapmare 1, Hopping Sunset Flip 2

Top of Cell Attack: Downward Thrust 4x,

Strike Attacks: Angry Stomp, Rolling Thunder 2, Flip Leg Drop

Grapple Moves: Handspring Splash, Moonsault Splash 2, Foot Stamp 1, Moonsault Splash 3, Cruiserweight Moves 4, Leg Drop 1

Strike Attacks: Handspring FC 1 (The Razzle Dazzle), Karate Kick 1, Stomping

Grapple Moves: Arm Drag 6, Triangle Drop Kick, Hurracanrana 9, Shoulder Thrust 2, Monkey Flip, Running Knee Strike 2

Grapple From Behind: Turnbuckle Smash, Dropkick & School Boy Pin, Double Axe Handle 6, Mule Kick, Tie To Tree of Woe

Rope Opponent:
Groggy on Ropes: Knee Drop 3

Rebound Attack: Elbow Attack 7, Slingshot Body Splash 2, Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving out of Ring Attack: Corkscrew Body Attack (The Shiznit)

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opponent: Headscissor Takedown 1, Go Round Pin

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opponent: Diving Moonsault 1, Shooting Star Press 1 or Superstar Press Pin, Rolling Thunder 1

Running Strikes: Spinning Wheel Kick 2, Cross Body 1

Running Grapple: Headscissor Takedown 2, Running Fame Asser or Victory Roll Pin 2

Rear Techniques: Rolling Clutch Pin, School Boy Pin 2

Running Ground Attack: Flip Senton Attack 2, Senton

Counter: Spinebuster 2, Arm Lock 1, Hip Toss 1

Tag Team:
Standing Tag Team: Double Suplex, X-Mark, Dropkick & Rolling Clutch, Low Blow & Knee Attack, Double Elbow Drop 3

Turnbuckle Tag Team: Kick To Gut 1, Body Attack, Moonsault Combination, Double Stomping, Body Splash & Whip

Finishers: Gordbuster 2 or Dupree Bomb (The Hate Crime) , 450 Splash Pin (Poetic Ruckus)

Signature Moves: Handspring FC 1 (The Razzle Dazzle), Handspring Splash, Corkscrew Body Attack

Chair Finishers: Vandaminator, Guillotine 2

Combination Moves: Elbow Smash 1 (Reversed), Elbow Smash 1 (Reversed), Spinning Wheel Kick 1.

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Old School for Ruckus? Anyway I'd change that and maybe add Tech. as his 3rd category. Then probably put DDT 7, the Swinging Neckbomb(yes he's down something similar(very similar to it)).

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All right, I just know Ruckus is more of a Flashy wrestler and likes to pull off a bunch of moves.

Not very Old School if you ask me, but that's why it's YOUR moveset.

I can't even tell what era of Ruckus it's based on.

'Cause sometimes he tries to finish off people witht he Gory Flatliner(Gory Bomb Set-up w/ a Flatliner flow backward) and he's added the Double Stomp a lot more.

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I see you have the Fameasser as a Run Grapple(which is the best for his Rolling Fameasser) the one in SPEED should be changed to Neckbreaker 7(replacement for "The Chronic")

maybe give him the Magnum Driver in Back Grapples for the "Wig Splitta"

Like I said before I know it's your moveset, just thought I could help out.

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