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revised Bradshaw moveset

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first start by coping JBL's moveset

+ Standard Actions

Ring In:slide in

Ring Out:roll down

Taunts:raise arm 1,taunt powerful 5,raise arm 1,come on!

Fighting Stance:wrestling 1

Walking Motion:normal

Running Motion:normal

+ Standing

Strike Attacks:big boot 1,toe kick 1,body punch(filler),snap jab,clothesline 3,body punch

Grapple Moves:

--- Clean:leave alone
--- Dirty:leave alone
--- Submission:leave alone
--- Category 1:power
--- Moves 1:powerbomb 10,last call,shoulder breaker,scoop slam 2,suplex 3
--- Category 2:brawler
--- Moves 2:mat slam,fury punch 4,back club,last call,elbow to back of the head 1
--- Category 3:old school
--- Moves 3:neckbreaker 6,knee breaker 1,russian leg sweep 1,ddt24,scoop slam5
--- Grapple Attack:grapple punch 2,grapple body attack 1,grapple elbow strike 1

Grapple From Behind:knee breaker 2,ddt18,facecrusher5,sidewalk slam3,forearm smash, sleeper hold 4,elbow to back of the head2,belly to back 2,pumphandle drop,backbreaker4

Top of Cell Attack:leave alone

+ Ground

Strike Attack:angry stomp,angry stomp,elbow drop1

Grapple Moves:reverse chin lock,fury punch 6fury punch 7,leg lock 7,elbow drop combo,single leg crab 1

+ Corner

Strike Attacks:turnbuckle clothesline 2,running shoulder attack 1,knee attack 1

Grapple Moves:mudhole stomping,supperplex 2,dirty punch,super last call,big back chop,mudhole strikes

Grapple from behind:turnbuckle smash,forearm to back,snake eyes,super tornado bomb,toss into ring post

+ Rope

Groggy on ropes:big boot 3

Rebound Attack:leave alone

Diving out of ring attack:leave alone

+ Diving

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:diving spear(closest thing to his diving shoulder block),flying clothesline 2

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:diving elbow drop,diving leg drop(filler),knee drop

+ Dash

Running Strikes:leave alone

Running Grapple:leave alone

Rear Techniques:leave alone

Running ground Attack:leave alone

Counter Attack:leave alone

+ Tag Team

Standing Tag Team:leave alone

Corner Tag Team:leave alone

+ Special

Finishers:power bomb 10,clothesline6,7,8,17, or 23 for the clothes line from hell without pin or just use the clothesline from hell

Signature Moves:last call powerbomb10, whichever clothesline you chose

Chair Finisher:ddt 23,ddt 23

Combination Attack:leave alone

plz leave comments

I hope this is more like his moveset

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